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  1. Psykoen

    FiveM on PC Gamer?!

    Ok cool. Yeah sorry I read in the article about shop owners so got excited and dint think anyore in what forum section I whas.
  2. Psykoen

    FiveM on PC Gamer?!

    Can I be a shop owner in Phoenix RP or is there a place to get a job?
  3. Psykoen

    A New Change

    Oki doki
  4. Psykoen

    Los Santos Airport Arrivals

    Thx hope to find a job soon
  5. Psykoen

    A New Change

    OK thx, then I don't really mind. For a few more questions. If it doesn't keep me from playing
  6. Psykoen

    A New Change

    What is a white list server?

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