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  1. Benf2001

    shit guns

    1.6mill 1.8 mill
  2. Benf2001

    shit guns

    I'll still take them for 1.3 dm me
  3. Benf2001

    shit guns

    1.3 mill
  4. Benf2001

    AMS memes

    A meme i made
  5. Benf2001


    How much for mk18 and mk14?
  6. Benf2001

    AMS | What can we improve?

    I would have thought the decline could have been caused by going back to school, as it was in my case as well as the sever declining in numbers as a whole. Personly I like AMS the way it is and just wish I could spend more time online. I would also be better if paramedics came in the same voice channel as you and sometimes when you join they have muted themselves as if the ts is a box-ticking exercise. One thing that made me really AMS over the summer was just messing around with Hurons and mohawks, but I guess that isn't RP. I think you're doing a great job and hopefully, numbers will increase again.
  7. Benf2001

    Mass Unban

    However there are people who have been banned because they are causing problems such as vdmimg medics and trolling so I think you would have to unban people per each banning case
  8. Benf2001


    Ah ok, I have bought them on Pam thinking they are rare, cause you don't see many of them, and I am being ripped of on Pam, thanks for that.
  9. Benf2001

    Cya Nerds

    Bye Kazz it was fun knowing you briefly, Ben from Zippo Raiders
  10. Benf2001


    I have 4 prowlers that I have bought of off PAM but was wondering if you can get them any where on the server?
  11. Benf2001

    want to buy a heli

    Far enough I quite like it
  12. Benf2001

    want to buy a heli

    I have a Green Orca, you could have for 7 mill
  13. Benf2001

    Mr Finch

    +1 just a great guy
  14. Benf2001

    Debit Card (Virtual Item)

    +1, sound like a decent addition to the server, Could created some fun rp scenarios.