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  1. Anyways, I am not the only person who are complaining about this.
  2. Well, this issue with cops and cartels has been taken up many many times, and I am sure a lot of people have taken it to PPC, but this seems to be a problem that Police command cant handle.
  3. Yes some of this things are already here, but the ones that are not sound amazing, like Cobra said, the gems could be awesome. And adding things like cider processing would be cool for new players, its something else then peaches or apples or like iron/copper whatever.
  4. what about it? I dont care if I die or not, I litterally dont give a single fuck, but its just the fact that you come, frag and leave Obv I understand that, but I see this happen soooo often, litterally all the time.
  5. This is not the first time I see cops come, frag and leave. This is what happens most off the time
  6. happy now? and ye I get triggerd at cops who are like ''No we need the cartels, because we want to get our frags because we dont like RP''
  7. You dont get it do you? are you for real now? this is actually making me laugh. They come to the cartels, they kill and leave they dont even take them.....
  8. So, I dont think cops should be a llowed to go to cartels because they come with a zerg off people, and they just come to frag and then they leave. I would understand it if they actuially did capture/neut the zone but they dont.
  9. but it when it is not dark then..... You are smarter then this I hope
  10. get night vision, or you use lights on road or on your car
  11. wooow, well but this is a RP, its supposed to be like real life day to day life ish, if you think you play here and you are sitll playing the game like a milsim, then gtfo
  12. Horrible for combat ye, that is true. But what do you want? a realistic night time on a RP server or a unrealistic night time so you can go around and frag more on a RP server?
  13. Oblivious Story We, Oblivious, is a gang that are made up of veterans from the Altis War. We are here to make money and take control of a large part of Altis. The veterans from the Altis war has not gotten enough attention and care, a lot of us are struggling with our mental health as many of us were captured and sent to concentration camps during the Altis war. We in Oblivious are tired of this bullshit going down on the Island of Altis. We will terrorize the society for what they have done, we will rob people for what they have, we will murder people who does not deserve to live this life anymore, we will kidnap and torture people who do things against Oblivious. Requirements 1. Minimum of 800 Hours 2. Must be financially stable 3. Must speak fluent English 4. Must be active 5. Must have rebel license 6. Must know coms 7. Must have decent role play 8. Minimum 14 years old Application Template - In-game name: - Age: - Country + timezone: - How active are you: - Hours in Arma 3: - Bank balance: - Rebel license type (normal or Advanced): - Why do you want to become a part of Oblivious? - Why should we choose you instead of others? - What are you best at (Piloting, driving or combat)? Roster
  14. -1 If there was no NLR in red zones people would just keep comming back and thinking about the Factions, we go there with enough people, and a lot of gangs also go there with a decent amount of people, the last thing we would need is for people to start returning when there is already 10 people there. And also as @Michael said, it would take 1 day until mainly rebels would spam the forums that there should be NLR in red zones.
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