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  1. FiveM Roleplay Release! Today is the day we have all been waiting for the release of our new and improved FiveM server! The Server will be live at 7 pm! I'd like to give a huge thanks to the development team for putting in countless hours and late nights into the server, we now have our very own custom server with a system designed to give more depth to your gameplay, we thought hard about what we want to achieve with the server and what we could offer you as the community and so this is what we came up with. As you log into the server for the first time you will be greeted by an experience bar at the bottom of your screen, Congratulations you are level 0, but what does this mean? Well, as you spawn in feel free to explore the city and the new features that have been implemented with our Alpha release, but the PhoenixRP experience system is the foundation of the server and will determine what you can and cannot do. If you make your way over to the Jobcentre you will realise that you have only one Job to apply for, you will need to work to unlock better-paid jobs and drugs runs, you'll be earning much more for the higher level jobs, along with the jobs you will be unlocking new cars and weapons as you progress to level 100. Gaining Experience Driving (driving with friend bonus exp) Jobs Drugs Whitelisted jobs A huge thank you to @fisher @Ollie for all the hard work! Please remember that this is first and foremost a Roleplay server and the rules apply so please check them and get familiar with them before joining us today! Please use our FiveM suggestions and the forums to highlight any bugs/issues or ideas!
  2. As the Launch date is fast approaching, roles within the FiveM server need filling. Here are the applications that are open and the dates for those that will open. Police: Date Open: Now Police command will review them and a response will be given via your DM’s on the forums. We currently aren’t looking for help around the police command but do have roles to fill, that will be filled over time. Find the application here: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/12-lspd-application/ Medical Director: Date Open: Now We are looking to find someone keen and willing to take on running the medical side of the FiveM server. Find the application here: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/15-lsms-medical-director-application/ Medics: Date Open: Now Whilst we don’t have an official director for the medical team we still want medics to apply. Find the application here: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/13-ls-medical-service-application/ Staff: Date Open: 13/09/18 Further information to come. In regards to mechanics, we plan to make changes to how previously we had mechanics and more information will follow.
  3. Cryant

    ACC Sanders, 1 Week Notice

  4. Cryant

    ACC Sanders, 1 Week Notice

  5. Cryant

    ACC Sanders, 1 Week Notice

  6. Cryant

    ACC Sanders, 1 Week Notice

    I wanna write I miss you on a rock and throw it at your face, so you know how much it hurts to miss you.
  7. Cryant

    ACC Sanders, 1 Week Notice

    Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I'm drowning. 😥
  8. Dead by daylight giveaway right now at ! www.twitch.tv/cryanttv

  9. HORROR stream keys giveaway tonight! www.twitch.tv/cryanttv

  10. 5m giveaway and stream keys at 11pm! www.twitch.tv/cryanttv

  11. Check out the trailer for FiveM


    1. Hermani


      Good job Cryant and the rest of u FiveM devs! Can't wait for the 20th!

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      good job dad 

    3. Stephen


      Amazing, can't wait to play!

  12. I need a sea of theives crew.

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      Maximilian Frey

      I have SoT


    4. Connor Pepe

      Connor Pepe

      Probably a bit late, but i have SoT

  13. 5m giveaway x2 and steam keys tonight @ CryantTV on twitch.

  14. anybody available to help me with a google sheet?

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      What you need making?

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      its okay i got help boys!

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      ew, user! :c


      You play OSRS? :O HMU with ur name