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  1. Inka

    bye x

    bye bye
  2. if i get all 10 for 1 mil ill do that
  3. Inka

    NLR on Gang wars

    i was being killed and i didnt mind, and i was also i doing that to people, again i dont mind. its annoying i suppose but really not that bad.
  4. https://gyazo.com/3a0d2afef3fed98baca752af3bf7e866 i've seen people change they're 'Friend' thingy and i'm not quite sure how, do you have to be a donator? or no.
  5. anybody wanna buy a Huron, gonna put it on auction tomorrow.

  6. Inka

    NLR on Gang wars

    only thing i spend my money on now, whole lot of ifrits to have fun with and ASP's
  7. https://gyazo.com/3e93014d26385c843bc76c16e557995b https://gyazo.com/21bbf600c50bdfa42ef6560424a920a2 https://gyazo.com/9241aae9b689175853e4b0baf44775bd getting called out for aimbot lol
  8. u wanna play a CQC so you can teach me how to Dcamp, please thxx
  9. your not even old enough to play the game lol, swear your in year 5
  10. make it so that the redzones from 8pm - 12pm on a friday have no NLR in all redzone except cartels, right now you only have no NLR at this time at a gang base which i dont like due to the fact that people just camp advanced rebel and i know that people are going to say dont go to the redzone ones then but the rebel outposts also get camped, also lets be honest on gang wars people want to get to a fight fast, its the fast pace action which makes arma 3 fun and in the end alot of people want to have fun, i think thats the whole purpose of gangwars really because its so different from any other combat on the server.
  11. in abit, talk to u in srt i guess
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