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  1. Hes a prick i understand why ahahahhahaahahahahah you think your good but in reality you werent let in hsos till the purge ahahahahaha
  2. gl my don finally some competition
  3. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    thanks for the advice i will roleplay with you havocs on tuesday sir
  4. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    fam im no where near my pc its at my other house tf
  5. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    i literally didnt? i let you keep your trucks and got you revived...
  6. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    just petty at this point - come back when you know what you’re talking about
  7. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    not me was it 🤣🤣
  8. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    you rookbanged sync ahahaha only in number 2 xx and it didnt show me shooting you it showed me shooting someone i was initiated on and you reported me for low standard rp not rdm, get your shit together @Calum
  9. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    scared. your insults are invalid - every time i come across you i have either a mk1 a type or a promet xx
  10. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    its obvious that isnt the only thing i do - cops arent unarmed if you think im shit NMD me this weekend xx i still have it lmfao its cos i joined cops xx
  11. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    you are bad you lose every sit against us an asp is an upgrade from a mk1, wanted that 1 tap ability yous couldnt use properly x
  12. Bandit

    TNT Camping advanced

    last one i remembered is shooting Mike, stealing his ASP loadout and going to frag CT x
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