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  1. Sadly, today I will be announcing my departure from PhoenixRP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I first joined PhoenixRP on 02/01/2018 with a couple of friends, @Ruski Bread @Otto @Hook12aaa ,made a gang called the USSR, roleplayed (yes i used to roleplay) as russians, of course the name i chose had to be @Vladimir Putin Then 2/3 days later I joined the Cop Force to have my training done by @Connor Pepe (what a lad), to then on my first day to be taken hostage and then killed by CTSFO @The real Matty βœ” when negotiations were called off Then played with a couple of idiots till they left cops smh @JackPoulter @7 | Zico @poults I was a cop until the beginning of March when I left a day after I got Sgt after being an SPC for 7 weeks, yes fucking 7 weeks. Then joined DGN and met these idiots @Lester @Cobraβ˜… @Stefan♦ @Fox_Eagle (3^Fox + sorry to all the other names i forgot) Then went away from Phoenix for a month to then later to rejoin the cop force in June play for a month, played for a month, got Sgt then again left the next day i got it. A few days after I regrettably joined SFG, yes it was a mistake but a good one I met these fucking lads @Simmo @Adam Sparrow @nnoremaC @Cameron Stewart @Avida + Salty (cant find his tag) I then left SFG after being it in for a few weeks, then just played as a rebel until August 19, (around that). I joined HAVOC with the name Ligma Balls, on my few days as a private I get sold to FoxHound for 5 mil by @Death Spawn, of course i took the 2.5 mil for emotional distress. Changed the name to Vladimir Putin, Reached the rank of S/Sgt, and guess, I was a S/Sgt for 2 months, like I'm suprised I waited that long During my time as a S/Sgt I got into HSOS and had a fucking laugh with some idiots during my period from S/Sgt to Capt. @Montel @Luckii @Ethan | @Josh . @Lucanova @CroX @Bagg @MeatSlice @Cynical @Blurr @Peter @linky (so sorry if i forgot your name, i have a memory of a goldfish) After being a Captain for 5/6 months, I finally got Major but by then I was exhausted not from HAVOC but from Phoenix, my activity reduced, was not finding it as enjoyable as I used to Till a few days ago where I left my Major, became a brigadier Till an hour ago where I resigned from Support -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will sometimes be on TS just chatting with a couple of friends but I won't be returning to the server for a while It was fun and goodbye! + 3^TheFallen
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