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  1. Time Submitted: 08:32:27 PM | 04/19/19 Submitted By: crashies πŸ’― (4080) In-Game Name: crashies Steam / Player ID: 76561198093236621 Date of Event: 04/19/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/4396011800b88a303d44831ab6dfa3c6 https://gyazo.com/50762008d6a0f9719f6ecbdfa9d744a2 https://gyazo.com/ac72f94b7cf544b6bd74bb5fbcc1cc68 Details of Event: Server went down i came back didnt have my gear. https://gyazo.com/4396011800b88a303d44831ab6dfa3c6 https://gyazo.com/50762008d6a0f9719f6ecbdfa9d744a2 https://gyazo.com/ac72f94b7cf544b6bd74bb5fbcc1cc68 Compensation Amount: mk1 loudout / around 700k/1mil Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  2. crashies πŸ’―

    The League | Recruitment Page

    nice phone number
  3. crashies πŸ’―

    Cyrus + mags

    much better gun for nearly the same amount of price
  4. crashies πŸ’―

    Cyrus + mags

    7 mil for cyrus when my friend sells m320 for 10 i think
  5. crashies πŸ’―

    The League | Recruitment Page

    I think this is not the OG atlas
  6. crashies πŸ’―

    ckj | Phoenix 1

  7. crashies πŸ’―

    Driver/Pilot Hexagons

  8. crashies πŸ’―


    How about if they ncrease the paycheck and make that you get money by giving people tickets
  9. crashies πŸ’―


    @Jelle if you want to just edit the post to make apc get money of tickets.
  10. crashies πŸ’―


    that should be changed. You should get money of that.
  11. crashies πŸ’―


    give people high tickets for minor things
  12. crashies πŸ’―


    The income for cops is not only paycheck though
  13. crashies πŸ’―

    Event Ideas

    parachute event, the prize is 10mil if you win. marathon from kavala to sofia.
  14. but the admin have other logs than chat probably.