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  1. And the reason I didn't see you unarmed was as i turned the corner to be able to see you, you were in the heli so the gun would never been visible
  2. A) I was in an active gunfight and as a quick reaction i believed he was involved and flying off so that is why i didnt initially revive him (Combat reviving and I was in fear for my life) B) After the gunfight wasn't active I revived him (which for some reason I assume to get me into trouble wasn't added in the report) C) During the situation your gang on multiple occasions broke RP. D) This Video is not 3 minutes long E) I was never disputed nor taken to support
  3. Time Submitted: 02:47:36 PM | 07/05/20 Submitted By: David Ironfield (4362) Your In-Game Name: David Ironfield Who are you reporting?: Dan Jackson Time/Date of event: 5-7-2020 15:30 Rule's Broken: General Rules (1.14) Explain what happened: We pulled a gang over for having illegal attachments they complied and we removed attachments when we left dan jackson ran up to the car (assuming he say the rainbow emblem on my shoulder) and stated "I hate Fa*****" Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/704684075902042183/729342158234058772/unknown.png Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: 23396 - Dennis
  4. We'll always help thank you for helping us do something while on patrol
  5. Time Submitted: 07:33:05 AM | 06/26/20 Submitted By: David Ironfield Forum ID: 4362 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Prestige Perk slots What Is Your Suggestion: Instead of getting more Perk slots the higher level you are make it so you get more Perk slots the higher prestige you are. This would make individual prestiges feel like they have a worth apart from getting to grave robber REALISED THIS MIGHT BE A THING ALREADY NEED CONFIRMING
  6. That's the exact reason, i believe a) it'd be easier for Civs to know it's low RP give them less of a chance to excuse it and b) It's easier to inforce if it's set in stone
  7. Time Submitted: 07:59:02 PM | 06/08/20 Submitted By: David Ironfield Forum ID: 4362 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Rule Suggestions Suggestion Title: Cop Baiting What Is Your Suggestion: Bring back the rule of cop baiting: Why This Would Be Beneficial: Currently people and gangs steal police vehicles and drive them outside of PD's to bait cops into arresting chasing and shooting them. Cop baiting makes it harder for cops to be involved in roleplay due to many having a bleed out timer and those who don't are in fear that a gang is about to rock up and make the police start a pursuit How said rule would work: Cop baiting punishment could be small (verbal warning at start) and put on their record however if it was continued the punishment would increase (taking away rep points and adding warning points) as it ruins the roleplay in the server when cops are made to chase people who try to annoy usinstead of interacting with those who try to talk to us
  8. After warning shots and or oab you should be able to fire back lethals as soon as it has been sent and not have to wait for them to shoot back, makes it fairer for the people on the aircraft so they're not sprayed out before they have a chance And you should be have one way imitation once landed (aircraft members) have to fire towards the oab and warning shot senders before they themselves can shoot at you It still should not give initation to all group and or faction members until the aircraft crew have landed and fired their first shot
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