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  1. But your friend damaged me for around 70+ if I remember correctly. Meaning I would have had a better chance if I would’ve had 100HP.
  2. It’s just a game until YOU get RDMed.
  3. As you can see from the video I provided, your initiation starts when I start making a turn - which is also when you start shooting. @John O'Connor Are you willing to compensate me for my gear? I will be online tomorrow if so.
  4. @John O'Connor can you join TeamSpeak at around 5:00PM tomorrow?
  5. Could you get him to respond as this now doesn't involve you as much? @hobo caravan
  6. Oh, was it your friend who shot straight after initiating? My bad if so. @hobo caravan
  7. Time Submitted: 10:39:09 PM | 10/17/19 Submitted By: FaeskO (4528) Your In-Game Name: DetoX Who are you reporting?: Wheelchair Warrior Time/Date of event: 17/10/19 11:00PM(ish) Rule's Broken: 3.1 Player Initiation Explain what happened: After being tipped off that something was going down at Gold Buyer, Sync, Bandit and I hurry ourselevs to HAVOC lands where we are greeted by a convoy headed to Diamond Trader. I get initated on, and instantly shot. Requesting the comp of all my gear, thanks. x We attempted to resolve it, yet they never turned up to support. Case ID: 18425 Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/nDA82WxZTKc Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Mito
  8. May I ask, why did you initiate and what was the role play behind it?
  9. Constructive criticism please. x
  10. Because by the time I had got out of the vehicle, I had been sprayed.
  11. You've been driving around the server initiating on anything that breaths with no prior role play. The fact that you shot BEFORE he even jumped out the Quillin just proves my previous statement - you're clearly combat hungry. You didn't listen to what NotSoFabulous was saying whilst you were shouting commands, meaning you must've assumed that he wasn't complying, leading to his death. I jumped out due to not being able to remove my gun from my person, shouting "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT..." you still shot me. https://youtu.be/7nE4ylrDDTM
  12. Now, I'm not sure if you two are illiterate but...
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