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  1. Capture sectors

    It seems that capture sectors are just an easy way to make money, all you need is a heli and you just fly around. To stop this and make these sectors more interesting and harder to get money it should come up with a notification to all players as soon as you start capturing, cops should be allowed to respond to the pygros gulf sector, havoc respond to the one on there side of the map and both factions are allowed to go the the red zone capture sector
  2. LuKy ivy or wabazi ? 

    1. ivy


      ivy, is this illusion jimmy?

    2. Jimmy7
    3. ivy


      who are you then 0.0


    Got bored so quickly made this Added in a small compound with a dmt and command post, also has two construction buildings placed together as it could be the colonels house. Also added a barracks building on the main road and a lighthouse towards the beach.

    That gallery is in a god awful position for combat, i agree with @SKY the general manor is a decent place to fight as there is a range of combat there.
  5. just wondering how long will it take to get my jet :(

    1. Tim


      I'll get it sorted ASAP

    2. ivy
  6. MONEY

    £10 paypal
  7. NEW BANK?

    Seema like a dumb move to go from a unique bank to one that is uses on reborn and i think was used on rpuk aswell neochori seems like the best location imo
  8. The Bastam Family

    wait is this the zip who ban evaded and exploited on gta???
  9. I | Immortal

    hey heard this is rp gang
  10. i feel like instead of one player getting the unique hunter skin i feel that it should be a lower tier vehicle such as a custom hummingbird and everyone in that winning gang gets the skin
  11. Huron capacity???

    shouldnt even have that much in the first place tbh. heli runs are extremely hard to catch compared to truck runs. pretty op tbh

    good idea however weaponry needs to be restricted, only scopes allowed are MRCO ARCO RCO and ERCO. No weapons above the 7.62 calibre and no lmgs e.g mxsw , mk200. This would make the event more fun. If the game is getting stale then it is possible to add a radius around the capture flag that slowly closes in on the flag. To win you have to hold the capture sector until all other teams are dead.

    Because people dont try on there its just people pissing about and there is no risk/reward which is where most people get there enjoyment.

    depends if admins will fund the event tho

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