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  1. ivy


  2. ivy


    second time "quitting arma" im sure you will be back in a week again
  3. just remove havoc and nerf cops so the frag hungry cops leave. You will have multiple gangs constantly fighting each other 🤷‍♀️ problem solved
  4. ivy

    Something needs to change

    was admin for a day before i left mister! but bring back shitty inactive dev sig 🤷‍♀️
  5. ivy

    Something needs to change

    Thats the problem with having so many rules. Phoenix has its self to blame. Rules should be simple and should direct people in how to play not control people. Overall rules are to defined and no one can even play by them without breaking some sort of rule. Back in the day rules where much more simple and it seemed like everyone had fun.
  6. ivy

    Betrayal | Recruitment | Open

    gl burrows
  7. ivy


  8. ivy

    HM Treasury Change?

    yeahh idk i don't play much on this server so not sure what people like/dislike I based it off thinking people disliked the agios one for being to lacking of everything and very open but dislike zaros because its a large town with big hills and is laggy. Tried finding a place that has some town combat and some hills to be in the middle of the two .
  9. ivy

    HM Treasury Change?

    @Scarso quickly came up with this, ofcourse map devs will clean it up and make it look somewhat decent compared to mine, Based it in Syrta - not sure if there is currently anything there however i know its a town that is neglected on the majority of servers. Not sure if it would work, maybe someone who is active on the server can voice there opinion
  10. ivy

    HM Treasury Change?

    Although the domes is a nice fight, it is to common in my opinion. Phoenix should be attempting to create unique bank in a new location.
  11. ivy

    10 Million Giveaway!

    poor af i need money 👀
  12. ivy

    Oddity | Open

  13. ivy

    Make load outs and ifrits cheaper

    Is there even any gangs on the server anymore?
  14. ivy

    Arma 3 and ISIS

    okay sorry im not sherlock holmes 🤷‍♂️ but arma 3 being in the news in nothing new...