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  1. Thought I would throw this here if anyone is interested... Looks good, It's a "Deal" if it actually goes mainstream, I'll be backing it shortly... Especially good for all you avid RP'ers about
  2. No worries Devs decided to revoke the code up there ^^ And instead every new character will get a ticket to the main island for free now instead, and a few days premium trial
  3. I haven't personally bud, But since the last patch - there have been one or two issues, The devs are working on a fix for it currently... The game, I think is good, But the devs... They like breaking things
  4. I do find it funny how people seem to think I want them removed and/or banned... This isn't true, It is more what people like you feel, whenever someone complains about something that doesn't sit right. Everyone is going to break rules or do something wrong at some point, And if you can't agree on an outcome to resolve, that is why it goes to a report and/or complaint. People don't like me, because I have reported people for breaking rules, when they can't or won't resolve it? Am I in the wrong for wanting compensation for my gear if it's lost unfairly due to rules? Am I in the wrong for making a complaint, if I think something isn't right? I don't think so - I havent always been right - And I havent always been wrong Anyway - I won't comment further now - Enough has been said, and it's clear I'm not the only one who feels the way I do either.
  5. Server isn't grindy, Altis life isn't grindy... The game is far from "Grindy"... People just wanna come on, shoot shit, trash talk and ruin other peoples chilling time... Word of warning don't play Atlas or LIF if you think this is grinding...
  6. I love all your attitudes, and direct it at me... I mean, Read the first part of my first post: "Looking at threads on here where people continuosly leave time and time again due to the nature of other players..." But hey ho - I'm crying and I'm a snowflake, and people just don't see the consequences of their actions - Even when the player base is falling...
  7. And if you don't see the consequences of your words to others, I hope one day you never get a mental health issue or develop a personality issue... Because I can promise you, your end up eating your own words... I could come back to that level of language, and personal interpretation with more salt, instead have some vinegar... When you're mature enough to realise the consequences of your actions - You may one day be mature enough to step up and speak out to help those that don't have a voice
  8. And the real cold truth... Most of you that "Shit talk" and are toxic to others, do it because you are either being bullied in real life, have some sort of personal relation issues with your parents, have low self esteem yourselves etc etc, and those are facts. But why project it onto others, instead of doing something about it?
  9. A joke? Repeatedly being told to "Stop Crying"... Kind of similar to school boy playground antics of someone being bullied and being told "Stop telling"... Just so you can get away with carrying on being a bully... There are jokes, and there are lines, and when it isn't appreciated and people carry on and say "Stop crying"... Lets have a look shall we? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2018/04/22/cyberbullying-makes-young-people-twice-likely-self-harm-attempt/ https://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/aug/06/hannah-smith-online-bullying https://meganmeierfoundation.org/statistics https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/05/30/youth-suicide-rates-rising-school-and-internet-may-blame/356539001/ http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/increased-cyber-bullying-leads-to-teen-suicides-in-australia-14921 https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/cyberbullying-linked-suicides-rising-study-says-1.1213435 And the facts: https://theorganicagency.com/blog/life-death-consequences-cyber-bullying/ So... "Stop Crying" isn't really good is it? - Attitudes like that just promote cyber-bullying, toxicity, harrassment - All because "Kids" think it's cool and can get away with it?... Truth is you really can't: https://www.internetmatters.org/issues/cyberbullying/ https://www.connectsafely.org/tips-to-help-stop-cyberbullying/ https://www.stopbullying.gov/cyberbullying/prevention/index.html And if you wander why I mention "Cyber-Bullying": "Cyberbullying is defined by scholars and experts, like those at the Department of Health and Human Services, as repetitive, intentionally harmful behavior online that either determines or maintains a power imbalance. Not all terrible speech or posts online is cyberbullying. As children’s writer Trudy Ludwig has put it, saying something terrible once accidentally is rude. Saying something once intentionally is mean. But saying something over and over again, knowing the target is bothered by your actions, and creating some physical or social power imbalance: that’s bullying. When this is done online, these behaviors are called cyberbullying. In the mediated environment, however, a single, intentional post can go viral, or persist online for perpetuity. Thus, a single act can be considered cyberbullying."
