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  1. Ban Appeal - V Sherpard Wilson - 11/17/17

    After reading through this and talking to some of the guys i'm going too go ahead and give the green light for an unban. Harley just be careful with what you are doing, if you see an RDMer first thing to do is contact staff.
  2. So yesterday at 16:45 this man stole my Bluetooth stereo does anybody know him ? it’s worth around 50 pounds and I will be setting up a go fund me page to buy a new one. With all the horrible things happening in the world, like war and poverty, this tops it off for us all. Please donate to my cause. These are the images of the man please contact me if you have any information about this scumbag. Stay safe 2A5E3291-B1DE-4706-9FB8-F8C7F5133302.MOV
  3. Cryant lickin' good! <3

  4. Police Jail times

    I feel that the punishment system in terms of Jail times could be improved, perhaps with options - 10 minutes in prison for killing 10 cops doesn't sound right to me. I feel that the Option to go to prison for 30-60 minutes should be a thing. This will hugely decrease the amount that rebels get into firefights with the police and should increase the RP given. This gives a reason for us all to fear the police, because nobody really wants to spend that amount of time in prison. Obviously most people will just AFK for most of it but this is still them receiving a punishment. A roof should be put on so you cant escape may I add, I don't think I've ever heard of somebody escape prison via heli IRL. Perhaps add some kind of activity within prison.
  5. Your profile song suits you really well! 

    1. Harley


      u know it does LOL


  6. Lords Of Valhalla

    Lords of Valhalla "It gladdens me to know that Odin prepares for a feast. Soon I shall be drinking ale from curved horns. This hero that comes into Valhalla does not lament his death! I shall not enter Odin's hall with fear. There I shall wait for my sons to join me. And when they do, I will bask in their tales of triumph. The Aesir will welcome me! My death comes without apology! And I welcome the Valkyries to summon me home!" Who are we? We're the warriors of an ancient viking tribe who fought and died in the deadliest of battles, we were the first among many to arrive in Valhalla where our God Odin appointed us lords to watch over the many thousands who would arrive from other such battles. We were tasked by Odin himself to bring honor, glory and wealth to any man who will fight and die by our side and take these men back to the great halls of Valhalla. Set with this task we have returned to Altis and will recruit only the strongest of warriors to give them a chance to join the feast at Valhalla, we will raid the Islands settlements only if do not swear fealty to the king and renounce their faith, the people will fear our names as our Journey continues. By Odin's name we're the Lords of Valhalla and this is our chapter in history! Now Recruiting! Hear us now people of Altis, we have come fourth once again to find good people to join us in our search for honor, glory, and wealth. No place is off limits to the great glory we shall reign down upon this island and its many riches. Shall no other mere coward clan or warrior dare step in our path to honor, join us now young Thrall and we shall make you one of the most feared and rich viking the world has ever seen! Leaders and Ranks: Current Tag: [LOV] High King (The Founder/Stronghold of this clan) Cryant Jarl (Full Independent Lordship/Head of Council) Thane (Royal Advisors handles gang matters if Jarl and High King are not present) Earl (Members of the council, in charge of clans and channels) Freyr (Leading Commander, has shown exceptional activity and leadership in game, will be the enforcer of the council rules.) Vanir (Given to those who have shown an outstanding attitude, skill, and dedication. You may also be chosen as a Bodyguard for a higher rank.) Aesir (Elite Members, can be chosen to lead events by higher ranks) Huskarl (Veteran Warrior, has proven loyalty and considered a trusted member, only given to active players) zinner Oden Sig Felix Johnson Jakey Phoenix Sky Devin mephis Victor Jeffers Viking (Fierce Fighter who has proved himself through RP and raids given to those who are active most of the time) Thrall (New to everything and has a lot to learn) Rules: 1) Always respect the chain of command 2) Any disputes between clan members will be resolved by the high council 3) Serious offenses can lead to execution or exile from the clan depending on the gravity of the offense. 5) Any problem with another clan member will be solved diplomatically. 6) We like to have a bit of banter within the clan but if a clan member does not like it, you will respect his wishes. How do I join? So you're thinking about joining the best of the best huh? Well young Thrall teamspeak is a requirement as we like having total communication, leave a comment below, and we will give you an interview or message you on the forums, you must prove worthy to join the glorious ranks of the Lords of Valhalla! In game Name: Time spent on PhoenixRP: Time spent on Arma 3: Link to your PhoenixRP stats page: Have you ever been banned before? If so, why?: Do you have a rebel license?: What gang(s) have you previously been in, and why did you decide to leave them?: Why do you wish to join our gang?: What are your preferred in game activities?: What are your WORST in game qualities?
  7. Jeffers

    Yeah the guys great i love him check out this post
  8. Where's the Roleplay Gone??

    I love how HAVOC is not on this list.
  9. I'm going to say no from HAVOC side, I'd rather the public rarely see HSOS and when they do they know something somewhere is about to go down. Not only that HSOS have great discipline and some fantastic roleplay with the way they they do things and i'd rather that be a nice surprise so the civilians that get to see it. I have no issue with the police having it and us not.
  10. HAVOC Hats

    I hate bandanas so no, I like the boonies so yes for off duty HSOS. maybe the hat with the earpiece for off duty HAD. So yes to 1st and 4th but in HSOS and HAD Arsenal and only for them to use. I'll look into replacing other things to fit the AFF theme aswell. @Conner Merlin @Sig
  11. The things we see on Battlemetrics....

    No wonder you get nothing done.
  12. Havoc cars

    Yeah just hit me up and we can talk about skin designs because thats what it comes down too. @Birdy

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