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    playing games, not really sure what to say tbh

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  1. Ben Boyden

    Mar 10

    3 mil
  2. Ben Boyden

    Mar 10

    2.3 mil
  3. bd463a2491cb22f533c2b883f9bdc124.png

    now this is EPIC!!!

  4. Ben Boyden

    Mar 10

  5. Ben Boyden

    Mar 10

    https://gyazo.com/114b3c0e001b9398bd5326e5eac5b87c that looks like a mag to me XD, if you say so. anyway my bid stays at 2 mil
  6. Ben Boyden

    Mar 10

    oh, then i bid 2 mil also in the pic you have a mag in it
  7. donations goal is getting memed on

  8. Ben Boyden

    Mar 10

    Ammo?? ill buy it now for 5 mil @Jack B. Knight ❤️
  9. Ben Boyden

    Huron Cargo Container

    was gonna say the same thing, also can you chop the creates???
  10. Ben Boyden

    More XP!!!!

    when 50% comes on can we also get 50% more XP now due to XP being more useful
  11. Ben Boyden


    Forget that, they said they have fixed it but haven't https://gyazo.com/68b581d5ee38d04472ed53479b258c69
  12. Ben Boyden


    the dev team did that on purpose i believe so its not a bug
  13. Ben Boyden

    I vs APC

    is it the APC or rebels that look bad in this video.
  14. as you can see at the first second of the video that j conners was getting revived and ran away abit then started shooting so there was no way to have prior initiation. @Kiran