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  1. Need people for state of decay 2 stream today/tomorrow evening, Foxhole players on friday needed!

    1. Fox_Eagle


      Ill help if u give me a cd key xd

    2. Cryant


      its 7.99 on gamepass


    3. Fox_Eagle


      Im poor mate

  2. When you accidently throw somebody off a hill :( 


  3. Going live! show some support you lovely fellas.

  4. Cryant

    Changelog - Rules

    Rule 5.4 updated.
  5. Cryant

    Changelog - FiveM

    Los Santos and its busy streets of crime have been hit hard by the Police, Police have seized tons of Opium and Meth, with the higher police presence around these drugs the Drug Lords have decided to go completely underground by keeping the selling locations a top secret! Conversion to ELS Vehicles - Vehicles in emergency factions changed. Dynamic weather. Hidden selling locations of Opium and Meth. Black Market location changed. Changed coke drug route. Legion Garage moved. Hint for Black market ''Mankind can change the face of earth'' Hint for Meth ''Rearwall'' Hint for Opium ''Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Have you any wool?'
  6. Forgot to say thanks for everybody that joined the stream and was with me when we hit 82 viewers! been ill last couple of days but will be back on it!

    1. KLW


      You deserve it ❤️

  7. Cryant

    Changelog - Rules

    Rework on fivem rules, please read before joining the server.
  8. 15M Giveaway tonight LIVE on www.twitch.tv/cryantTV

  9. Comon guys just go AFK in my stream and get me partnered xoxoxoxox

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Chedderbob


      If I can go AFK and get some paycheck youve got a deal 

    3. Cryant


      @Chedderbob like you do on gta you mean?

    4. Chedderbob


      I wish mate not been a mech for 3 days.....MODS MODS MODS

  10. Cryant

    Ban Appeal - Piggot - 05/09/18 - GTA FiveM

  11. Going live, lets hit that 30k tonight

    1. Zinner


      30k donation goal? 

    2. Cryant


      no viewer count haha


  12. Cryant

    Vikings are coming!!!

    uh oh.
  13. I have rebranded my stream to www.twitch.tv/cryantTV Please feel free to stop by and show support! lets get 300 followers soon! xoxo

  14. Cryant

    Changelog - FiveM

    As we all know Sandy shores has been somewhat lacking in terms of government funding, over the last few months buildings have shot up and the local flora has sprung to life! Sandyshores Map revamp Harmony Map Revamp Slot machines New Garage locations 30+ Cars added to shop (GTA standard) Twitter Switched to Roleplay name Added Anonymous Tweet Shift E to take a seat on chairs and benches (X to stand)