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  1. I have a clean punishment history when it comes to trolling/racism and I dont find enjoyment from doing so. If i did troll/be racist again I am happy to accept a network ban from all phoenix services.
  2. I thought it was not discriminatory to say it with a non-racist way such as an a. Apparently not. I think the perm ban is unjust and should've been a temp ban with a explanation on what I did wrong.
  3. Added: i feel that a perm ban wasn’t necessary seeing as i wasnt using it to discriminate or racially profile someone. Seeing as my ban history isnt too terrible I feel that a perm ban was unjust. Alot of my mates have started playing here and I would like to join them as I know the server well.
  4. Time Submitted: 05:09:18 PM | 05/15/19 Submitted By: Bandit (4205) In-Game Name: MT Steam / Player ID: 76561198381706738 Administrator who issued ban: Jinx Smoxy I think Date of ban: 02/22/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Saying the n word with an A at the end in side chat to my mate. What reason was given for your ban? Discrimination Why should you be unbanned? I dont 'discriminate' anymore and Ive played the server a long time and love the community. I dont know the date sry What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  5. In game name: bandit/ur poor/MT Age: 15 Nationality: british SteamID: 76561198381706738 Why you want to join: Getting back into Arma and want to join a decent gang with some of my mates. Rebel/Advanced: advanced Past bans: NVL, multiple ts bans Hours on Arma: 1,599 Past gangs?: *Star, THe Frey Dynasty, Arcus (when they werent cunts) NotSoFabulous and Kazz can vouch for me. K1-T4R could if he remembers me (played different server together)
  6. Jenad my man gl but it wont be the same without the og’s
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    Youtube livestreams r shit
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    bye bye Weil Nilson
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