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  1. Liam Scott

    Rubber bullets

    -1 I dont see any problems with the current state of rubber bullets. There is litterally no problems with the intiation rules on it or how ti works, why change it? Yes the rubber bullet gun is Automatic but shoots very slow, if you hold it in it shoots like one bullet every like 1-2 seconds or something like that.
  2. Liam Scott

    I am back

  3. Liam Scott

    I am back

    So, Liam Scott is back, I dont know if many remembers me but I left this community in this summer, someone might remember me as Roger Skate. Earlier this year I used to be a ass hole to say the least. I left the community because I decided to come with friends over to another community. Now I regret that decision and I am coming back. If anyone remembers me, they prob remember me for being that one big ass hole, but I am not like that now, since i joined the other community I have learned to not be such as dick to people and that it is possible to be nice to people. It feels good to be back and I hope to see some known faces in.-game
  4. Liam Scott

    Player Report - oS | U Said No - 08/13/18 - Altis Life

    @Jackk Sometimes i delete all the videos on my pc sp i no longer have the video so just decline it. Im sorry
  5. Liam Scott

    Player Report - oS | U Said No - 08/13/18 - Altis Life

    shiiiiit, i didnt realize it was under review so i deleted the video... @Jackk sorry
  6. Liam Scott

    [YB] Young Bloods | Recruiting

    Application Accepted. Ready for trial. you have gotten a pm where you can join our discord, after joining discord you will find the TeamSpeak channel password.
  7. Time Submitted: 07:23:36 PM | 08/13/18 Submitted By: Liam Scott (4231) Your In-Game Name: [YB] Liam Scott Who are you reporting?: oS | U Said No Time/Date of event: 13.08.2018 between 6:30 Pm and 7:30 pm Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM or Maybe Failed Initiation but they never tried to initiate either tho. Explain what happened: Me and my friend were on our way to Black market in Sofia because my friend needed more mags for his gun. When we arrived at Black market we saw 3 guys so we decided to not stop and drive around black market for a bit to see what they did, they end up chasin us in their quillins and when we got to the main road again one of them flipped and they started tio shoot at us and as you see in the video i got hit once. They did kill us further down the road but i was too salty bc i got rdmed so i forgot to save that part. SORRY! Btw how i know it was oS gang is because i saw it in chat when they killed us. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/huoJAIDMWpA Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Proxy Smoxy
  8. Liam Scott

    [YB] Young Bloods | Recruiting

    Application ACCEPTED, ready for trial. Welcome to the gang and you have gotten a pm where you have the invite to our discord. After joining the discord you will find the TS channel password
  9. Liam Scott

    [YB] Young Bloods | Recruiting

    Application accepted. Ready for trial, I have sent you a pm where you find the discord link and there you will find the TS password.
  10. Liam Scott

    [YB] Young Bloods | Recruiting

    Young Bloods Young Bloods were not even a gang before, they were just a group of friends who came to the Island of Altis. The group of friends came to the Island of Altis for education. After two hard years of studying they all end up quitting school because of drug addiction, but no one knew about their drug addiction not even their own family it was only the group of friends who knew their addiction. As months went by, they started to become poor and had to move out of their appartment and live on the street. It was getting harder and harder to get drugs because of them not having enough money to buy drugs. Because of no money they were forced to start doing crimes to get their money, but they could not even become one of those who smuggle the drugs because they were addicts. They started robbing people by using knifes and fter gaining enough money they bought them self pistols. They started doing bigger hits and they started robbing people transporting goods. They got more and more money and finally were able to get big guns and vests. They decided quickly after getting big guns and vests that they can start a gang. The group of friends named their gang name ''Young Bloods''. Young Bloods are still a gang that very little know about and are still trying to grow. Application status: OPEN Requirments - 14 years old - 2 Mil in bank (exceptions can be made) - Know most of the rules to PhoenixRP - Decent coms - Rebel liscence - Decent understanding of Arma - 200+ hours in Arma (exceptions can be made) - Must be active Application Format in-game name: Bank balance: Age: Date of birth: Do you know the rules of PhoenixRP? Hours in Arma: Any other previous gang/faction excperience? (Gangs, Medic, Police, Havoc) How active are you? Do you have rebel liscence? Why do you want to join us? Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQtOMks2WytdvPilTcWj3xF7NhJlkiy2yw0u4ACjKD1iBj_3Q1PgeRJ3vMc4inllvAoMEfN3UW3kbZr/pubhtml
  11. Liam Scott

    [THS] | The Hog Soldiers (recruiting)

    Now please keep this page for other things then this bs.
  12. Liam Scott

    Looking for a gang

    We in THS got both roleplay and we also do get ''frags'' but we focus for the most on the roleplay.
  13. Liam Scott


    I got the same bug dude, super annoying. And yes i do have rebel, advanced rebel and black market
  14. Liam Scott

    Heli crashing

    This have happend to us too, and we figured out that the guywho is sittin g on left bench 1 will survive I dont know why.