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  1. How much does the xian cost for a rebel to purchase?
  2. ivy

    is this pull downs?

  3. ivy

    Server issues..

    To further your point even an american server has double the players at 7pm uk ( they have two servers up rn its the same community )
  4. ivy

    Server issues..

    dmt's are aids, easy to exploit and just not fun to push what so ever.
  5. ivy

    Server issues..

    Server was fun before it become so rule orientated, it seems like they've tried controlling every single thing with rules and admins are way to strict yet they seem to not have knowledge within there own rules - or arma knowledge in general. Anyway arma as a game is pretty much dead, it's not long until the life servers die
  6. ivy

    *Star Gang Montage

    why are you quoting me?? and how can you call any1 embarrassing
  7. ivy

    *Star Gang Montage

    idk how people can claim this is a good edit, all you did was put some white outline on a player and used it in every clip even though it doesn't fit the clip... Your intro was 30 seconds long and was a single, pretty dead to begin with 😕 if your making a gang montage please save up decent clips instead of these singles, roach kills and so on.... seems promosing but just spend more time getting your clips together and change up the editing, make it passive so it all flows well. its a common style of editing its been done before dappy lolol
  8. ivy


  9. ivy

    old days :'(

    Back when you didn't require to follow 1000 rules and could joke about with others
  10. ivy

    old days :'(

    @Brooklyn :3
  11. hi ❤️

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      egg head

    3. JordaN.


      garn baldy

    4. L 1 A M

      L 1 A M

      Oi leave me alone bullys 😉

  12. ivy


    You sure a pigion is a real animal?
  13. ivy


    miss you tiger x seems like gangs are getting shitter and shitter
  14. ivy

    selling a few lrr's

    cute x