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  1. Bandit

    Crushing in the feed.

  2. Bandit

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    thanks i appreciate not seeing cops giving extremely biased opinions
  3. Bandit

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    Ofc a cop complains we for cheaper gear like honestly you don’t have to pay for shot apart from virtual items man
  4. Bandit

    Ts prefixes

    If you piyou rank in your name it’s effort and you can’t do long meme names
  5. Bandit

    HAVOC slots

    It’s not going to combat it’s that havoc is much more active and there aren’t enough slots why should cops have lots of slots they don’t fill up when we don’t have as many and fill them up and havoc guys can’t play because not enough
  6. Bandit

    Ts prefixes

    It’s not hard to edit the name and remove the -
  7. Bandit

    Ts prefixes

    Having the prefix for your rank doesn’t mKs it look dirty
  8. Bandit

    sort out runs close to msr

    +1 and make those ones high risk high reward
  9. Bandit

    HAVOC slots

    +1 havoc have been really active and cake and a bunch of people couldn’t get into a havoc slot when we were doing our event
  10. Bandit

    Ts prefixes

    Havoc + cop rank prefixes back pls xx Literally just have to tick one thing on each ts group
  11. Bandit

    small frag vid

    So hypocritical lmfao u rdm’d me and my mates in one of yours and still it put in
  12. Custom skinned wetsuit Skinned black and grey combat fatigues
  13. Bandit

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    No because that is like nothing. We legit have to pay for everything if cops complained about that it would be funny af as you dont have to pay for shit apart from that
  14. Bandit

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    its already level as we have restrictions with what we can do, having to get out 15k to go on patrol is just annoying and it was fine us paying gear and virtual items. You are only saying no because you want havoc as weak as possible so cops would get a better chance of beating us.
  15. Bandit

    Good Job

    Darragh the only one who died in transport and it was to rdm... pretty impressive tbh