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  1. Crazed Sparrow

    Adam sparrow

    yes it has been blown up by hayvoc sorry
  2. Crazed Sparrow

    Adam sparrow

    he is a very good hardworking cso and deserves a promotion. 3^adam @Adam Sparrow
  3. Crazed Sparrow

    Spike strip hot key

  4. Crazed Sparrow

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    Please make a script where you don't need a GPS to see each other on map and see their locations in-game. I've seen many different servers with this script and with the GPS lagging the fps now it would be so useful and would boost everyone's fps so much. please
  5. Crazed Sparrow


    top roleplayer and no i be general
  6. Crazed Sparrow

    sorry Izinganekwane

    @Adam Sparrow
  7. Crazed Sparrow

    Selling Stuff

  8. Crazed Sparrow

    Selling Stuff

    750k for csats
  9. Crazed Sparrow

    anyone selling csats?

    can anyone sell me csat fatigues . pm me a price
  10. Crazed Sparrow

    Player Menu

    Yeah it looks uniqe +1
  11. Crazed Sparrow

    Nerve | Recruitment

  12. Crazed Sparrow

    Player Report - MrSweDim - 12/23/18 - Altis Life

    I also had to wait in support and the situation was not 15 minutes Anyway as i said this situation should have been dealt with already since when sean tagged you, you did not reply within the next 24 hours
  13. Crazed Sparrow

    Player Report - MrSweDim - 12/23/18 - Altis Life

    I made the report after the whole situation since thats when I was allowed to close my game and get the recording since I use plays tv and If i did make the report same time I was dead and in restraints I would be banned for combat logging since I have to close my game everytime I want to get a recording from the point i load the game up to the end. Also its not about the weapon its about wasting my time with the playpen and almost being executed. You cant compensate for time.
  14. Crazed Sparrow

    Player Report - MrSweDim - 12/23/18 - Altis Life

    You werent ingame or in teamspeak or on discord so Roy told me to take it to a report I turned around before he said or be shot and before he finished to initation. Also i was 7 minutes late as I did not remember the time and that doesnt really mean anything. And I didnt try contact you since I am still banned from the phoenix discord and you were not ingame or in teamspeak and Roy told me you werent online on discord anyway. I dont know if you were ban evading but I did my best. Anyway you took over 24 hours to respond to this report so it should have been dealt with already.
  15. Crazed Sparrow

    Gang Wars Live

    ive got my team