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  1. ivy

    Ø | Oddity

    admin can archive the page again if you want, server isnt as good as i thought so doubt i'll be playing
  2. aight you still get good gear on ground imo, you have benefits that rebels dont have and we have some benefits you dont have..
  3. cops get shit like armed hellcats why would they even need better gear?
  4. apply for gang gamers 👋


  5. ivy

    Ø | Oddity

    gangs back and active hopefully. any one can apply no requirements and no need to show your garage contents and stuff like that
  6. soon 👋

  7. By the time the tanoa server is ready the new map will be out, would of been a complete waste of time as the hype for tanoa would of died, not to mention the map just isnt suited life servers. Might aswell try and start developing the new map thats coming out as currently theres hype for it and you could probs actually get a decent amount of players on it.
  8. hype for tanoa is dead. might aswell wait for the new map that comes out in a month and make a server for that to improve your player numbers as there will be demand. - would be the best move for your community anyway imo
  9. yep was pretty fun tbf, factions where not op and rebels had the majority of the good stuff Server was also not full of rules and it was extremely easy to follow the rule set.
  10. its really not that deep its just a game
  11. @Brooklyn your favourite server on your favourite game!!
  12. ivy


  13. ivy


    second time "quitting arma" im sure you will be back in a week again
  14. just remove havoc and nerf cops so the frag hungry cops leave. You will have multiple gangs constantly fighting each other 🤷‍♀️ problem solved
  15. was admin for a day before i left mister! but bring back shitty inactive dev sig 🤷‍♀️
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