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  1. Sure. I'll post it here after I return home from vacation nerd
  2. Feels good doesn't it haha I got it too and finished the match with 25 kills and 0 deaths I'm a sweaty nerd
  3. Can't wait to see Nizwald with the chopper gunner
  4. +1 Was going to say the same
  5. No what I said was that Altis is based on a Greek island and that's why the people speak Greek, the signs are in Greek, their names are Greek etc You can't claim otherwise because Greece is facing financial problems that's not how logic works. What you can say though is that HAVOC are supposed to be revolutionary Greeks that want to have their own "island-country" idk xD
  6. So..... we're all Swiss since we don't want to belong to a bad economy? Every coin has two sides I'm afraid..
  7. British scum? What is HAVOC then?
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