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  1. ivy

    [SPZ] - Spetnaz

    nice avatar @TigerDPI hes so sexy
  2. no cause you could just do it in the morning with 0 risk
  3. ivy

    Cobra | Fragtage #1

    nice intro but too many singles ngl kinda ruins the video
  4. ivy

    B | BANANAS !

  5. would you not think that if newer players are getting this view on what is happening then something needs to change, instead of blanking someone out of a suggestion because " They have only been here for two weeks" as staff lead you need to understand why they are getting this viewpoint. I've been here longer then you so whatever you say is irrelevant 😎
  6. ivy

    B | BANANAS !

  7. ivy

    Clean Up Script

    Cant really blame it on be and bi when no other server has these problems, must be some script or other internal thing causing the issue..
  8. ivy


    wait is this number 3 or 4?
  9. ivy

    Add rewards for quality over activity

    isn't this something you should talk to the command of factions via teamspeak or message on forums, dont really see the need of making a suggestion.
  10. ivy

    Cartel Specifics

    @Sig will know everything
  11. ivy

    Abolish the '3 minute since last shot; rule.

    agreed. initiated behind an ifrit once got me banned should be common sense that the person initiating has a gun also if they dont have a gun it shall be fail rp from the initiators side.
  12. ivy

    Abolish the '3 minute since last shot; rule.

    +1 if you dont want to be in the fight run away or surrender,, this 3 minute rule doesn't increase rp at all and to me seems like a useless rule.
  13. ivy

    Broken wrists operation

    was a meme within the gang cause he could only use one hand changed all his buttons to macros on his mouse
  14. ivy

    Broken wrists operation

    one handed warrior 🤯
  15. ivy

    10 million giveaway

    oh shit i actually won something?????