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        3.4 Gang Initiation - If you or a gang member are involved in an initiation, any other identifiable gang members are also initiated. Gang tags and gang uniforms can be used to help prevent confusion, this is not classed at metagaming reading the players tags. If a gang of 4 or more people want to use this rule they must have gang tags in their name. Failure to do so will mean the gang initiation is not valid.


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  1. GPU won’t come till Monday but atleast I’ve got my babe tonight xoxoxo

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Cryant
    3. Kevin


      Ya'll better keep a good record of events on SnapChat.

    4. Nick



  2. Streaming sea of theives all night long baby, drop by and have a chat twitch.tv/cryant

  3. Going live on sea of thieves!

  4. Happy birthday to the one and only @Victor have a great day buddy we will be sure to throw you a party!

    1. Victor


      Party of three coming up!

  5. Calling all fellow geeks https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/QWXwV6


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cryant


      I meant before I order them are they okay 😂😢

    3. Victor


      They look decent, what you running right now?

    4. Cryant


      Terrible stuff

  6. Finally a twitch affiliate now I’m with big boy nick 😂

    1. Ninj


      congrats cryant

    2. Nick


      nah dw, he's a dead streamer


  7. will be live streaming at work for a little while soon! Twitch.tv/cryannt

  8. My leaving post.

    Nahh you’re going nowhere!
  9. So just gone and ordered £325 pounds worth of pc parts from amazon pay accidentally the website wouldn’t let me cancel the order and now I’ve got to wait till the seller seller is open tomorrow to cancel, but I’m pretty sure the parts arrive then, amazon pay feature is dog shit.

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    2. Ollie


      I mean I'd have the 7700k if I had the choice lmao 4.2ghz clock speed nd decent overclock potential 

    3. Matt


      Ollie stop being so belligerent 

    4. Nick


      The i5-8600k is better for gaming then the i7-7700k.

  10. Changelog - FiveM

    Mechanic Update New Mechanic workshops with discounted prices - these may only be used by mechanics and will be purchasable with IG currency, Only that mechanic may use the workshop unless you have his/her permission as a fellow mechanic For 5 million you may build you're own workshop but you must message Cryant for details. Mechanics doing the work are expected to tell customers to come back and give a realistic time on how time you'll need to complete work, this should bring a lot more in terms of Roleplay to the Mechanics. I have Awarded Ched with the first ever player owned mechanic workshop. Added Defender 90 to store. Changed blackmarket location. 70% resale price on vehicles up from 50%. New Coke locations. New Uber Job (RP). Drug Prices slight increase. New loading music given to us by Henri the producer.
  11. Changelog - FiveM

    Added some new vehicles from the doomsday heist including a Jet pack and Vigilante!
  12. Changelog - FiveM

    FiveM has released a new update, this means we will have acess to the smugglers run and doomsday heist DLC vehicles, so expect to see most of the cars added into the garage! We will be pushing the update into our server soon!
  13. Pheebs Going live in 10 minutes! Twitch.tv/cryannt


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