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  1. ivy


    You sure a pigion is a real animal?
  2. ivy


    miss you tiger x seems like gangs are getting shitter and shitter
  3. ivy

    selling a few lrr's

    cute x
  4. ivy

    Soo 19mil for a RPG-7

    hey dandy :3 hope you enjoy your new quad bike xx
  5. ivy

    arma dead game | suk duk

    haha i loved how tilted he got aswell but yeah it was the only way to counter a tank
  6. ivy

    arma dead game | suk duk

    are you the one from oddity who slammed his boat into that havoc tank? if so then fucking hell that was funny xx
  7. ivy

    Stefan #1

    most kills are just shitty singles or just shooting people in the back. it seems like barely get more then 2 kills in a fight 😕
  8. ivy

    Stefan #1

    like 2 decent clips rest where pretty dead
  9. ivy

    Kahlia (Old) to be added.

    But the kahlia is alot better due to the zero'ng going further therefor makes people snipe more.
  10. ivy

    Kahlia (Old) to be added.

    if you are a decent sniper you should be able to use the DMS with ease.
  11. ivy

    Kahlia (Old) to be added.

    lmao sniping takes no skill at all. Not going to link the video but look at my latest frag vid. To say i have never sniped before it is extremely easy. 1. Find a target 2. stalk until he decamps / stands still 3. range find 4. PG UP PG DWN to correct range 5. left click 6 repeat.
  12. ivy

    Any decent gangs here ?

    such a cool dude 😎
  13. ivy

    LYNX | Recruitment | Open

  14. ivy

    PhoenixRP #2 | C O Z Z 4