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  1. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    @Wallace Smith come join in ts message me
  2. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Are you able to attend any training tonight at 7pm? Stil interested?
  3. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Some switching around of teams and removing people that do not play - training tonight at 7pm for main team
  4. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Come to me in teamspeak when you can, so we can talk
  5. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Accepted to main team Accepted as main team reserve
  6. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Accepted as Support role Accepted as Fill role
  7. Phoenix Overwatch Team Many people are enjoying overwatch in spare time between other games so I have decided to open our first overwatch teams we will have two teams of six running with 4 reserves, this is for competitive players that wish to have fun and rank up in a structured team. You must be at least level 25 with an endorsement level of 2 to join a team. Team Alpha Cryant - Fill Fisher - Fill -Slot- -Slot- JasperChan - Fill Nathan - Fill Team Bravo -Slot- -Slot- Jord - fill Khalid - fill CandyMan - fill -Slot- Reserves Kazz - Fill Conner Merlin - Fill -Slot- -Slot- Please Copy and paste the application and fill it out Battle.net tag: Are you level 25?: Are you endorsement level 2?: Prefered roll: SR Rating: Main team or reserve: Which heroes can you play well:
  8. Cryant

    FiveM: What's new!

    FiveM: What's New Announcement Recently, FiveM has been going for a really difficult patch in terms of development and Player count. We lost direction with where we wanted to go and honestly got demotivated because of the time we put into the project for it to not last as long as we expected. So to get back on track we needed a sit-down, a think and a brutally honest conversation about how to move forward and where we went wrong. As previously stated we wanted to bring a roadmap to our actual full release and decided that this needed a serious update and reality check with the information we have learnt so far from the Alpha launch. Where we think we went wrong so far and what we learnt. The jobs just weren’t right and other than the XP not much sets us apart from a lot of other servers. The aim with the XP system was to add another layer and basically give players a method to earn and develop. You don't join the server and a day later you have the fastest cars. You start at the lower jobs and earn your way to the higher better-paying jobs. In terms of the economy, we aimed to make it last at least 6 months till you achieved “end game” or Level 100 but with the knowledge that once you’ve achieved this that’s not the end with there being no level cap. We quickly learnt that 100+ runs doing the pizza job were degrading and nobody wants to do that. Locking Cars and jobs to specific levels severely hold back players ability to play the game and really limit the roleplay that a player can create. How we are going to fix it and the plan moving forward codewise. We have two Types of focus’ that we will be working on. The first focus’ is ongoing and will be worked on throughout the Alpha Period of this release. The second is Focus’ that we will be targeting and completing to a standard that we are happy with. Focus’ that will be an ongoing process Jobs Jobs are a massive focus moving forward and are where people make money and XP. Instead of unlocking new jobs we have decided that it’d be a better way for players to be able to choose from a wider pool of jobs from the beginning and allows you to have a different path to others. You still won't be able to join the server and become the kingpin of a specific area but there will be a focus of progression for the jobs. We also want to improve the actual tasks that you undertake and improving how fun they are. Now, this is no small task and will be done by focusing on individual jobs and introducing new jobs over time. Additional Whitelisted Groups Additional whitelisted groups are something we have wanted to do since the previous version of the server. With this, there are almost unlimited possibilities and how we have decided to do this is, is via an application process. This, however, is not feasible at the moment but we do plan on opening the process up once we have completed a larger amount of the focus’ that we have planned. Groups we have in mind are serious roleplay factions such as Solicitors/Lawyers, Mechanics, Security Companies, Car Dealerships and Media Companies ie News Crews. We plan on giving in-game features to these groups and will be open to your ideas of what you want. Focus’ that are going to be worked on (Ranked in Priority) Car Modifications Modify shops and cars are going to have an overhaul and work as intended, example: they take money from you. Also, we intend to make all Modded cars that have options for customisation to work. Saving the mods upon leaving the customs shop is also a priority of ours. Character Split Selections and Outfits This is something that we have wanted to do for a long time and never had the time to do. This may require downtime and may have effects that we aren’t sure about but the simple explanation of this is allowing you to have more than one profile with split money and XP and garage. This should also allow you to build better story creations. We also want to give the ability to store different outfits for your Characters for the various activities you complete across Los Santos. Phone and Tablet A massive overhaul to the phone is something we wanted to do from the beginning allowing you to physically call one another in-game. The Tablet will also be a place to display information about your character. Such as the perk