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  1. Wtf is this, I am very confused but it is entertaining
  2. Thanks John O'Connor for enabling the improvements to the Phoenix RP platforms
  3. I guess when the up keep money is gone it is gone but you get a small amount of the money back
  4. I mean that makes sense, don't play you loose your house and it's contents. Not don't play loose your house, assets and all of you money
  5. Yes, welcome to Phoenix, how can I help?
  6. Yes unless I have miss understood
  7. So what you are am say is if I went away on holiday for a month ( 4 weeks) If I had less than 20 mill I would come back to find all my money and assets gone. I also I don't want to have to grind for 2 hours a week cause when you don't have much free time 2 hours is a lot when I could be participating in combat or RP or as a Faction Member. I think this is a very stupid scheme cause those who are minted aren't going to notice the fact that 0.5 percent of their money is gone but when 1/5(20 percent) of my money is gone. I am by no way poor but am also not particularly rich. If I stop playing for 6 weeks while I have exams I have this summer I will have lost ~800 hours of work. It's a fucking stupid scheme.
  8. The problem is is that I don't want to pay close to 3 mill a week just so that I don't loose assets that I have already spent 5+ mill on
  9. If I already own a house will I pay rent on it?
  10. @Cyber Freak Old medics was some of the best time I spent on the server. Have fun in life
  11. I mean he sorta pops up but if you heard him you cold have turned around a probbly wont that sit but i wouldnt really issue with it other that I was outplayed
  12. All the best, good luck and have fun in the future.
  13. I mean it simulates gang wars really well, but it is unplayable
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