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  1. Time Submitted: 06:32:17 PM | 07/13/18 Submitted By: zenoverloo (3933) In-Game Name: [TCA] Zeno Steam / Player ID: 76561198126056926 Date of Event: 07/09/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/952957448626626984/9C6058B1E0C9F1DBC17739EFBB72983380402EF6/ and https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/952957448626627120/29F2AEE92D07D1A7215453E3DBF61BC56A787710/ and https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198126056926/screenshots/ and https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/952957448626627574/CA748686E89B429562033FF10A2BC6D84E44A040/ Details of Event: I noticed on PAM that the amount of crates that I had dropped from 9 to 2 at that moment I tought it was a PAM glitch because the house that I was using then still had it's 2 crates. But a couple days ago I guess it was last monday or sunday I went to store a gun In one of my other houses and then I noticed that all my crates and the content were gone. After that I sent a bug report (https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/15687-house-crates-and-contents-dissappeared/) because if this bug keeps happening then it's useless to buy a house. Luckely for me I had screenshots of the contents because my friend [TCA] Nathan fish had the same problem. I don't know the exact day when it happend and I only have proof of one house so I hope it's enough. But here's a list of every item that was in the screenshots and I'd like comp for: 1 katiba 6.5mm = 130K Full Ghillie (Arid) [AAF] = 85K Mk 17 Holosight = 6.5K Flashlight = 5K Bipod (Black) [NATO] = 15K (I guess this is the same as the normal bipod.) Full Ghillie (Lush) [AAF] = 85K Stealth Balaclava (Green) = 20K (Couldn't find it in the calculater so It might be wrong.) 7 X 9 mm 30Rnd Mag = 4.200K Bergen Backpack Tropic = 95K Mk-I EMR 7.62 mm (Black) = 500K Type 115 6.5 mm (Green Hex) = 225K (Not in the calculater so could be wrong) Sound Suppressor (7.62) = 300K Cap (Police) = ? (don't know the price so I guess you guys decide how much comp I get for it if I get anything for it at all.) Stealth Sound Suppresor(6.5 mm, Black) =70K Bipod (Sand) [NATO] = 15K ERCO (Black) = 15K 1 X 7.62 20Rnd Mag = 3.5K 7 X 6.5 mm 30Rnd Casseless Mag = 7.7K And I'd also like my crate's back 7 of them dissapeared because I still have 2 empty one's in my house in Paros, I guess the PAM can provide evidence other than that I don't have any other evidence of my crates. = 1.05mil Compensation Amount: 1,336,900 without crates and the items not in the calculator 245K for the items not in the calculator ( Type 115 and Stealth balaclave) 1,050,000 for the crates if you decide that I can get comp for it. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  2. zenoverloo

    House crates and contents dissappeared.

    Is there a way to prevent this from happening because if this keeps occuring storage crates are kinda uselless.?
  3. zenoverloo

    House crates and contents dissappeared.

    I'm going on vacation today en my screenshots are on my pc so can I send the comp request when I'm back?
  4. So a couple days ago my pam said I only had 2 crates which is weird because I have one house with 3 crates and 3 with 2 crates. I assumed it was only a pam glitch because the house I was using at the time still had it's 2 crates but today I noticed that it wasn't because I checked my other houses and the crates in there and everything inside of them dissappeared. I'd like to make a comp request but I don't know the dates and I don't have a video of them dissapearing. The only thing I do have is some screenshots of the stuff in my main house which I made because my friend ([TCA] Nathan fish) had this problem before I had it but I didn't think about screenschotting my other houses because I didn't have them back then and I thought it was because of the hacker who tped and killed everyone on the server that one time. So what should I do now?
  5. zenoverloo

    Selling a few items that you can't buy on PAM

    How much 50 call mags are there?
  6. zenoverloo

    Do you get less money if you have more money ?

    Yeah and it was the first time I sold today. There was only 1 on but my friend got 2.7 mil and I got 2.4 mil
  7. I just did a run with some friends and they got more money from it than me even tho we had the same amount of stuff to sell, at first I thought that it was because of the amount of cops online because it was an illegal run but there didn't join any cops or havoc an we sold at the same time. So that's why I'd like to know if you get less money from runs when you got more money.
  8. Time Submitted: 09:01:54 PM | 07/04/18 Submitted By: zenoverloo (3933) In-Game Name: [TCA] Zeno Steam / Player ID: 76561198126056926 Date of Event: 12/09/02 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/xgGqSlT28vA Details of Event: Server restarted when we where doing a uranium run so we lost it, If you watch my video you can see there's 85 uranium in there but you can only procces 2 uranium for 1 uranium barrel so I calculated for 84. Compensation Amount: 756000 £ Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. zenoverloo


    I want to buy I taru so I can help hobo's.
  10. zenoverloo

    Original's lit giveaway

    Because I can't afford it.
  11. zenoverloo

    Selling a few items that you can't buy on PAM

    450 k for the mags
  12. zenoverloo

    Do the perk bonusses stack ?

    Ok thanks I've been stuck with this question for a while but none of my friends knew the answer.
  13. I'd like to know if the perk bonusses stack e.g. when you have all the processing perks do you processes 25% or 50% faster ?
  14. zenoverloo

    H.M. financial reserve.

    Ok thx.