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    [APC] M. Pearce

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    [HAVOC] Clemex

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    [HAVOC] Nikos

    +1 for nikos even though im banned
  4. happy new year from denmark

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    Faction Impounding

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    Genesis | Recruiting |

    +1 for clemex Nice Lad
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    warehouses and ganghouses

    Xd men
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    Genesis | Recruiting |

    join this gang
  10. Daniel Holmen

    warehouses and ganghouses

    is this feture going to be implemented soon?
  11. Daniel Holmen

    warehouses and ganghouses

    Im Sorry sir. But i just wanted to show that it was ment to be implemented but it didn't.
  12. Daniel Holmen

    warehouses and ganghouses

    this should be added in because i was said to be implemented and the rebel activity needs to increase and with implementing more rebel updates people will start going on as rebel. Personally, I think you should have like 8 or 6 crates inside the houses. I love to play rebel, but I want the activity to increase. This would also help with storing runs and other guns. And you could have a warehouse and store all your items in there and sell it once you have the time to sell it.
  13. YES that fine my babes me someone
  14. Daniel Holmen

    Consultant Ben & Consultant Squeeker

    +1 BANDIT 2.0
  15. Time Submitted: 04:18:54 PM | 12/22/18 Submitted By: Daniel Holmen (4003) In-Game Name: Daniel Holmen Steam / Player ID: 76561198194282553 Date of Event: 12/22/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): i dont i have it. i lost my lincens to the glitch Details of Event: i lost all my licens to the glitch there was witch havoc and going on as a civ and going on as havoc. so yeah Compensation Amount: about 30 mil had like taxi and all the rebel and the normal proccesing lincess Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.