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  1. This isn't how it works... those tiers are rewarded for good RP. But you must be at a certain rank to achieve that tier.
  2. Leoo

    JB | #1

    may aswell at this point, nothing else to do
  3. Leoo

    JB | #1

    in my opinion this is okay but not enough rule breaks in my opinion
  4. Yes it is, have 2 people upstairs. He can't get both of you.
  5. They're only effective in like 30 metres, it's not hard to counter.
  6. definitely a police command suggestion, but rubber bullets should always be available to all cops as we aren't out to kill people, we want to arrest them.
  7. Leoo

    Cartel Capping

    don't sit in the water for over an hour contesting a zone with no intention to cap it?
  8. Leoo

    Cartel Capping

    but when you try and fly away they pop their head out the water and spray you? Sometimes people do try and cap, but when people literally sit outside the cap zone until it isn't like 90% and then sit there in the edge of cap zone contesting for literally an hour + with a rebreather, that's isn't a tactic - that is blatant annoyance and somewhat trolling.
  9. Leoo

    Cartel Capping

    It shouldn't be an option, its not fun for anyone. I understand attacking the cartel from the water and then going onto land, but not staying in the water blatantly just to annoy the person.
  10. Leoo

    Cartel Capping

    make it so you can't cap or contest cartels whilst under or in water as people just sit in the water with a rebreather so you can't cap but also can't kill them
  11. rigging elections hahaahhahahaha i have a feeling so1 won't know what hits them
  12. Leoo


    will said i could
  13. Require the governor to have a government and have a minister or secretary for Controlled Eastern Territory or something like that
  14. I will be voting Lewis Jones. BUP Were involved in senseless killings tonight. Killing members and families fighting for their houses, BUP were trying to infiltrate our houses. Makes me sick. Son's crying.
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