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  1. Just Ben

    Mass garage sale

    Top of the shops 90k
  2. Just Ben

    Mass garage sale

    Now we are talking 50k
  3. Just Ben

    Mass garage sale

    I want in on this GPS it must be magical 10k
  4. Just Ben

    It's time, Max is out ;)

    Cya Max, good luck in life. Medics was great during your time as MD.
  5. Just Ben


    Bye proxy, thanks for giving me a chance in NHS command and on the staff team, have fun in the future
  6. Just Ben

    Congrats on management 




    ps how much for prestige 5?

    1. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      😳 Thanks Ben mate ❤️  

    2. Ted


      £55 is the going rate i've heard


  7. Time Submitted: 09:24:05 PM | 05/24/20 Submitted By: Just Ben (4135) In-Game Name: Just Ben/NoCaseNoFace Steam / Player ID: 76561198087362906 Date of Event: 05/24/01 Link to evidence (player report or video): Logs, https://gyazo.com/4e6d1bb4420048859c5a3c55070457c0 Details of Event: Log on to get a daily reward and to get gear at the new gang base went to withdraw money from the atm at the base and it wouldn't allow me to I looked at my balance and it was 132k (the amount I received for daily login). I also lost all of my levels and professions. Compensation Amount: Cash between about £63,000,000, and level 49 Every proffesion was about 200 but gathering was about 475 and repair was about 350 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. cant wait to include R6S in my next montage
  9. After a very stressful end to gang wars we where very disappointed to find that the reason why we paid 9 mil for a gang base is either missing or impossible to access. Also you can't go into the barracks or command buildings This is the most southern gang base
  10. sorry big man, wheres your gang base at?
  11. Just Ben


    double tap c for combat stance, and turn off adaptive crosshair
  12. Just Ben


    Name: Just Ben SteamID: 76561198087362906 Locations/Description: Near current middle gang base https://gyazo.com/e89f02c803632754e80121e7c2d18249 Screenshots/Video: https://gyazo.com/6f86c2f0f4194f3b56921a2c2fe6fd77 https://gyazo.com/53641f985213108e8eab366079399b65 https://gyazo.com/8a3408c8f8128c500a9e206f2aff8303 https://gyazo.com/4ad512b84db4df483681c8044450cdfb https://gyazo.com/08313f119036bbea5fbf6844119ad945 https://gyazo.com/79e500fcd2b70b6fc9a28ca63d410457 https://gyazo.com/454611853c312dbd2a30827d681fc58e
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