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  1. this gang came to era. Made you a lot of money
  2. Wouldn’t mind changing the gangbase points for holding etc. But I would love to see gangbase wars hosted on another server where you spawn rebel which is a greenzone so you cannot get spawn killed, then after gearing up you just slam the base or whatever. This would make the server less laggy for whoever is not involved in gangwars, FPS on the gang wars server would be so much better as you don’t need to add every object from The normal server.This change would get so many players on Phoenix. I believe @Scarso can work something out of this 😉 +1
  3. out of the thread ur banned hahahah
  4. 3up innocent

  5. hahahahahah @Tom Cliffoff spitting fax
  6. they should add that if u dont have a gun, they dont get kd by killing you
  7. The thing is that he never said to come on ts, he said ill ban you etc ingame without //. I know its my fault by trusting my teamates that their initated but apologise for that and that you dont accept comp is kindoff sad because you just want people banned. I would happy resolve it if i had a chance
  8. Every house is bought and a lot of people who own them havent been on for a year and more. Add that u have to pay rent or something.
  9. I though one of our gang members initated on u. Sorry iam happy to comp. U didnt tell me to comp to support even, idk when u try to solve this. The only solution i heard form u was to ban me ty x.
  10. Time Submitted: 07:38:03 PM | 01/11/20 Submitted By: crashies (4080) Your In-Game Name: Sat in a bush, Nerakar Who are you reporting?: Faze Jarvis Time/Date of event: 7:35gmt Rule's Broken: Not value his life and exploting by getting in the vechicle when he has his hands up. Explain what happened: We robbed him initiated etc, u cant hear it bcuz nvidia is stupid but anyway, he went in the truck while we had a gun pointed to him. He didnt want to solve it. And didnt rly care bout getting banned. he said so how long is the ban gonna be etc Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Mr. Sam Fieldapple
  11. literally nobody wants u here, can u close ur browser
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