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  1. Once you take them all out of the heli you cant get them back
  2. I like the frags but please take of that ugly PBJ uniform
  3. Mike Sano

    KLW 1

    Please activate your windows and buy a computer and stop using a phone, all else well done!
  4. Very nice gamer ❤️
  5. Arma Experience (1500+ Hours) - 2000 Sustainable Bank - Im richer than all of you Advanced Rebel/Rebel - Im the baddest rebel around Know Rules - probs Know Arma Physics - is there any Previous Gangs - ARES What makes you SFG material - Im a bot Age: 45 Time you arrived on the island - 2yrs Stats Page Link -?Youtube Channel if applicable / Plays tv - not for you to see thank you Referrals - Any don in ares Any previous Bans? If so what? - im a good boy
  6. Hi there Mr bot I appreciate your positive comments that you made on my video here However I feel that there is nothing wrong with the outro as its proven facts. Anyways, I hope your new year was great Kind regards Voted Havoc's best sniper
  7. Made this this week for the festive season Constructive feedback please ladies Love you loly ❤️
  8. Time Submitted: 12:04:23 AM | 12/29/19 Submitted By: Mike Sano (4030) In-Game Name: EEEEEEEEE Dusty Trim - Mike Sano Steam / Player ID: 76561198366590276 Date of Event: 12/28/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Loadout - https://youtu.be/qDwGkynir3E The destroyer contents - https://youtu.be/kdQqXDMApuA Details of Event: We were doing a havoc destroyer when a hacker blew up everyone on the server and stripped gear. After opening the vault we all died due to the radiation at destroyer. We then returned to find that Havoc had locked up the gate and vault. People who locked it up: Beb Rass and Jon Malteser causing us to not be able to start transport phase or carry on the situation from where we left off. All in all causing up to lose out on the contents. Compensation Amount: Suppressed Mk1 mags and gear come to around 600k 231 Plutonium x 225,000 = 51,975,000 231 Processed Plutonium x 450,000 = 103,950,000 x 1.15 for perks = 119,542,500 Total = 52,575,000 Unprocessed Total = 120,142,500 Processed Foot Note - We killed all havoc that went to the sit when we came back and the only reason that we couldn't get the Plutonium was because the hacker delayed the process causing us to run out of time to transport and store it, You could argue that there is no way of knowing if we would be able to process but its very likely and you could call it a Christmas present Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. What chimp made that noise at the end?
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