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  1. -1. I'm not in agreement. Yes, the server may have its fault but in the end I don't believe it justifies a full restart. I don't think it would be fair to many people for what they've been working for and for how many hours people have placed in the server.
  2. you cant leave, you're the last remaining furry destroyer!
  3. +1. I only really know him from various times he's joined a channel I'm in but he seems like a nice person.
  4. Jack knight > Actually says something that makes sense. Stefan > Responds with toxicity.
  5. Again Is this the only comment you could think of posting? anything to actually say against me or be helpful in any way at all? apart from the meaningless "yo shut up". Nobody looks good in any way when they comment back with things like this. no offence but in my eyes it just makes the said person look more like an idiot. Ben Sewell for governor! Down with the corrupt!
  6. Is this the only response that you can think of to say back to Lewis? Also : Literally*, Useful*.
  7. Cool skin now make me one
  8. To be honest I'm just watching this for the sheer FPS
  9. Happy birthday! :)

    1. Jack Knight

      Jack Knight

      Thanks bigboy ❤️ 

  10. This makes me sad that the guy in the front isn't saluting
  11. Great video but I agree with scarso on the fact that some scenes could have been recorded in arma
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