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  1. Pvt Salty ready for action 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ClemeX


      I know some people who are snakes. 

    3. Roy Lester

      Roy Lester

      just take responsiblity for your actions, and on the end of the day being a pvt for 3 days is a big meme anyway

    4. *Salty


      you think thats why i left lol I left cuz of snakes and havoc not being havoc they are not what they should be

  2. *Salty

    HSOS btw

    Aint yo forgetting the part where a Pvt ripped two of you out off two qulins with a protector.
  3. *Salty

    MAR-10 Competition

    https://gyazo.com/2c8ba472bca54585741a83c9d9be72cf ENOUGH SAID
  4. *Salty

    Oddity | Open

    In Game Name: Salty Age: 16 ArmA 3 hours *screenshot*:https://gyazo.com/95d8d4a807a1a0d9941947822d0e4c7b Previous gangs: vM | Star | iN How active will you be? Active What current member could vouch for you?: Darragh | Crox
  5. *Salty

    Injustice | Open

  6. *Salty

    Injustice | Open

    In Game Name:Salty Steam ID 64:E34 Hours (Min 1000):1.6K Why you want to join: because ii am a god. Previous Gangs: Vm * Anyone who can vouch for you: EVERYONE
  7. *Salty

    make cops pay for gear so they value their life.

    Cops paying for gear isn'tfair as there pay checks are low and they die much more. If they don't value there life take it to support.
  8. *Salty

    Armed offroad

  9. *Salty

    Havoc placeables

    for havoc to be able to place things down like cops and medics
  10. Where did pam go

    1. ClemeX


      I think it's on the top of your screen if not send screenshot

    2. Cobra★
  11. *Salty

    Rule Suggestion

  12. *Salty

    About me and the server

    Cameran we wanted the guns in the vault to kill cops and we did so it was a win win
  13. *Salty

    Red zone house

  14. Time Submitted: 07:38:34 PM | 11/04/18 Submitted By: Lannister Salty (3837) In-Game Name: *BIGYMAN Steam / Player ID: 76561198362724384 Date of Event: 11/04/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Details of Event: Hacker killed us as we got the weapons Compensation Amount: MK1 loadout 800k LRR Cyrus LRPS Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.