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  1. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    @Wallace Smith come join in ts message me
  2. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Are you able to attend any training tonight at 7pm? Stil interested?
  3. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Some switching around of teams and removing people that do not play - training tonight at 7pm for main team
  4. Happy Birthday Grandpa Cryant🤗

  5. Streaming now with giveaways twitch.tv.cryanttv

  6. B-day stream bby, 26 years of age nearly dead already - Have pity.

    1. Jelle


      Happy birthday! 

    2. Cryant


      thanks baby


    3. Toby(:


      Happy bday 🙂

  7. Giveaway of Overcooked 2 right now! don't miss out, and thank you to jasperchan for the donation  of the game!

  8. I cannot believe u actually managed to eat all that shit, disgusting 🤮Have my sub!

    1. Sig


      It was beautiful.

  9. Stop self harm cryant. 

    sincerely Twitch

    1. Khalid
    2. Retro Lad

      Retro Lad

      Yes, get some help.

  10. Forgot to mention All the bugs are ordered ready for me to eat next stream! including a Zebra tarantula and 3 Giant venomous  Waterbugs - otherwise known as Toe biters Thanks @Jeffers I love you.

  11. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Come to me in teamspeak when you can, so we can talk
  12. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Accepted to main team Accepted as main team reserve
  13. Cryant

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Accepted as Support role Accepted as Fill role
  14. Phoenix Overwatch Team Many people are enjoying overwatch in spare time between other games so I have decided to open our first overwatch teams we will have two teams of six running with 4 reserves, this is for competitive players that wish to have fun and rank up in a structured team. You must be at least level 25 with an endorsement level of 2 to join a team. Team Alpha Cryant - Fill Fisher - Fill -Slot- -Slot- JasperChan - Fill Nathan - Fill Team Bravo -Slot- -Slot- Jord - fill Khalid - fill CandyMan - fill -Slot- Reserves Kazz - Fill Conner Merlin - Fill -Slot- -Slot- Please Copy and paste the application and fill it out Battle.net tag: Are you level 25?: Are you endorsement level 2?: Prefered roll: SR Rating: Main team or reserve: Which heroes can you play well: