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  1. So recently I came up with some ideas that I would like to share with the rest of the community. They involve both police and civilians/rebels. 1# Police Offroad: Why not have it? You see a lot of police offroads on Greek islands such as Altis. They would add more variety to the police force and they would allow police to shoot from them as well as to transport a bigger amount of people. (4x4's Would work as well) 2# Now this is a bit of a weird one but I have saw it a very long time ago but tbh it was quite good. Gang Hideouts: Basically, civilians and rebels will have the ability to capture an area (Preferably the compound area between kore dmt and Agios. The gang that controlled that area would have the ability to buy pistols + smgs from it as well as first aid kits, binoculars etc. It would mostly be for hobos and it would be illegal, it would allow civilians to buy small weapons without having a licence, and the police would have the ability to raid the area and arrest people. If you haven't seen something like this before, it might seem weird but I have, both as a police officer and a rebel. I must admit that I loved it regardless of my faction. 3# Police Truck: Do not get me wrong, police never do checkpoints. However, this should change as there is absolutely no reason for the police force not to do checkpoints. The medics do them all the time and doing it as a police officer would be even more fun. If the police force decided to do more checkpoints a police truck would be a nice addition to those type of situations. It would offer them the ability to carry important resources such as spike strips, food & water etc while making the checkpoint look better. As I previously mentioned with the police offroad, the police would have a lot more variety and the server would look better. 4# New police uniform: I am not saying to delete the current police uniform but add a new one as well. The current police uniform looks like something the police would wear during operations. My idea is to add a new uniform, which would be more visible and formal. It would look a bit like this: 5# This is a very small one but I believe it's necessary. Allow rebels to initiate on a police officer if he is the only one online and rob him for his gear: Sometimes when there is only one officer online and for an example you are doing an illegal run, he might come to the processing. Now what those police officers do sometimes, is get their tazer out, msg all the cops that on discord + teamspeak and then tell you the following thing: "Sir this is illegal please stop right now" "Sir this is illegal please stop right now" "Sir this is illegal please stop right now" "Sir this is illegal please stop right now" and it goes on......... You can't do much especially if you are alone as you cannot initiate on him and if you are at a vulnerable position he will initiate on you and then most likely taze you or kill you. My suggestion is that rebels should be able to initiate on single officers and rob them for their gear ONLY. (if they comply). They still should not be allowed to take the officer hostage, take his vehicle or remove toolkits from his vehicle. The officer should still have the ability to get in his car in case he gets robbed but in case an officer complies with the rebel when he is doing an illegal run and then he gets in his vehicle, goes to the police station, takes gear and then comes back the rebel should be allowed to execute him in case initiation happens again and the officer complies. 6# Finally, Police Quadbikes: Why not? I personally would love to patrol on one of those, they would add more variety and maybe PCSO's would be allowed to use them inside the greenzone. Those are some of my ideas for now, I would just like to share them with the rest of you and get some opinions about them. In case I come up with more of them in the future, I will make sure to make another suggestion.
  2. Nikos

    Fix xp gained from buying a vehicle

    Noooooooo SHHHHHHHHH
  3. Nikos

    Nikos dapopo.

    Double son
  4. I will be there with the rest of the crew to capture that unique moment....... With @Darren Robinson as previously mentioned.....
  5. Nikos

    Weapons box APC

    Says the guy that can pull out hunters and mk18s like they are nothin..... xD I have seen this before and it works really well +1
  6. Nikos

    NO medics for help

    you forgot to say that you can't play as rebel
  7. Nikos

    Reduce AKM price

    I agree, all weapons have ridiculous prices and the AKM is one of them, 200k would be much better
  8. Nikos

    Altis National Air Force

    Good luck
  9. Nikos

    Mechanic Job

    1: No 2: No 3: No 4: Suggested before and denied A highways agency would be nice but we should still have the ability to repair our vehicles.
  10. Nikos

    New revive rule.

    I mean if you get up and after some time initiate on the police i believe its fine, the police are prioritized when it comes to being revived and they have tasers, a pretty big advantage when it comes to that situation tbh

    1. Harry


      Did you try to turn it on and off?

      Like seriously

    2. Nikos


      Yes, lots of times it was a weird bug that windows had I needed to disable superfetch + windows search and it fixed. In addition to that, I deleted some useless apps to have more space and it works fine now Not to mention the fact that at one point I thought it was broken so I started a scan that took for hours but was so slow I had to restart my pc and skip it xD @Harry

  12. Nikos

    Nikos dapopo.

    Thank you, you are fun to play with as well, patrols are always the best with you
  13. Nikos

    Death Sentences

    Is that considered initiation?
  14. Nikos

    TCA | The Child Army

    What is the reason for which you received those bans, and how many times have you been banned?