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    playing games, not really sure what to say tbh

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  1. Inka Boyden

    Can we fix the server?

    just give me admin and ill ban all them hackarenos
  2. feels weird that i joined this server one year ago today.

  3. Inka Boyden

    Move HM again

    the HM is worse than before, the FPS is dog, the layout and design as a whole is bad but the location doesn't make sence. bring it back to domes, domes works so well, there is good FPS and it makes more sense because of where the gold buyer is located. Because the HAVOC lands one is closer you have the chance of HAVOC trying to stop you but Kavala is further away and you would have less people against you because of it. everybody wants it at domes already just move it there please.
  4. Inka Boyden

    ckj | Phoenix 1

  5. Inka Boyden

    Driver/Pilot Hexagons

  6. Inka Boyden

    Mar-10 with 6 mags

    Item Name: Mar-10 with 6 10 round .338 Lapua magazines Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/c1614f2f23683f40e31714084185dac1 Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 5 Million Minimum Increment: 250k End Date: 21/04/2019
  7. Inka Boyden

    Vehicle inventories

    i would but again it would be annoying af, also talking about duping the new housing system is fucked @Zyn remove it plox
  8. Inka Boyden

    mk200 + 3 rounds for sale

    meet me in TS
  9. Inka Boyden

    7.62 Suppressor

  10. Inka Boyden

    7.62 Suppressor

  11. Inka Boyden

    redgull key

    i want to change the k key for redgulls but im unsure which custom action it is
  12. Inka Boyden

    mk200 + 3 rounds for sale

    @David B when can we meet up for the trade
  13. Inka Boyden

    Remove the DMS scope.

    have you been in police, its not easy to get in them positions. keep in mined i got tier4 NIU fastish in my opinion but that still took me months and we can only use them in operation. also i dont think you understan how hard it is to get SI+. its alot of work