  10. Just found out the devs de-activated this code due to people "exploiting" it hahaha I'll get another one soon so if anyones interested, I'll pass it on
  11. It's not even about "Insults" - The odd comment here or there etc... It's not even about the fact Simmo joined my own community and bought issues there too, completely unrelated to Arma, Phoenix etc.... It's not even about Simmo, I just used that image as a prime example... The point is ALOT of people are leaving because of it - "Insults" are not toxic, Holding grudges and constantly barraging people or trying to make their life or gaming time even hard, impossible or stressful is the problem, Everyone comes on to play games to release endorphins (The chemicals that make you feel good) - But when you, or someone you know is constantly getting irate because of a game, or something didn't go in their favour, or take a dis-like to someone and take it out on them EVERY TIME they play.... That is when the fun stops, that is when it is not just "Arma", or even just a game... People think they can get away with it, what if that person your constantly having a go at decides to go and hang himself, cus he can't get a break.... from life, from games.... (I'm 31, I've known a few people to actually commit suicide from stuff like that, which is why I bring it up and will continue to do so, It isn't a game) It isn't Arma, it isn't Phoenix... It's YOU.... We make the difference, We can make a difference, We just need to be mature and work together...
  12. Hey bud - The code will work for a couple more days. In regards to the reviews, You really have to make your own mind up - There is a lot of negativity, no doubt about that - It's a free game code effectively, so try it, may like it, may not Heres a quick video of some shenanigans on there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POi2KLEiw6Q My first PvP battle was a 150 man carnage - It was fun, but the game is grindy as hell and impossible to play solo - Hence alot of the negative reviews
  13. I wasn't aware of that, and it's not my intention to get hium banned, my intention is more to raise awareness to people, especially those who are struggling with this kind of thing, that they aren't alone, and there is a way to deal with it rightfully, other than biting back...
  14. Thank you, Not just me that sees it as a form of bullying then I guess... Also thanks for re-iterating my point of the attitudes people have "Block, unfriend etc"... Still doesn't solve the bigger picture. For what it's worth, I am neither crying nor angry over some guy who can't deal with his own shit and feels the need to take it out on others, My point is it is not fair for the majority of players, that have to put up with this sort of attitude every time they want to chill and play a game... That is one guy out of countless others... Not just here but everywhere... If you don't like reading what I put, why read enough to leave a semi-toxic remark? Do you feel the need to express yourself in such a way all the time to put others down too? I mean feel free to reach out and talk bud - I'm not as bad as people make out... The reflections of what people RP, is nothing short of a reflection of their true self, their desire to be... That is why so many people RP... And there are so many bitter people, It's a shame, just open up and talk about your issues, in stead of casting them out on to others...
  15. Looking at threads on here where people continuosly leave time and time again due to the nature of other players... You would think something would be done about it by now right? I mean I can understand, why they leave - Even after falling out with people, I try and stay nice but they bite... and throw insults. If people have attitudes like that, or ruin other peoples game time... Because they just don't see the point in being nice? Or think they are "Bad mans" on the internet... It's a shame, I like the RP on this server, when it's good it's fun, but stuff like this... https://imgur.com/a/e8oABkV That's precisely why people leave, It's doesn't just here stop here - It goes further than here, but starts with players here, the ones you meet here... In all honesty - Stuff like that needs to stop, It's easy to say to block or remove them, but your still going to meet people like this here, and not just here... I'm saying this because more needs to be done, in curbing online abuse and harrassment, not many people feel they can speak up about it, for some it goes far worse, for others it's far less, for some they tell you to stop being a "Snowflake" and for those that understand, it cuts deep.... So for all those that feel the toxicity is too much, maybe your being abused verbally or what not... Speak up - Stuff don't change if you never make a step forward. For those that can't speak up - Theres always people out there that are willing to listen etc, Your not alone in any of this and online abuse is a thing.... But it doesn't have to be!. And for those that are going to troll here, and leave toxic remarks - I hope your life improves where you don't feel the need to be angry at people all the time, or the need to "Stand out"... We are all human after all... Peace and love guys Admins and mods - I appreciate your rules state that you don't tolerate this sort of stuff, but most of it is sunjective... It's subjective to your views ands opinions in the matter, and not the people it affects, How many more people are going to leave due to "Toxicity"... Which by the way is an abbreviated slang version of harrassment - To the degree something is "Poisonous"... It affects people differently... And when people bring it up, They so often get shut down with further toxic remarks...
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