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  1. Jetan Holo

    AFF at attention

    This makes me sad that the guy in the front isn't saluting
  2. Jetan Holo

    Do something great!

    Great video but I agree with scarso on the fact that some scenes could have been recorded in arma
  3. Jetan Holo

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    If this doesn't happen I'm going to be extremely disappointed
  4. Jetan Holo

    Justice For Jakob

    +1 #justice4jakob
  5. Jetan Holo

    Beret [NATO] [SOLD]

  6. Jetan Holo

    Ace Boyden for the new Minecraft server staff lead

    I've been sitting tight ages for this Minecraft server Ace, I've actually remained up each night to check whether its launched, I've right now been wakeful for 67 hours, I'm beginning to hallucinate and my response time is sluggish, If this server doesn't have a school-teen-drama roleplay I'm going to be altogether pissed Ace,
  7. Jetan Holo

    Gendarmerie beret for sale

    If you are still selling it I'll give you 1,25mill for it, This is a really old post but might aswell give it a shot
  8. Jetan Holo

    Beret (Gendarmerie) [SOLD]

    $1.050,000 1,150,000
  9. Jetan Holo

    Beret (Gendarmerie) [SOLD]

    $550,001 $1,050,000
  10. Jetan Holo

    Beret (Gendarmerie) [SOLD]

  11. Jetan Holo

    Sanjib Punjabi [AT2701]

    The officer showed great conduct and superb skill in the field, There roleplay was also very good and overall was a nice person to be with in-game, This person in my opinion is a fine representation of what the police should be like. - Jetan Holo