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  1. mattB


    It’s a joke chill Gl tho guys
  2. mattB


    Heard that an average gang got lucky GL lads hope you keep up the good work
  3. mattB

    Bring back dms

    Pls no, with dms there is no skill involved
  4. mattB


    Bring some good roleplay please
  5. I hate to be this person but this is typical cops being unwilling to give up their advantage and not looking at this from a different perspective. I’ve been a cop on 2-3 servers and I have been in situations like this. In my opinion it is incredibly frustrating when a cop is able to trump you no matter what you bring to the fight. It creates an imbalance and drives away the rebel population. I also see this from a cop perspective and imo it creates stale roleplay as after you tase someone it becomes like you are reading it off a script and ends in the same way. If the cops aren’t allowed to use tasers on armed rebels then it can lead to an increased amount of roleplay that is not scripted as cops could be trying to pursuade or convince someone to get them to give up your weapon.
  6. I think he’s on about the type of players, it’s very easy to fill up a server with hobos and toxic people who don’t give you the same experience as the players who have been on the server for a long time but are now leaving to join other servers.
  7. +1 but one adjustment would it be possible to add another set of stairs as one set is quite constrictive and is easy to hold but other than that looks good
  8. Don’t lie @Cobra The OG gets more kills than you, nice work for 80 hours
  9. Now I see why @Cobra The OG can’t get any kills
  10. See why they call you Jedi cobra tbh
  11. mattB


    I’d say up to five days as it’s long enough that a hacker wouldn’t bother waiting that long and it gives new players enough time to read an understand the rules
  12. ◆ In Game Name: mattB  ◆ Age: 15 ◆ Country of Residence: England ◆ Arma 3 hours): 623 ◆ Roughly how long in hours have you played the server for ? : 50 ◆ Previous gang and reason for leaving ?: none ◆ Why do you want to join The Gaddafi Ducks ?: because it seems like one of the only proper gangs that’s on the server to make a positive name for themselves  ◆ Tell us about yourself ?: I’m matt, I like games and roleplay, hate runs ◆ Why should we recruit you ?: because I tend to get along well with people, I can be dedicated and I’m not dumb. I know arma pretty well and don’t need much guidance ◆ What are your strengths ?: my roleplay is pretty good, fragging and driving ◆ What are your weaknesses ?: flying ◆ How often are you available to play ?: most weekends and then during the week in holidays  ◆ Give an example of a good RP event you’ve been apart of: on another server I have done several roleplay banks and have been able to get away with it, also talked my way out of tickets  ◆Can Anyone in the gang give a recommendation for you?: standup if his counts
  13. mattB

    S K E N G [OPEN]

    How many hours do you have -553  Who in the gang can vouch for you -standup Previous gangs -none on here How much bank roll do you have - 4.4 mil  steam Id -76561198120836681
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