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  1. Liam Scott


    So I like that you try to fix rebel life, and that you also see the problem here. But I think none of these suggstion will fix rebel life. Why? Because the suggestions here is things that if you are a civ you would be doing them a bit late in the game, when you have gotten yourself started and have a bit of money. So I personally think that these suggestions are good in general, but to get rebel life active again, I believe you need to add other things that will help in early game, because as you said, Phoenix gets a lot of new players every day but no one of them stays. So I think you probably need to do something with early game. Aswell as Police needs to clsoe apps, because I believe Police takes a lot of the new players that joins. EDIT: However I think this is a good suggestion and I would love to see this in-game :=)
  2. Liam Scott

    Gang funds

    So I noticed a couple of days ago that gang funds just dissapeard after we all logged off and logged bakc in, and I am the only one who can take money from it and i have not taken anything. But we had not taken any cartels or something when I was the only one on and realised there was 300k in gang funds, I asked the rest of the peeps if they had put anything in or taken over cartels, and the answer was no. So has the original bug been fixed?
  3. Liam Scott

    Vanguards | Join the revolution!

    Accepted You have received a PM with the discord invitation.
  4. Liam Scott

    Vanguards | Join the revolution!

    Accepted You have received a PM where you will find the link to our discord.
  5. Liam Scott

    Vanguards | Join the revolution!

    Vanguards Background Vanguards is a newly founded gang, which got started by an ex-cop. The reason Vanguards was made is because the leader did not agree with how the Police were running their side of the island, and that they are threating their civillians poorly and are breaking human rights. Vanguards is here to stop and to stand up against the Police and their numbers. Vanguards will give back the rights to the civillians and will threat them with respect. Vanguards will be focusing on taking controll over the Police side of the island and will be destorying the Police economy by trafficking illegal goods, and will ruin the economy and power that Police has. Requirments * Atleast 500 hours in Arma 3 * Must speak fluent English * Minimum age of 14 * Must be active * Must know the server rules * Must have decent Roleplay * Must have good comms * Must be financially stable * Must have Rebel lisence Application template In-Game Name: Age: Hours in Arma 3: Bank Balance: How active are you: Do you know all the server rules: Why do you want to be a part of Vanguards: Lisence type (Rebel,Adv or Black Market): Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18JWLDcsbZECEHL28uWrCQuC0co3PzydJR_t0KwPz3w4/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Liam Scott


    So, now since it is winter time and Christmas, I was wondering if it is even possible to get snow on Altis?I honestly think I know the answer but I just have to ask just in case, because if it is possible that would be awesome.
  7. Liam Scott


    Good Luck dude! good to see another friend returning to the server aswell
  8. Liam Scott

    entire cop force fucked by 1 medic

    Daaaamn, I dont know what to say to this xD
  9. Liam Scott

    Rubber bullets

    -1 I dont see any problems with the current state of rubber bullets. There is litterally no problems with the intiation rules on it or how ti works, why change it? Yes the rubber bullet gun is Automatic but shoots very slow, if you hold it in it shoots like one bullet every like 1-2 seconds or something like that.
  10. Liam Scott

    Player Report - oS | U Said No - 08/13/18 - Altis Life

    @Jackk Sometimes i delete all the videos on my pc sp i no longer have the video so just decline it. Im sorry
  11. Liam Scott

    Player Report - oS | U Said No - 08/13/18 - Altis Life

    shiiiiit, i didnt realize it was under review so i deleted the video... @Jackk sorry
  12. Liam Scott

    [YB] Young Bloods | Recruiting

    Application Accepted. Ready for trial. you have gotten a pm where you can join our discord, after joining discord you will find the TeamSpeak channel password.
  13. Time Submitted: 07:23:36 PM | 08/13/18 Submitted By: Liam Scott (4231) Your In-Game Name: [YB] Liam Scott Who are you reporting?: oS | U Said No Time/Date of event: 13.08.2018 between 6:30 Pm and 7:30 pm Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM or Maybe Failed Initiation but they never tried to initiate either tho. Explain what happened: Me and my friend were on our way to Black market in Sofia because my friend needed more mags for his gun. When we arrived at Black market we saw 3 guys so we decided to not stop and drive around black market for a bit to see what they did, they end up chasin us in their quillins and when we got to the main road again one of them flipped and they started tio shoot at us and as you see in the video i got hit once. They did kill us further down the road but i was too salty bc i got rdmed so i forgot to save that part. SORRY! Btw how i know it was oS gang is because i saw it in chat when they killed us. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/huoJAIDMWpA Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Proxy Smoxy
  14. Liam Scott

    [YB] Young Bloods | Recruiting

    Application ACCEPTED, ready for trial. Welcome to the gang and you have gotten a pm where you have the invite to our discord. After joining the discord you will find the TS channel password