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  1. make loadouts cheaper, mk1 loadouts should be 300k - 400k
  2. Inka

    cause why not

    wow, not even a mention
  3. i will revive the heartfield family
  4. killing the server even more, already dead enough tbh
  5. yes because restricting who can play as rebel boosts rebel life and and creates more rebel gangs, seems legit
  6. sorry but -1 its good how it is but loadouts need to be cheaper, factions are way to over powered and HAVOC dont get me started on them for the many reasons they have been nerfed and maybe should again.
  7. second clip you didnt even kill anyone, you just excute some random guy lol
  8. Inka

    Rebel Life plz

    also i know the economy is big and alot of people have money on the server but why is this a bad thing, why make things more expensive, all it does is make people go to factions since there gear is free or just the smallest amount of money compared to a civs mk1 loudout which is 750k, HAVOC mk1 loadout 100k and cop mk1 loadout 50k. also just to mention i think cops get like 2k more on the civ base packcheck and is near nothing, how am i losing money as a cop.
  9. Inka

    Rebel Life plz

    people saying that HAVOC have been nerfed but they have cyruses, mk200 and ASPs
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