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  1. Can

    * Star

    İ love you all for this
  2. Can

    i need visa

    My dead ass got caught man they send me straight back to altis
  3. Can

    * Star

    So is it okayif i have 9 fingers?? Or we gonna be racist? Gl btw hope the gang gets tons of real good man
  4. Time Submitted: 10:33:21 AM | 10/16/18 Submitted By: Can (4188) In-Game Name: [ARCUS]Can Steam / Player ID: 76561198106833011 Date of Event: 10/14/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/18875-player-report-guez-merch-101418-altis-life/?tab=comments#comment-100672 Details of Event: We were doing a recruitment training for a new gangmember until a medic suv came we thought it was medic until one of our members noticed it wasnt he said pls get out the car with hands up and his friends rdm’d us Compensation Amount: Carryall Backpack, Spar-16 (x10 magazines, ERCO, Silencer, Bipod and Flashlight), Bandana, Kerry outfit, Carrier Lite Vest, Combat Helmet, x3 water bottles, x3 grilled rabbit, x2 zipties = £310,380 (calculated using PhoenixRP Compensation Calculator). 310k comp because i did not have a carry lite vest mine was a 20k. Vest Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  5. Can

    New blackmarket

    what i mean by clothing is uniforms
  6. Can

    New blackmarket

    black martket doesnt sell clothing sells vests guns
  7. Can

    Get rid of Havoc

    +1 no more cops and no more medics for revive everybody should be able to buy a refib and revive them dead
  8. Can

    Get rid of Havoc

    well i dont agree because we go on alot of patrols and at those patrols we get alot of roleplay with people we get to have a nice chat and everything -1
  9. Can

    want to buy a heli

    Mine are straight from the dealer boii filked and never used unlike yours from the dealer but used to escape them taxes
  10. Can

    Havoc CP

  11. Can

    want to buy a heli

    İ aell my prowlers 450k each dont buy them of artyom he buys theö for cheap
  12. Can

    want to buy a heli

    yes see cheaper if u buy them ofme friendly disscount
  13. Can

    Evidence Locker - Major Crime

    But apart from guns there should also be some drugs and sell ables in there so u can make money too or like 2 different rooms u can only do one at a time and one has drugs and one has gear
  14. Can

    want to buy a heli

    Orca ill give u for 4 mil hellcat fpr 5🙈
  15. Can

    bergen backpacks

    True that it just sounded redi about a 90k price jump for 40 slots