and crafting systems which we will get to. Drugs and Crafting Drugs, as it stands, are boring to do. We want to make our drug system something more than just going point to point and dropping off and waiting to “process”. We want to make our drugs system a crafting system where there are possibilities for different strands and for it to all go wrong and you make a substance that ain’t what you intended. Medical Systems This will drastically change the way you die and get hurt. Depending on how you die will depend on how successful a medic can be. Procedures will have to be performed and dependent on how serious the accident was will depend on if the “fix can be done at the side of the road. Prescription drugs will also be a tangible thing. Perks and skill points for levels Perks and Skill points will be the focus for the XP system and they will be designed to work with the roleplay across the server. They will benefit players in the different jobs available. Houses Housing is something we’d like players to be able to do and requires more thinking but we hope that we can implement this in some way. What is citizenship? On our server we are allowed 3 character slots, we want to develop this in such a way that each character has his/her own story that continues to evolve through roleplay, Acquiring Citizenship means that you have an established character within the fivem server that will come with its own perks and rewards. Becoming a Citizen will mean that you will have to fill out a form and then wait to be accepted, once accepted you will have your character posted on our citizenship page, you are limited to 3 citizens, for each citizen that gets approved you will receive 100,000 XP and the opportunity to apply for whitelisted jobs in the future. If your character gets denied Citizenship then please feel free to try again. You will be expected to play your Citizen in similar fashion every time you join the server in accordance with your Citizen profile. EG your profile says you are a reputable businessman that deals in law and a personality trait that goes against violence - then if you go on to rob a bank - you may be questioned after the situation is over on why your character decided to do this. As a citizen you will be showing the community that you are willing to roleplay, this will increase roleplay in the server by developing your character and relationships with the police service and other citizens. Community Meeting During the Community Livestream, we were asked if we could do a community meeting. We obviously are listening to you guys and we’d love to do this. As it stands is difficult due to a lot of IRL commitments from the development team to get us all together at the same time but we are going to release some more information as time goes and a schedule one for the coming weeks. Suggestions We are always in need of sensible suggestions and always have read them and considered them. In the past responses though have been slow and sometimes an idea hasn’t been responded to. This is going to change. We are going to aim to get responses to all suggestions within 24 hours and try gage the communities opinion on these and with this, we’d like it if you guys engage as much as you can with the suggestions section. Developers We are always looking for developers who can code and create for our server but with this being said we don’t have time to teach people as time is stretched thin as it is. This is an area that lacks a lot of credit and if you are coming into coding for the server its an additional stress from gaming. So only people who want to practise coding and truly want to code for us should consider applying. Developers are also in a unique role and have a lot of privilege and access so there is the age limit of 18 on applications due to compliance with GDPR. As such we will also ease you into the role and basically get you to perform some smaller tasks before moving into bigger projects. The best way to look at it is that it helps you to learn how to code better. Apply HERE New Staff Team @CaaaM_ @Walt @Labrador Message fisher on TS when the server is back up. When Are we Back We are back tomorrow with a 4 pm re-open. Halloween Event Tomorrow up until Friday, we will be running a small Halloween event which you can take part in. The police will now be seen in Ecto 1 from the Ghostbusters films while wearing Ghostbuster overalls and will be performing their normal duties. As a civilian, though you can log on and select the Slimer skin following the tutorial below and be hunted down and captured by the police for simply being a ghost loose in the city. While being a ghost you can perform illegal activities such as robbing but we ask you don't get too carried away and go on mass robbing sprees. Also using firearms while Slimer is not advised as you will simply be shot at by the police. Police should escort you to the jail where you will receive a sentence of 5 mins in jail. If you don’t feel like taking part, this also applies to police, you don’t have to take part but be aware that Slimer is on the loose. How To get Slimer 1. Press Delete 2. Press Enter on Player model 3. Press enter on Exact Model Name 4. Type "slimer" and press enter 5. Run from the cops What's Changed For a full rundown of all the changes check out the changelog but in terms of XP. Walls that previously was in place to prevent players from purchasing cars have gone. We intend as previously stated to keep this in for the foreseeable. Jobs are still the same for now but as previously stated in this post we plan on improving them but this will be a slow process and eventually, we will open the doors to better jobs. XP collected already is not wasted and will have worth. Thank you for sticking with us, ask questions bellow Lots of Love FiveM Dev Team xxx PS. These things take time...
  9. Cryant

