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  1. Ragnar-OG

    4.6 Medical Custody

    Did you even read your cop feedback? - I dont need to do that, half the community stated it.... @Alexander - anychance this can be locked - Its just going to get off-topic
  2. Ragnar-OG

    4.6 Medical Custody

    Show me some, Ill show you some - @Blackstone once said i probably gave the best rp for an unwhitelisted server people will see - and it has plenty to do with lack of rp when all you see is frag hungry cops shouting crap and "Right im taking your gun" and then clear off - Cops should set an example is all im saying
  3. Ragnar-OG

    4.6 Medical Custody

    Apologies that the medical custody is tied to the police lack of rp... I put a video twice in the cop feedback showing this, twice it got removed by Sean as he didnt want the public seeing it Exactly this - They can tazer initiate in green zones, If anything the cops have the best chance right here to encourage rp, after the medic has been through with the victim, Why are they literally throwing the chance away to RP more?
  4. Ragnar-OG

    4.6 Medical Custody

    Thats great - Then RP it... Instead of straight up Power gaming - "Your wanted for murder" "umm officer how do you know it was murder" "Our system says it was murder" "I was being attacked and defended myself" "No, our system says it was murder" "Well, I killed someone but they were shooting at me first" "It doesn't matter what you say, our system says its murder, your going to jail".... Great rp right there, no effort whatsoever to RP, to act like cops and ask questions about something....
  5. Ragnar-OG

    4.6 Medical Custody

    This is the other half of the problem - It doesnt have to be every time all the time, that cops do that, instead of being so straightlaced - Be more lenient, let people go sometimes if they legit are pretty sound and come up with some story - Cops argue "In real life" yet half the rules arent even centred around real life - "But in real life" there wouldn't be RDM, "But in real life" cops wouldn't send half the force for a speeding offence - "But in real life" half the cops wouldn't even have the right for lethals - "But in real life" "But in real life" - See where this is going, everyone says "But its just a game and we want to have fun" - well have fun, simple as that, I just dont see why the cops get away with stuff all the time, why they are so OP, why they are so straight laced - Straight up, ease up, RP more and have fun "It's a game" and stop being so straight laced when it is suiting, Cops flip a penny whenever it suits em Nice meme - Get back on topic, Im stating there needs to be more rp with cops...
  6. Ragnar-OG

    4.6 Medical Custody

    Dont mind the seizing, ticketing or sending to prison, At least it would be more rp than (Bang bang, Revived, taking your gun, now you can go) - Point is, is there is a severe lack of RP from APC and your meant to be the front of the server, you guys are so black and white on the "Laws" yet in support cases you outright deny stuff saying "Its the way it is and always will be", and often gets taken no further... Cops are being openly scrutinized right now, left, right and centre - The only people I see sticking up for cops, are cops... just over half the community all state you guys dont rp, when are you going to listen and actually RP... When everyone else has enough and leaves? There is nothing wrong with having 2 officers escort you to the hospital to finish processing after the medic has finished, you dont need the whole police force to turn up, therefore there are still other officers that can deal with the situations elsewhere (Wait a minute, I forgot half the cops are inactive these days due to the issues you guys got, so yer those two cops might actually be the cop force). But in all honesty, whats wrong with asking the cops to promote rp?
  7. Ragnar-OG

    4.6 Medical Custody

    You pretty much said it yourself - "It's an RP server" - So why would the cops just strip you of everything and then clear off with your illegal vehicles aswell, allowing the medic to take you to hospital - Oh right, sorry cops are immune to the "RP" side of the server, they get to run around frrag everyone, take their stuff and then go - "Bye, we gonna go bust the next rebels balls" - Sorry but that makes no sense, cops are whining that it takes "Too long to RP" - IF they do take yoiur stuff, they should then at least see the RP side of things out, everyone saying in rl the cops wouldn't let you go to a hospital with a gun as it makes no sense, well it makes absolutely NO SENSE that cops would just let you go either - Cops are the front of the server, and their complete lack of RP seems to go unnoticed 100% of the time, and whenever issues are arisen with cops, they may aswell have a get out of RP free card - The rule was changed because I had little RP with Vladimir and executed him, while the medic was stalling - You guys changed the rule within minutes, yet when ssomeone actually posts something to encourage rp especially from the cops - They get told to shut up and its not realistic - That is what makes no sense... At least update the rule so cops HAVE to RP in this scenario, I would rather have some "Piss poor" attempt at RP than none at all, especially from a whitelisted faction that is the front of the server...
  8. Ragnar-OG

