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  1. Jkc.

    Allow TFU and HSF to go to Gang Base bidding

    this would be a good thing to add +1
  2. Jkc.

    Lucanova | Fragmovie 8

  3. Jkc.


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  4. Jkc.


    don't take it serious
  5. this is a old topic and yes it would make sense if factions can go to there gang bases in there lands because the faction doesn't want people to have a gang base in their land.
  6. fair enough but it is still so annoying to get your vehicle out of the impounding lot
  7. yeah but it isn't how it suppose to be you pay to get the vehicle and then you pay to get it out. I can deal with these two but if you have to pay to get your vehicle back from the impounding lot as well is just to much .
  8. yeah so that means they won't leave there vehicles abandoned. It is still better then paying to get your vehicle back. and you can also try to start with the 12 hours and if a lot of people complain change it to 8.
  9. Or what you also can try is that if your vehicle gets impounded you get it back after 12 or 24 hours
  10. Yeah people will RDM but if it only drops in the red zone it would be a pretty good feature
  11. Alright but lets go back to the impounding and taking out vehicles topic. Just change it back because the old system was great and try to make that the abandoned vehicles at airport despawns after like 5/10 minutes so it doesn't look messy yeah it should be around 100/150K
  12. then make a new prestige/level system it might take a lot of time but it will be a better system for sure and try to do more stuff with other devs so you can help each other out with it.
  13. just another small suggestion make it so you prestige with the hours on the server lets say every 200 hours your prestige level goes up by 1 so if someone has 2k hours on the server he would be prestige 10. honestly i don't get why people do that either but do it so the vehicles at the airport despawns after 5 minutes or something
  14. there is this other server not saying the name of it but after 20/30 minutes the vehicle despawns after being abandoned maybe you should consider doing this.