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  1. ''It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything'' - Kim Jong Un

  2. Is somebody playing under my name? 😂😂 I hope havoc isn't feeling any effects of me being away. Management will look after you guys if you need anything I'm sure, but oden and kayle will do great.
  3. Flight scared the daylights out of me
  4. You don't mean that Thanks for the kind words guys
  5. So I'll be departing for Italy at 4am tonight! Returning on the 22nd, I have left HAVOC in the capable hands of @Oden and @Kayle Ravelle, look after eachother in HAVOC lads, you're a great team and have a great deal of respect for each other so keep it up, @Harry @Kevin @Matt @Conner Merlin I've spoke to harry about staff lead he will keep it sweet for me! Cya in a couple of weeks fellas!! Xoxo General Cryant
  6. Yellow combat zones so the "fraggots" have somewhere to play and diffuse that anger.
  7. You pay for them check the donations tab, very affordable.
  8. I will be hosting a tabletop simulator game for the majority of the night.

    A large table enough to suit up to 10 players! can have multiple games at once.

    Instructions to join are in my personal channel on TS, please do not come into troll or you will be banned!

  9. Rebel life can thrive with havoc, that has nothing to do with it, be real. If anything havoc area is a great zone for rebels to attack eachother and gain control over of processors.
  10. Oh dear god no.
  11. HAVOC Applications are now OPEN - We may execept only a handful of people please come to the checkpoint and Roleplay about your application, from there we will talk about it within game/teamspeak - 4 slots only.

    1. Jay Brean

      Jay Brean

      Going once going twice sold to the 4 when in kavala

  12. 4.2 Air Vehicle Initiation - To initiate on air vehicles, you must provide it with three (un-suppressed) warning shots. If the vehicle goes away in the 30 seconds you are not initated. If the vehicle lands within the 30 seconds you are fully initiated to engage in combat. If the vehicle doesn't leave after the 30 seconds you are fully initiated and you can open fire on the air-vehicle. The vehicle doesn't leave and although it doesn't state on this rule what the heli can do if it stays in retaliation to your warning shots, we will deal with it the same as they are fully initiated until the rule can be amended. So as far as the rule goes them firing at you was okay, perhaps you should have jumped out and "Sprayed" as you stated. As for the Ifrit ramming a Hemmt it wasn't very clear in the video. As Conner stated please do not ram Ifrits with a truck, its MRAP vs MRAP only. Sleepy please do not drag people like that in active situations. Denied.
  13. Hes doing great as a support @Hans Von Vape
  14. How much did he pay you to write this. @Zico