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  1. Bandit

    YouTube Thing

    Youtube livestreams r shit
  2. Bandit

    ¬ | Silence

    Fuck off
  3. Bandit

    ¬ | Silence

  4. Bandit

    ¬ | Silence

  5. Bandit

    ¬ | Silence

  6. Bandit

    ¬ | Silence

    Silence "One to the head is all it takes" Backstory: In the late 1990s a group of convicts were transferred to Altis Corrections - all of them convicted of despicable crimes such as homicide, kidnapping, extortion and human trafficking. All of them had previously been in special forces: SBS, SAS, GIGN etc, and that made them extremely dangerous. In 1998, 3 months after they had been transferred there was a large scale raid on the prison and the 4 convicts escaped, stealing a Counter-Terrorist hunter and running into the lands run, at the time, by DELTA. After making more money as hired mercenaries, the criminals made their way to APC lands and started a criminal syndicate which operated at the upmost secrecy and aggression. Anyone that crosses their path will be silenced. Requirements: Mature Rebel Licence 500+ Hours in Arma (Exceptions can be made) Application: IGN- STEAMID- Hours in Arma 3 (Screenshot, 500+)- Bank Balance- Licences- Who in the gang can vouch for you (Not needed)- Roster
  7. Bandit

    Selling CSAT Fatigues

    Yeah if u hadnt noticed im brainded can someone move it lol
  8. Bandit

    Selling CSAT Fatigues

    Selling 1 CSAT fatigues big pls i need money x https://gyazo.com/e384385bdcb580408d373640b9f49eee
  9. Bandit

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    depresses me
  10. Bandit

    cops carrier lites

    give us a chance to get fucked everytime we get initiated on? riiiiiiiight
  11. Bandit

    cops carrier lites

    ok so changing carrier lites to tactical vest isnt a good idea in my opinion it underpowers cops already and we get fucked 90% of the time anyway legit tactical vests do fuck all pls give me carrier lite patrol vest back xx
  12. Bandit

    its kinda bad

    Nice and tage g
  13. Bandit

    APC at cp

    Sorry mr support sir
  14. Bandit

    APC at cp

    sorry mr deputy hsos sir