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  1. Thanks, I am really shit but I hope I am getting better
  2. @Ninji updated it for you
  3. With all this negativity with towards the APC Command, I just wanted to shout out HAVOC High Command for doing an excellent job. @deanos The best general, you are always approachable. You have excellent interaction with all ranks in Havoc and there is never a dull moment when you are on duty. @SKY Thanks for all your work for havoc, you are constantly developing havoc to make it a better place for all. Can't wait for the new CP. @Ethan | An absolute lad. Always happy to make thinks more fun at CP.🔫🏦💸 @Obsidian Thanks for everything you have done for Havoc, always active on discord and in-game. Always seem approachable if it's needed. @Hector Where do I start. Always trying your best for havoc always approachable, and always active. You are a great friend and loves beans. @Mito The newest of High Command and I hope your are having fun. I think you are doing is excellent and carry on the great work with HTA. @Ninj Thanks for the great work and have fun being a brigadier.... meh Also a massive thanks to the rest of command and unit leads, thank you for all your work you are doing behind the scenes and being active in game and always approachable. Your effort is not being missed. Continue the great work.
  4. That's a yikes, just join Havoc instead it's much more fun
  5. https://gyazo.com/ee4a836cb2c0288f17d70d31d4b48104 Frag at destroyer this evening.
  6. For probably the 100th time you have posted that you are leaving see you back online playing in a few days
  7. Bye Daniel, have fun. Also where's my tag? Enjoyed doing what ever you do now and hope to see you on TS from time to time.
  8. RIP TST, The only person who i have killed in the past week, twice. https://gyazo.com/c8f68994d11a42f15a756b356176fdc9 https://gyazo.com/1b26e9e08fdd4feea343c13d2a6d6378 Pls no bully im shit at combat
  9. All the best at uni, a good luck in the future. Hope to see you on the server sometime.
  10. Just Ben


    @CRACCOON Did you want to bait any more in that last clip?
  11. Just Ben

    Cya later

    Have a good one and hope to see you again.
  12. @CallamSell your Xi'an real quick, I'll give you at least 10 freddo's and a kinder buenos.
  13. Come on Jack I've been dying to see this please ease my pain, I am looking forward to the best Frag Montage
  14. Just Ben

    Avicii - Heaven

    The rest of the album is also pretty decent
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