    -DMS- Sale

    How many have you got?
  9. Ragnar-OG

    Player Report - TOONS | Sherlol - 10/02/18 - Altis Life

    After speaking with Retro Lad - He admitted he put the report up because things didn't go the way they wanted and they were going to get involved. It is clear that within the video, no initiation was made between outlaws and us, however they planned to get involved to help out the gang - There is also abit of "Bad blood" between members of both gangs involved and we have came to an agreement to try and work things out going forward. Retro has said that he would like to drop this report and we have all agreed to work things out to help resolve the "Bad Blood"
  10. Ragnar-OG

    4.6 Medical Custody

    "Tryharding my RP" - Im automatically in medical custody bud - No need to try hard... But yes given rp - I would try to keep my gear, Im a rebel it costs alot... but i dont always expect to win I agree - In real life they would do that, but also in real life there are no safe zones, so lets keep it within the rules and the game. No matter how you look at the difference between seizing or robbing equipment, tazer initiation or initiation - It's all the same thing except very one sided for cops advantage - There is no harm for a cop to actually go along with the rp and then get processed at the end of the situation - It's an rp server so lets promote more RP - rather than "Moving to the next rebel and busting his nuts" as quick as possible?
  11. Ragnar-OG

    Player Report - TOONS | Sherlol - 10/02/18 - Altis Life

    I was involved in this situation as I was fighting I - as can be seen in the video logs. From my POV, You clearly hear you guys say to one downed I member at 2:43 - 2:45 "DDon't worry man I'll get him for ya" - you then proceed to jump in your car and drive straight to him, regardless of your uniforms - You are in a car he cannot see your trousers, You drove straight to him, while he is taking shots, as can be seen in your video - What did you expect to happen, from your own video it is clear to me, that you were making yourself involved in the situation anyway, and because it hasn't worked out for you, you are aiming for compensation or a ban? - This isn't right, you were planning on helping them and killing Sherlol anyway as seen in your own video. Personally, apart from the no value of life to yourselves (Driving straight into an active gunfight within metres) I would say this was baiting, i.e from your own actions you baited Sherlol into this situation. So, so far although, this is still "technically" RDM as there was no initiation between you or us - it could be classed as 2 - 1 in regards to rule breaks, to yourselves (Congrats your winning this so far) Also in regards to the last line of your initial post - You have put " +Might add that we have been in support 3 other times the last 3 days, and told them that last time, were the last chanse before we procede with a report." This to me comes under Verbal abuse in regards to the players reputation, Staff can already see warnings/cases etc and as you have put that on the forums, I do not see it in any other way than to try and ruin the reputation of Sherlol. 3 - 1.... Oh lets throw Common sense in too here for driving right up to a guy with a gun out who is exchanging shots with someone else who is less than 15m away? Why? thats 4 - 1... I would also like to point out that at 1:08 - 1:10 in your own video - without initiation you knocked your friend to the ground - but somehow did it by pulling your gun out and putting it back away again? I mean It doesn't look like you actually hit him there? Abusing the mechanics of the game here by any chance? - We all know the trick of how to do it, but it breaks roleplay as you dont "See" them hit them or knock them out.... 5 - 1 So boys, other than what I would class as a report based from your own actions? Would you like to try and resolve this again? or continue it?
  12. Ragnar-OG

    4.6 Medical Custody

    Clarification on the APC side of this rule. As it stands, Rebels/Civs/Havoc are not allowed to initiate or restrain/rob someone while in Medical custody - So why are cops allowed to tase/restrain you? - Fact is if you are in medical custody and police wish to take you, thats fine, but they should be held to the same rules as everyone else on the server. Apparantly, Cops are allowed to seize all illegal things off you before the medic takes you away, Why? This ruins and discourages rp within the server as 9/10 the cops cannot be arsed to roleplay, take your stuff and just let you go with the medic without further rp or interaction from them... After speaking with Pierce, He said it is because people tend to try and run off once they are back at the hospital... So what, every other player has to deal with it so why are cops exempt from this? If a medic takes you back to the hospital, rp's with you, Cops can go on standby at the hospital, to then take you away and rp with you and process you, like every one else on the server... I think if cops are not allowed to take stuff/ restrain you etc while in medical custody, it can only promote RP on the server - Instead of cops just taking everything and letting you go... I mean it is practically robbing us out of a potential good roleplay situation... Let alone our gear
  13. Ragnar-OG

    Asp 12.7mm semi auto

    An SUV with lollipops?
  14. Ragnar-OG

    Ifrit, Orca, Quilin & insurance

    Well - Every time I have taken an "Illegal" vehicle out and stopped for the police to rp, It got crushed, I had my gear taken, and a hefty fine - Or sent to jail... So dunno about this rule...