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  1. Please fix don't like people stealing my seat!
  2. I mean that's like asking why 1+1=2
  3. I tried playing without DLC once in my life, I regret that decision, the experience is so shit compared to having the dlc the quality of the server would improve significantly for those that don't have DLCs
  4. This is how warning points should be given out
  5. Why prevent this if it can happen it makes no sense, you will get a longer lasting community and more people if you implement this...
  6. Well, the server can have a few more braincells than bohemia and make it so everyone can use it so more people will play, that is all I'm saying
  7. So this is how we are going to keep the player count up in this server.....
  8. But tbh, you can't argue that you aren't a shitposter, me and you include pretty much half of this topic's posts
  9. At least I admit that I shitpost unlike you who thinks that everything he says is a meme
  10. I mean you clearly do since you're replying to me all the time with irrelevant stuff
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