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  1. L 1 A M

    A New Meme Is Born

    ngl we booted you because you are shit
  2. L 1 A M

    A New Meme Is Born

    its not that.. people like this guy just start shit for no reason its a replacement for SCO19 and people like him get salty over good players being in a unit yikes
  3. L 1 A M


    No no and just no 3^ lewis
  4. L 1 A M

    A New Meme Is Born

  5. L 1 A M

    Nerve | Recruitment

    gl my boy
  6. L 1 A M


    big fat +1
  7. L 1 A M

    Origin | Recruitment | Open

  8. Time Submitted: 04:30:11 PM | 01/01/19 Submitted By: L 1 A M (405) In-Game Name: [APC] Liam Bifta Steam / Player ID: WhQQF43DYvKx3CSOe9+voBd2vqY= Administrator who issued ban: Greasy Date of ban: 01/01/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I accidentally mass moved everyone What reason was given for your ban? You are banned permanently. Reason: "[TB] Trolling Mass Move | Greasy | Appeal at Phoenix" Why should you be unbanned? Honest misstake i had it set to a hotkey when playing a game.. I also want to say i uninstalled the program from my teamspeak. What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  9. L 1 A M

    More back packs

  10. L 1 A M

    Gang Wars Live

    I've got my team @LUKER @L 1 A M @F I E R C E @F u r y @Josh. @Lucanova @Alex Gavin @Ryan Bifta 2 reserves @Peter @Jamesky
  11. L 1 A M

    Merry Christmas

    If i haven't said it already Merry Christmas to everyone on phoneixRP!
  12. L 1 A M

    Betrayal | Recruitment | Open

    Gl burrows long time no talk
  13. L 1 A M

    Said there was a bank...

    @LUKER @Lewis Reed