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  1. Roleplay Standard Rule edited | 06/12/20:00 2.9 Roleplay Standard - You must always keep a high level of roleplay standard when playing. We understand that each situation you approach may be different and will apply common sense when enforcing this rule, however, "hands up or die" or "stop or your dead" without anything prior will be considered low roleplay standard. It's hard for us to outline every phrase that is not acceptable, but as a rule of thumb: "If you think it's not a High Roleplay Standard it probably isn't". This rule is not just limited to when you are initiating, its here to promote high levels of roleplay with whatever you are doing. Tasing someone holding a firearm in their hands or without prior roleplay and prior warning that you are going to tase them is considered low roleplay standard. Changed to Taser initiating on someone holding a firearm in their hands or tasing without prior roleplay and prior warning that you are going to tase them is considered low roleplay standard. Removed that you can't tase people when you are initaited, when you have lethal initaiton, you can now tase someone. With the previous rule, everyone with a weapon out couldn't get tased even when there was lethal initaition. Initiation Rules If someone states they will shoot you or rubber bullet you after prior roleplay is valid initiation. Changed to Saying “You will be shot” or “I will kill you” or threatening to knock someone out with the use of a firearm while adhering to roleplay standard is valid initiation. If someone states they will shoot you or rubber bullet you while adhering roleplay standard is valid initiation. Missed the last part in the rule while changing the RDM rule, it basicly stated you had to roleplay before initaition which has now been changed again, so that you don't have to roleplay before initiation.
  2. The time has come again for us to find a new Community Manager. If you are interested in engaging with members of the community and advising/communicating with the community board based on the interest of community members you should apply. Community Managers are the community boards eyes and ears to the whole of the community and should be approachable by anyone. You should not hold any bias and be ready to help PhoenixRP progress. If you are interested in becoming the Community Manager please fill out the below application. We wish you the best of luck and will reach out to individuals if we require more information. Apply Here
  3. I am closing this report and letting the appropriate people deal with the situation.
  4. F

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    2. Ninj


      Cryant what happened 

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      he may of said a bad word on kevins live stream

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      Been there done that 

  5. i'm not a real viking



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      Ace Boyden

      @Hermani i got to school in skedsmo, i was gonna go in strømmen but cba with all the police dogs at the schools there haha. theres cops everywhere xD

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      yo stop spamming

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      We are having a proper conversation, not spam

  6. If i somehow manage 50 viewers tonight i will give away 10m on arma 3.



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      still waiting for those bugs btw

  7. 10 steam giveaways on my boys channel! right now



  8. Please Enjoy this video of me screaming like a baby


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      Beautiful 👌

  9. I'd like to thank everybody that supports and watches me on twitch, it's a blast every time and always look forward to it, I've decided to try my hand out at youtube with footage from twitch but will be looking to record footage purely for youtube without streaming in the future!

  10. Going live soon - Come and show your support will be doing Giveaways throughout the day!

  11. Sig

    I expect you to vomit on stream on Christmas eve with a mouth full of maggots. Don't let me down. xx

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