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  1. Just Ben

    feel free to roast

    I think pingster was in the orca then
  2. Just Ben

    feel free to roast

    The first video is from pingster if i am correct? But other than that it was brilliant to watch those fraging clips are old af though. Nice Edit hope to see more!
  3. Just Ben


    What happened to all the prowlers?. Can you still buy them or are they just rare now. I need more to add to my collection. All I see are Quilins but no rebel prowlers. Have that been removed or are they a donator only vehicle?
  4. Just Ben

    Show who owns the gang bases.

    BSB currently own all 3 however we are not going to bid on all three next gang wars.
  5. Just Ben

    Player Report - V | Kyro - 04/11/19 - Altis Life

    I was also at the situation with callam I was in the camo suv. I did not hear any initiation. I do not have a video as my Ge-Force was bugged.
  6. Just Ben

    In a bit

    Cya Simmo, thanks for getting me into cops and enjoyed patrolling with you
  7. Just Ben

    forget the fortnite, horses!

    These will be added next 20:00 restart Accepted, Locked and Moved.
  8. Just Ben

    Police and Cartels

    I see what you mean so as opposed to completely banning cops and havoc from cartels you could have more restrictions on there access eg they are allowed to control one or two cartel(s) max per restart. EG APC took Masis and Northen but havoc took southern and pefcas. They could camp their chosen cartels for the whole restart but couldn't change their minds and go to church per se. This would limit the amount of action that cop and havoc could do while trying to get some combat but enabling other gangs to take the other cartels or they could risk attacking the other cartels for more reward and maybe better combat
  9. Just Ben

    Police and Cartels

    I think this could work really well, even if we learn that it is not a good idea. Even though there are specialized units such as TFU and HSS they could be resvered for when the rest of the faction needs help or they are needed for a specialist operation such as Bank or armory. When they are not doing bank they can do patrols and try to combat the larger gangs or just RP with everyone. It is almost like becoming a spec ops unit is reason to avoid rp.
  10. Just Ben

    Helicopter for SALE

    Ill give you 3 fredos and 10p paypal
  11. Just Ben

    How to make meth?

    https://science.howstuffworks.com/meth3.htm There is a more detailed explanation if its required.
  12. Time Submitted: 11:46:20 PM | 03/22/19 Submitted By: Benf2001 (4135) In-Game Name: BSB | Just Ben Steam / Player ID: 76561198087362906 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 03/22/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I have been told that i was a using a recoil script. What reason was given for your ban? Exploiting/ Anti-Recoil Script. Why should you be unbanned? I was not using a recoil scrip and have know idea what happened. I logged on to the sever with the intention of helping with the gang wars. I Spawned at my house to collect gear and a gun. I then when to run in to Kav to get some full screen night vision and a car. On my way into Kav i saw a police hatchback and went to put my gun in my backpack, as I didn't have a back pack i escape keyed immediately to try and hide. I then thought I may be able to RP and say it was an airsoft gun. So i went to open my inventory and remove the suppressor at this point my game froze and i turned invisible i thought i may have gone in to first person but then realised that the camera angle had not changed so i though my game had crashed or my internet had timed out (not uncommon) . I get a message saying i have been kicked for anti-cheat i tried to re-log and rejoin the sever but i had a message that I had been banned for exploiting. I would like to be unbaned as i primarily not done anything wrong or enabled any exploits. I have put too much time and effort into the sever to do that, I have also never been banned for a legitimate reason (ie not being banned of unfliping a service truck or recoil cheats by a hacker. Evidence: https://youtu.be/zfeGL0KxcCA https://gyazo.com/d2990cbb58638ec441559720424bbb54 I can provide a longer video of me running if necessary What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): I have spoken with Charlie Wong but there is no report
  13. Just Ben

    We need this added

  14. Time Submitted: 11:59:01 PM | 03/07/19 Submitted By: Benf2001 (4135) In-Game Name: Just Ben Steam / Player ID: 76561198087362906 Date of Event: 03/07/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/3f14667aa74a8da8cff2361655e221df https://gyazo.com/7afff65bd4cb4f817889fb3989933d82 https://gyazo.com/96d9871cc4851c98c5a06c6e770749d2 https://plays.tv/video/5c81a4906fef49cf5a/wtf-is-this?from=user Details of Event: We were driving along the MSR towards Pygros, when we were thrown out of the car and incapped for no reason. We where both then kicked for anti-cheat for no apparent reason. Compensation Amount: Type 115 - £225k NATO Jungle Gille - £85k Arco- £10k ish Carrier Rig-£90k Range Finder- £7.5k 6.5 caseless X20 -£1.1k each (Total of £22k) Crew Helmet- £7.5k Viper Light Helmet- £7.5k Bipod-£15k 2XFAK -£500 Full Night Vision Goggles-£25K (Used https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qnrpSXhqcZSw8v14xFgEEejT9s3YaRzAebfhYz3BoYc/edit#gid=422399282 to calculate costs) Total= £495k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  15. Just Ben

    More Spaces On server

    There has been a notable increase in server population over the past couple of weeks and I believe that the 115 slots are not enough and I believe that they should be increased. At the time of posting the sever has been full for about 40 minutes Edit: If this means making the server unstable again I would rather have 115 slots I didn't know that the large spaces where causing instability.