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  1. Time Submitted: 08:44:41 PM | 03/14/18 Submitted By: Ethann (432) In-Game Name: Ethann Age 14 Why do you want to join LSPD?: I would like to serve in the Police force as a helpful officer. I have been on the island for quite some time now and I think its my time to serve for my country. I have lived here for a month now and I am enjoying my time here. My goal is to become a Police Officer for the LSPD and to Protect and serve. I have been arrested once when I was young for doing Illegal street racing and that is not the way to go as it danger's people's lives. I hope I am accepted into the Police force then I can be the kind and helpful person I am today. What skills do you have that would benefit you: I am a very good driver, I have good common sense. I like communicating with other human beings. I like to have a laugh a lot. I am a very good team worker. I can also manage heated situations and I am very calm; most of the time. How long have you been in Los Santos for: 1 Month n' Counting. Do you agree to undergo a criminal background check if accepted: Yes
  2. Anonymous | Recruit Status: Open

    Notice: The Gang Leader has been forwarded to Clifton Sky, Jenson and Ethann are no longer active.
  3. Yay, I am back.

    1. Ethann


      Awh thanks for the welcoming. 

  4. Ban Appeal - Ethann - 07/21/17

    That's not even the one I advertised... fp
  5. Ban Appeal - Ethann - 07/21/17

    I'm trying to be unbanned so I can play not just break more rules... I don't even play on the other community.
  6. Ban Appeal - Ethann - 07/21/17

    I don't know I just wasn't thinking straight.
  7. Ban Appeal - Ethann - 07/21/17

    Time Submitted: 09:11:01 AM | 07/21/17 Submitted By: Ethann (432) In-Game Name: Ethann Steam / Player ID: 76561198271789591 Administrator who issued ban: Kevin Date of ban: 07/17/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Advertising because I posted on the forums another servers name. What reason was given for your ban? Advertising Why should you be unbanned? I totally forgot about the advertising rule and I really liked the Phoenix Community and I wish to be unbanned and enjoy playing again. What platform / server were you banned on?: Forums Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A (Harry released ban so I can appeal)
  8. Police Gear / Stolen

    Sold. Lock and move request
  9. Off for a lil while

    Ok I won't be on anymore as I used to I now moving on so cya. Love u all <REDACTED - ADVERTISING> (keep it noice and short)
  10. Police Gear / Stolen

  11. The Greatest Heist Ever

    'The wiring is just needing a look at and I ugh sort of slipped my hand and the alarm went off'
  12. Bloody Sky Broadband not working won't be on ?

    1. Tim
    2. ReecePrimePhotography


      I have BT Fiber Optic and never had a problem lol xD 

  13. A new faction (click for more info)

    @Thomas Murphy To make it easy why don't you swap the 'Pirates' with the words 'USS Navy'
  14. Police Logging System

    Police are on duty nearly everyday, The front desks to Kavala PD are not being used so me and Thomas Murphey came up of an idea to make them useful. 1 or 2 people will sit at the front desk and wait till Police officers come on duty, The police officers will have to go to the front desk before they leave and give them there Name and Rank and the front desk people will log it into a spreadsheet and give them a 'Point' for every time they log on, it will be a daily log point so you cant just log off and on and Farm points you will get one everyday if you log on. At every meeting the people with the most points get a reward like a Police holiday or a Promotion or like a certain car or gun they want for the day. It doesn't have to be every meeting because rewards will be given all the time if all police go on everyday. It could be every 3 weeks or something like that I don't know. It also may make the police log on more than they usually do?

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