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  1. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    Tiger leads the community

    You are not in there, just remembered that you were involved in the suggestion as well so I just mentioned you xD If you notice it says "Fraggers + Rebellious Support and Administration" so it was pretty much all admins/support who agreed with the rule being changed
  2. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    Tiger leads the community

    I make an entire thing based on you and that's all you have to say? X( Also, at least VideoShow is better than VivaVideo with the 360p quality.... X)
  3. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    Allow images for signatures

    So um... I don't know if it's just me but I still cannot change my signature...
  4. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    Tiger leads the community

    SHHH let my propaganda satisfy the population...
  5. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    Tiger leads the community

    You made a suggestion to change the rule as well, so I added you in there too
  6. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    Tiger leads the community

    Ok, so this was supposed to be made ages ago, but I didn't have enough time, or an at least descent program to make it but here it is. A 100% historical representation of the "Civil War" that broke out recently and ended with the community as the victors. @Tiger @Sig @HappyHour @Staff Lead @Management @Pingster @Maximilian Frey Your HADES is coming soon @Max Your name isn't in there, but I guess you are going to be in one of the categories next video will have you in as well....
  7. I really need to update my signature and background stuff.... 

    oh and don't worry I am not a commie, I just figured out this profile pic would be a good meme

    Image result for thinking emoji

  8. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    crazed phoenix last

    One sec, as your higher up in HAVOC i order you to stay in the server now you can't leave, ha
  9. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    Special Purpose Suit & Helmet

    I would pay 500k max for the helmet xD
  10. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    crazed phoenix last

    Nooo crazed, the DPI masta.... don't GO, You still have to frag a lot of people. The last clip looked so weird from my POV, at first you didn't get him, but at the second try you just glitched through the wall xDDD https://gyazo.com/e1953adc5cb54ba3c185e60212a634f3
  11. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪


  12. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    Huron for sale

    Mah boy @Cobra★
  13. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    cya arma

  14. ✪ Comrade Nikos ✪

    Selling CSAT Fatigues x6 CSAT Ghillie Suit x1

    Casino's my addiction, sexy auction stuff is my love