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  1. Just Ben

    Wong Out

    Cya, Charlie (or what ever you go by now) made medics great again as well as some great times in BSB. Good luck in the future and hope to sppek to you again in the future also where is my tag????
  2. you used to be able to buy them in V1 but they got removed, they used to be 18k fyi,
  3. 4 minute meth runs
  4. I think this would be a cool thing to have as its fun and you get money
  5. Just Ben

    IZR reports

    o7 devvo, izr's best fragger
  6. Just Ben

    IZR reports

    This was meant as a joke, i just was looking through the reports as you do and there where a lot against IZR, (whether these where rule breaks or not i couldnt care less) i just though of this clip. I am sorry if i offended you or any of your gang members.
  7. Just Ben

    IZR reports

    I think this video sums it up ps not starting beef just thought it was funny the number of reports
  8. I think someone asked from their gang base, but we have never seen it so can't be sure
  9. "Well they've got a very good bass section, mind. But no top tenors, that's for sure."
  10. Recently every time I have been on cop all it has been is IZR baiting initiation, or waiting out side blue zone to initiate on the police, it makes playing as a cop really dull and i have never seen an IZR member try and RP with me or a fellow officer and when we arrest one of them they come up with the most low effort RP you get.
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