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  1. obsidian told us that he was blacklisted because he shot someone as havoc and he was only blacklisted because he was an admin, abit of a joke
  2. says yikes and gets a warning, very nice

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kiran


      u may want to think of another post u made since if u applied a bit of logic saying Yikes wouldn't be the reason

    3. Inka☑️


      i mean you deleted the status update of me saying yikes

    4. 「︎JB⌝
  3. majority of people prefer combat than roleplay today
  4. Inka☑️


    Mate if i wanted to post a video of me mass rdming etc i woudnt put in the videos section because i know they woudnt allow it, id just put it in altis discution or memes, has no affect at stopping people doing this so why have it. @Theodore
  5. dont even give me any ingame power or ts power, just let me be project lead lol
  6. i got a 3 day ban for shouting, then was told to stop and i stopped and said sorry
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