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  1. ÑiḴØŠ

    Alexander #1 or 2

    Oh my god....
  2. ÑiḴØŠ

    When your asked to do a quick delivery

  3. ÑiḴØŠ

    NLR Rule

    Limit it then. It makes no sense to kill someone who will keep coming back to the same situation. It is completely unrealistic and makes gunfights last forever. The only good thing is that you can take revenge from the guy that killed you last time and kill his friends too but this is altis life not call of duty or battlefield @Obsidian
  4. ÑiḴØŠ

    NLR Rule

  5. ÑiḴØŠ

    Taken over 48hrs

    Just be patient, if they don't message you then someone's getting in trouble (not you)
  6. ÑiḴØŠ

    extra to gang wars

    +1 for this, yes it is gang wars, something for rebels to do without HAVOC and the APC but right now the balance of power is pretty shitty + not that many gangs are there to fight. HAVOC and APC would make things more interesting and would also motivate people to create bigger gangs in order to compete with them.
  7. ÑiḴØŠ

    Unbanathon/ Leniency on Appeals.

    I know that some people who have been CB might deserve a second chance. While others shouldn't be allowed to play here for the rest of their lives. I would suggest unbanning those who haven't done anything too big (When I say big I mean DDOS,Personal Attacks etc) (Unban people who have done things like Exploiting etc) and see how they do in the server.
  8. ÑiḴØŠ

    Resigning as PM

    Wait no elections? You are giving it Conner Merlin??? THAT'S CORRUPTION
  9. Time Submitted: 08:20:46 PM | 02/16/19 Submitted By: ✝ Трелони-высокий класс ✝ (3886) In-Game Name: Carl Johnson Steam / Player ID: 76561198010481115 Date of Event: 02/16/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/0a3c21854e64d5ec2328c12724a57d2c Details of Event: Hacker killed everyone Compensation Amount: Spar 16 S + Carrier rig + headgear + backpack + mags = 310k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  10. ÑiḴØŠ

    Cats or dogs

    Only cat that I can approve is Catnip. But there is a reason for which he became DogNip
  11. ÑiḴØŠ

    Realistic day night cycle

    Gigantic -1 it would not be realistic for those who don't have the GMT Timezone + it would always be late during irl nightime + such big circles would be ABSOLUTE AIDS
  12. ÑiḴØŠ


  13. ÑiḴØŠ


    Well my opinion on this is.... + √1 * √1 * S when x1 = 80 and P= -6320 So what is my opinion?
  14. ÑiḴØŠ

    Found Footage

    Hahaha that was fun AF