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  2. Name: Daniel Holmen Age: 15 Steam ID: 76561198194282553 Hours - Must Provide Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/fc3d11d67442837bd0c25bfd43d2495a Licence: all. also advanced rebel, rebel and i used to have blackmarket dealer aswell.
  3. Didnt know u that Well but i was fun being in bsb with u, taz, froggy and them
  4. i reset my pc, but i would like to know how to fix this in a better way
  5. agrree. probs the best one of those who dropped this friday
  6. m8 that song is really old
  7. What is your in-game name? Daniel Holmen (looking for a new name) Your steam64ID? 76561198194282553 How old are you? 14. 15 in a mounth In what country do you live? Denmark. but im able to speak fluent english How many hours do you have on Arma 3 and on PhoenixRP? (Screenshot) https://gyazo.com/7229704dd61933a8c958ff212968f776 What are your previous gangs/factions? havoc, cops, medics, sfg and others i can't Remember all of them. What are your strengths? (5+ strengths) coms, combat, flying, driving and doing runs. What are your weaknesses? (2+ weaknesses) i can get a bit salty if i die more then 5 times in a day or lose a lot of money and robbing but i do good when i have more people around me Have you been banned before? If yes then why? One for distributing faction equipment I chopped a xian as a havoc member but I’ve apologized for this many times and it’s my own fault. and in my first week I got a 1-week ban. But back then I only had 10 hours on the game, that one was for combat logging. Why would you like to join TITAN? (100+ words) There are quite a few reasons why you are should recruit me. The first is experience, i've played police 1 time and 1 time as haovc on this server, so i know how you are supposed to play, and I've learned how we will work together in a group so we can cover the whole map. Also i am selfless, which means i will take the positions that not a lot of people want. Thirdly, i am a great driver. So i manage to drive great distances really fast, and consistent. I am also very good at dodging cars that are coming my way, which means that i won't hurt other people whilst getting to where i am going. And at last, i can really live into my roles, and make everyone have a great time, which is also one of the reasons i wanted to join the group, because i get to make peoples days better with roleplay. (Forgot to say: Since i have 1,6k hours in this game, i know the map in and out, and to most of the common spaces where people are i know the way without checking the map) To be honest, i really want to do this to have some good roleplay. I love interacting with people. Playing as a member of this gang, will combine a lot of the things that i love about arma, and arma life. I get plan out how i am going to be able to help everyone, and helping people is something I've enjoyed all my life, so playing black water and making every ones experience better feels great. So after I've planned how i am going to take care all of them, i can then drive, which i like, and I've gotten quite good at it. So now i will hurry down the roads, overtaking cars whilst i go, then when i finally arrive, i can start to roleplay and interact with the people in the area, and hopefully it will be a good time for everyone.. What can you bring to TITAN? (75+ words) I’m really keen to join the gang, because I think this gang has a lot of enjoyable aspects that other gangs on this server don’t really have. I remember when I first soar you guys on the community, and I really admire your gang. I love combat and roleplaying, so this will be the prefect group for me. I’ve played on this community a lot properly about 600 hours so I’m a very experienced player. Define roleplay in your own words. (50+ words) Roleplay to me is being able to be in a situation and handling it as you would in real life, this means you would not change character at anytime so that the role play isn't broken. The situations you are in should be handled like in real life. This is very important for fully understanding the rules. Tell us something about yourself. im 14 almost 15. i love playing arma. i love drinking alcohol not much because im only 14, but im allowed to do it because i live in denmark. i also love to party with my friends and now im trying to get away from parting because it's not that good for me. Have read and understood our Handbook? yes
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