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  1. Can

    Arcus P.M.C. | Recruiting (OPEN)

    I am an og am i black listeeeeeeeeeeeed😏😏😞
  2. Can


    People are bidding on stuff on pam that they cant even afford like i had a prowler for sale yesterday and there where 7 bids at the end it got to 2 mil and someone bidded 2010000 and apperently he didnt have the money so now i have the vehicle back while the 2nd highest bidder dis have the money
  3. Can


    Thanks bro
  4. Can


    Make it that u can only bid if u have the money to bid people who dont have the money still bid and after u just get ur vehicle back instead of it selling to the 2nd highest bidder who actually does have the money
  5. Can


    The hell for some reason i have my prowler but it should be sold
  6. Can


    İ sold a prowler for 2 mil but it removed the prowler but didnt give my money i had 49 mil before it got sold and after the prowler got removed i still have 49 mil in my bank
  7. Can

    Small Bank

    +1 this would be fun
  8. Can

    Arma 3 and ISIS

    My god😂😂😂
  9. Can

    Can we get rid off FiveM ?

    Well they might but even tho if people are playing on it ita just 1 tops 2
  10. Can


    U spawned in them as havoc hid them in a bush right😏😏😂 bastard
  11. Can

    Nocturnal 2 perk

    True actuslly yeah but its just a thought u know i was gonna say 5-6 but mostly they would have said nah too less
  12. Can

    Nocturnal 2 perk

    +1. Make it like lvl 30 and needed like 10 points orsomething or 8
  13. Can

    Looking to buy .338 mags

    How much u willing to pay for 9 mags
  14. Reaiiy only 5gb? Shit game tho got bored playing
  15. Can

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    İ agree on the part were we shoulnd pay but even if u do why cash its mind blowing