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  1. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders. Sad to see you go bud! Hope to ever speak to you again!
  2. Might start streaming on the server too! make sure ur followed! https://www.twitch.tv/cherrynl

  3. Please ping me on TS when you're around

    1. Nick


      He cant Ping >.>

    2. Demian


      I cant ping but i'll send u a message when i see u :)

    3. Kevin


      by ping I mean message XD 

  4. TITAN>Rusty

    The ending lmao "WTF, I'm so done!"
  5. Rebel/Cop Imbalance

    Big +1
  6. After medic revive roleplay.

    Thats kinda the point. Then i have to go to support almost every time, there are soo many people who are doing this, i dont wanna go to support everytime this happens becouse it happend too many times to me. A simple new rule would prevent this all.
  7. After medic revive roleplay.

    Also would like to hear what you guys think of this idea!
  8. Cops Map

    What @Ashley Raven says. -1
  9. After medic revive roleplay.

    Hello! So, i have just been in a sitation where i was the only one who survived against 3/4 rebels. I was waiting for the medics to come and hope that maybe the rebels still wanted to be rived. After the medic came you always go behind them with a tazer and wait for them to get up and then you ask them kindly to put their hands up or they will be tazed. The first person just did what i said which was really good, and then the medic and me ran to the second person. That second person got up and immediately started running in circles etc which on my screen looks very laggy becouse he's is going all over the place. Since he is running like that i cant get a good shot in him with my tazer! then he started circling through the bushes and tells me to put my hands up or i will get killed... At this point i cant do anything to him anymore and the rebel wins.. In my eyes this is just some kind of fail rp becouse when he gets up he instantly runs in circles into the bushes and gets his gun out, after he has been shot "dead"! I would really like to see a new rule implented after a medic revive where the player needs to comply to the officer becouse the officers won the gunfight! How can i rebel still walk without any problems after being shot "dead" by an officer. In real life after you have been shot by a officer you definitly comply to what the officer has to say and you dont start running all over the place. Thank you. -Demian
  10. Before the server was up

    Flash... We meet again!
  11. Cant join the server?

    Wait, after 6 times of trying to connect i suddenly connected Lets see if i still can tomorrow.
  12. Cant join the server?

    I tried making a new profile but still got stuck on the "receiving data" screen, So this probably means i cant play on the server.. Again fk sake.
  13. Cant join the server?

    I made a new profile 4 days ago, thats becouse i had to buy myself a new ssd, my pc was broken. Maybe it has something to do with this ? I can make another one if you want me to.
  14. Cant join the server?

    @Stefan i guess its time for this ?
  15. Cant join the server?

    Hey. So again i have a new problem while i'm trying to connect to the server. The first problem got solved with the usage of a vpn, but now there is a new one for me. So while i'm trying to connect to the server it keeps hanging stuck on the "receiving data" screen. After a server restart i have no issues joining the server, but when the server has been running for around +-15 mins, i cant connect anymore and keep hanging stuck on the receiving data screen. I tried deleting my mission files serveral times but that also didnt help. I've tried multiple vpn locations but that also didnt fix it. While i'm stuck on the receiving data file it still keeps loading but when its fully loaded it just keeps hanging stuck and its not loading me in. I've even been waiting 15 min once to load in but still no succes. Does anyone know a fix ? i've been looking on Google for a fix but they keep saying that i have to delete my mission .pbo files but it doesnt fix for me... Thanks.

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