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  1. Shit song


  2. Mike Sano


  3. PCSO Jelle playing rebel?
  4. Just get him gone really
  6. Cops and rebels get a blackfish and only Havoc get the Xian. Could be a cool thing to spend money on. Could cost 60 - 100 mill. Obviously an unarmed variant Dont see any negatives, why not?
  7. Mike Sano


    Wow what a great meme This one is going in the history books
  8. It might be because your account is too new as i have seen people get kicked for that
  9. The APC shot you when you turned the corner and when we stopped the car you shot at us first, so if you thorough that the initiation was invalid then why did you shoot. Also I didn't receive a dispute or was taken to support about this matter so how can you say that you did? Its not like you can say we left as we were on until 12am BST as we were involved with the Havoc armoury. Also I don't appreciate that you have shown content which has you calling us "Faggots" , "Retards" and "cancer" which could cause offence to people who were involved with the situation.
  10. Booked Berlin for Friday, you boys still good? £50 a night
  11. @Harry Griffin Clearly the best way to get rid of a heli is parachutes
  12. Time Submitted: 11:54:39 PM | 06/24/19 Submitted By: Mike Sano (4030) Your In-Game Name: Mike Sano Who are you reporting?: Levi Swetisch Time/Date of event: 24/06/2019 12am restart Rule's Broken: RDM / No initiation Explain what happened: We were chasing a stolen cop car, after a while they stopped and started to shoot with out any prior initiation. on the video you can hear the other mikes reaction when we was sot at for no reason Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-VHHBWjdVc&feature=youtu.be - Please ignore the shit driving and me falling out the car twice lmao Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Harrison Smith - Case ID: 16573
  13. Mike Sano

    The Xian VS HAVOC

    that's a yikes from me
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