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  1. mattB

    Robbable Destroyer

    +1 but one adjustment would it be possible to add another set of stairs as one set is quite constrictive and is easy to hold but other than that looks good
  2. mattB

    Ridge | Recruiting!

  3. mattB

    Finally top 1 in RoE squads!

    Don’t lie @Cobra The OG gets more kills than you, nice work for 80 hours
  4. mattB

    Ring of elysium is actually sick..

    Now I see why @Cobra The OG can’t get any kills
  5. mattB

    Cobra The OG - Montage

    See why they call you Jedi cobra tbh
  6. mattB


    I’d say up to five days as it’s long enough that a hacker wouldn’t bother waiting that long and it gives new players enough time to read an understand the rules
  7. mattB

    - The Gaddafi Ducks - | RECRUITING

    ◆ In Game Name: mattB  ◆ Age: 15 ◆ Country of Residence: England ◆ Arma 3 hours): 623 ◆ Roughly how long in hours have you played the server for ? : 50 ◆ Previous gang and reason for leaving ?: none ◆ Why do you want to join The Gaddafi Ducks ?: because it seems like one of the only proper gangs that’s on the server to make a positive name for themselves  ◆ Tell us about yourself ?: I’m matt, I like games and roleplay, hate runs ◆ Why should we recruit you ?: because I tend to get along well with people, I can be dedicated and I’m not dumb. I know arma pretty well and don’t need much guidance ◆ What are your strengths ?: my roleplay is pretty good, fragging and driving ◆ What are your weaknesses ?: flying ◆ How often are you available to play ?: most weekends and then during the week in holidays  ◆ Give an example of a good RP event you’ve been apart of: on another server I have done several roleplay banks and have been able to get away with it, also talked my way out of tickets  ◆Can Anyone in the gang give a recommendation for you?: standup if his counts
  8. mattB

    Pingu Phantom Forces #3

    The poor 10 year olds
  9. mattB

    S K E N G [OPEN]

    How many hours do you have -553  Who in the gang can vouch for you -standup Previous gangs -none on here How much bank roll do you have - 4.4 mil  steam Id -76561198120836681
  10. mattB

    10 million giveaway

    Hello I like free stuff
  11. mattB

    Just a small giveaway

    I would like too win as I want money as I’m new so then it’s easier for me to get licenses that are needed to join gangs
  12. mattB


    Hi my name is snipernoob. I am from rpuk and wanted a change so I moved here. Was in the police for about a day under the name Matt Roman. I am a keen roleplayer and not a bad fragger. Always looking for donations Looking forward to seeing you on the island