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  1. Time to try some arma again! Hi everyone, i'm back :)

  2. Demian


  3. Demian

    Bu-bye lads

    Good luck bud!
  4. Demian

    Ken Barlow checking out

    I hope this doesnt mean you're quitting the server right!? Dont wanna miss u bud.
  5. Demian

    Bring back sniper scopes

    +1 for making them very expensive! but also -1 for what @Magicz said! becouse he is also right about this! Also i totally agree with @Charlie Knight So i think i'm going of the -1.
  6. Demian

    Zico Frags#7

    Why is there soo much salt here D:
  7. Demian


    Welcome to the community !
  8. Bring back the events on the server! :'(

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    2. Demian


      We need this back @Ken Barlow!! Where did then event team go ?!

    3. Ken Barlow

      Ken Barlow

      One coming in the next week or so buddy don't worry

    4. Demian


      Yayy! Cheers bud! :80_smile_cat:

  9. Demian

    APC | TRA Meeting

    Hahaha i actually lol'd there!
  10. Demian

    APC | TRA Meeting

    Me and @Tom Pea best door guards ever!
  11. Demian


    Kazz Smells
  12. Demian

    Officer clothing.

  13. Demian

    Officer clothing.

    Alright. Too bad then D:
  14. Demian

    Officer clothing.

    Its the small details that makes it more fun to be a officer and to see a officer. i always love it to see myself in some new set of clothing after getting a rankup, even if its just a small color change.
  15. Demian

    Officer clothing.

    Yeah sorry, editted my post. But you get what i mean right ?