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  1. L 1 A M

    cause why not

    do more ahahahahah omfg im dying
  2. alright leave it out don't need your life story about how you want to watch rp videos
  3. Tbh if people are crying about it they should be removed overall from everywhere.. had this problems months ago about the police being 'To OP'
  4. you do realise not a lot of people get MK1's in police ? lmao
  5. still people crying about cops getting stuff for free?
  6. The man himself is back , n1 lad
  7. L 1 A M


  8. yes the 8th will be my last for sure josh
  9. getting ready for the big 8 of course
  10. L 1 A M


    rip ❤️
  11. wonder who Suicide bombed you at the start SMH! rule breakers!!
  12. L 1 A M


    Don't make me get big boy ricardo milcos on you
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