    Changelog - FiveM

    A wise man knows he knows nothing. - Alpha update 1.09 Level 0 Pizza Job - 8000 exp per drop / 750 cash for jobs delivered in city 1500 for outside of the city ( people felt unrewarded for the longer travel so we have doubled the cash for them long distance deliveries! Level 10 Trucker Job - 12,000 exp per drop / Cash will depend on distance travelled 1500 minimum Level 20 Taxi Job - 8000 exp per drop / Cash in Random from 800 to 2250 (nice short runs) Level 30 Butcher Job 22,000 exp per run / Cash 6500 per run Level 40 Dressmaker Job 24,000 exp per run / Cash 7200 per run Level 50 Lumberjack Job 26,000 exp per run / Cash 8000 per run Level 60 Fisherman Job 30,000 exp per run / Cash 10,000 per run (this is a long run) Level 70 Fuel refiner Job 28,800 exp per run / Cash 9600 per run Level 0 Weed Job 17,500 exp per run / Cash 3500 per run Level 25 Meth Job 25,500 exp per run / Cash 7200 per run Level 50 Cocaine Job 30,000 exp per run / Cash 11,000 per run Level 75 Heroin Job 36,000 exp per run / Cash 18,000 per run medic car shop fixed Fixed weapons been given in a cop car
  10. PhoenixRP & FiveM Hello everyone and thanks for the support over the past 2 years. To celebrate this and provide some more information with our FiveM server we felt it best to make a post that addressed the recent suggestions that have been made and what we are looking at going forward. For those unaware, we released our FiveM server onto it’s second stage of Alpha Development on 20.09.18. We were met with an initially positive response and high playerbase ready to make a start, however this has now declined and the much needed information has started to roll in from community members. A lot of the recent suggestions made regarding our FiveM server link to the Experience system and its integration within our server. A lot of people find the server to be more of a chore and a grind than a place they can experiment with different roles and enjoy a wide range of RP experiences. Our immediate goal is to try and remedy this but we don’t want to simply alter values and have that as a permanent fix. As a way to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and look at providing fixes towards these points, we will be updating the FiveM server to now provide 5x XP for all civilian roles. These will not extend to Police and EMS roles for now. The boost will be temporary and our hope is that during this time members of the community will be able to provide valuable feedback as to whether this eases the burden on them and makes the game more enjoyable. What this will also accomplish is it will give us time to work on getting a more permanent fix to this issue. It’s important to note that the experience system will remain as a progression system, but we want to change the way it is viewed. Rather than have you work mindlessly to grind the xp, we want it to feel more rewarding and be there as a hurdle to your goals, but a much more achievable one. We don’t want to limit your experience and force you to go down certain routes, so we shall be looking at reworking the entire job system to make more available to you at the start, and give you the freedom to progress how you see fit. That being said, we still want the element of accomplishment to be there, and for those who put the work in to be rewarded. Moving forward we feel it’s important to be more interactive with the community. We don’t want you to feel as though we aren’t listening and taking your suggestions seriously because we are and we do. We have a Community rep and we will be working closely with them to ensure they are providing the community with more updates than we have before. We also want to look at providing a development roadmap, so you can see where we are, what we have achieved, and what you can expect as we go forward. It’s also important that you see your feedback is being taken seriously and is being looked into. That’s why we want to start making a real effort in taking part in the suggestions section and providing up to date responses. Level 0 Pizza Job - 8000 exp per drop / 750 cash for jobs delivered in city 1500 for outside of the city ( people felt unrewarded for the longer travel so we have doubled the cash for them long distance deliveries! Level 10 Trucker Job - 12,000 exp per drop / Cash will depend on distance traveled 1500 minimum Level 20 Taxi Job - 8000 exp per drop / Cash in Random from 800 to 2250 (nice short runs) Level 30 Butcher Job 22,000 exp per run / Cash 6500 per run Level 40 Dressmaker Job 24,000 exp per run / Cash 7200 per run Level 50 Lumberjack Job 26,000 exp per run / Cash 8000 per run Level 60 Fisherman Job 30,000 exp per run / Cash 10,000 per run (this is a long run) Level 70 Fuel refiner Job 28,800 exp per run / Cash 9600 per run Level 0 Weed Job 17,500 exp per run / Cash 3500 per run Level 25 Meth Job 25,500 exp per run / Cash 7200 per run Level 50 Cocaine Job 30,000 exp per run / Cash 11,000 per run Level 75 Heroin Job 36,000 exp per run / Cash 18,000 per run We have more exciting new things coming in soon, we thank you all for your feedback and look forward to the future.
  11. Cryant

    Changelog - FiveM

    Happy Bavarian alcoholic holiday. - Alpha update 1.07 Meth exp changed from 100 to 250 per meth Cocaine exp changed from 140 to 420 per coke Heroin exp changed from 200 to 600 per heroin Double exp until 7th of october! Triple exp for our hard working whitelisted factions! We realised the risk to reward for doing drugs was just not worth it so hopefully now its worth the risk!
  12. Cryant

    Changelog - FiveM

    Children in the back seats of cars cause accidents, but accidents in the back seats of cars cause children. - Alpha update 1.03 Added More cars Potential pizza job fixes Translation fix for trucker Taxi job start changed to f10 Default spawn changed to job centre Animal skins removed from skin selector Cop cars do not give weapons anymore Stopped ability to pick up guns Car shop fixed Jobs after 30 now give correct exp
  13. Cryant

    Changelog - FiveM

    Oh my Gawd my exp - Alpha update 1.02 Job changes Pizza delivery exp changes from 2000 to 2500 Trucker job exp changed from 2500 to 3000 Butcher exp changed from 4500 to 8000 Dressmaker exp changed from 4800 to 8400 Lumberjack exp changed from 5200 to 8800 Fisherman exp changed from 5600 to 9200 Fuel refiner exp changed from 5760 to 9600