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  1. Sea Of Thieves anyone?


  2. Ethann

    FiveM Controller support

    Please go here:
  3. Sea Of Thieves, If i Buy, Who would play?

  4. Ethann

    Player Report - | Luke | - 03/21/18 - FiveM

    Firstly Hermani was not bringing up that situation again, it was @Chedderbob But the fact is we’re not talking about that or about me ‘annoying people across the whole map’. The report states we don’t want toxicity around the OOC chat.
  5. Time Submitted: 05:27:08 PM | 03/21/18 Submitted By: Ethann (432) Your In-Game Name: Ethann Who are you reporting?: | Luke | Time/Date of event: Past Few Days Rule's Broken: 1.4? Toxic Basically Everyday. Explain what happened: Past few day's I have seen Luke consistently being Toxic to everybody he dislikes I guess. Me and others can confirm lots of this behavior and most of my friends are kind of getting fed up with it. Bullying or not you should not be toxic to others in the community. If you have a problem you should report not consistently be rude in OOC. I haven't ticked the to 'Resolve the situation with player' is because anybody else doing what I would like to do he will continue to be Toxic. Hermani will also confirm him calling users horrible names while they are trying to sort out another situation. This can be involving like 'No one likes you' (As stated in evidence). It is absolutely disgusting and he should be punished for his actions. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/69373b467cf9afb9aedeff31258bbba1 https://gyazo.com/b22f4eb2c2cbe261c878e369f7042b05 https://gyazo.com/abac6c47b7c208e72b4e95aefda3db12 https://gyazo.com/6072fab21de590f34ff5ef585f486857 https://gyazo.com/0b45356a6e20abdab19dfa45219b8f9e Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: None.
  6. Ethann

    Player Report - UK-Expose - 03/17/18 - FiveM

    I do not but I do have screenshots of other people that's all that were tagging along with UK Expose. https://gyazo.com/abac6c47b7c208e72b4e95aefda3db12 https://gyazo.com/b22f4eb2c2cbe261c878e369f7042b05 https://gyazo.com/69373b467cf9afb9aedeff31258bbba1 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/345552627012075530/424706986316398602/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/345552627012075530/424707067450884100/unknown.png
  7. Time Submitted: 11:21:06 PM | 03/17/18 Submitted By: Ethann (432) Your In-Game Name: Ethann Who are you reporting?: UK-Expose Time/Date of event: 23:10 Rule's Broken: 1.4 Discrimination of age. Explain what happened: I was held up by some guy, and I was getting killed by an NPC and I couldn't do anything, So I carried on fighting the NPC trying to kill me, then the NPC Killed me so I thought I was dead, I tabbed out for 5 Minutes and my friend on discord said I was revived then died again. I came back saying why am I dead in OOC. The reply was BUSINESS IS BUSINESS BUD, Including lots of Discrimination of my age. Telling me I am a kid, and said 'Your like 12'. All I got was hatred when I asked a question for my random death while afk. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/861099c4d7c4bc4adb44c0138fb2e92e Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: None
  8. Ethann

    Compensation Request - Jenson - 03/10/18

    @Felix Johnson
  9. Yay, I am back.

    1. Ethann


      Awh thanks for the welcoming. 

  10. Ethann

    Ban Appeal - Ethann - 07/21/17

    That's not even the one I advertised... fp
  11. Ethann

    Ban Appeal - Ethann - 07/21/17

    I'm trying to be unbanned so I can play not just break more rules... I don't even play on the other community.
  12. Ethann

    Ban Appeal - Ethann - 07/21/17

    I don't know I just wasn't thinking straight.
  13. Ethann

    Ban Appeal - Ethann - 07/21/17

    Time Submitted: 09:11:01 AM | 07/21/17 Submitted By: Ethann (432) In-Game Name: Ethann Steam / Player ID: 76561198271789591 Administrator who issued ban: Kevin Date of ban: 07/17/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Advertising because I posted on the forums another servers name. What reason was given for your ban? Advertising Why should you be unbanned? I totally forgot about the advertising rule and I really liked the Phoenix Community and I wish to be unbanned and enjoy playing again. What platform / server were you banned on?: Forums Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A (Harry released ban so I can appeal)
  14. Ethann

    Off for a lil while

    Ok I won't be on anymore as I used to I now moving on so cya. Love u all <REDACTED - ADVERTISING> (keep it noice and short)