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  1. feal like people who dont play the server often or play as a faction/rebel alot are missing the point of this post there alot wrong with havoc and police theres alot wrong with the server id say sort both factions out then fix rebel life.
  2. Fake news at 10 


  3. High command are busy playing Minecraft https://gyazo.com/a440140f0ac38957649367be8892b9ff Leave them alone 

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    2. 🔥 𝐸𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓈 🔥

      🔥 𝐸𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓈 🔥

      Minecraft is best, we were not given a server so we got our own one! HAVOC Minecraft server ftw

    3. Messiah


      Ey, don't mock minecraft. It's awesome!

    4. Lewis Jones

      Lewis Jones

      Robbed my idea all im saying is they are unoriginal.

  4. as you can see zyn and scarso are doing a lot better
  5. *Salty


    if you dont want to die dont go to the redzone. havoc are not founded by the state hence why the dont get free gear. police are founded by the state and get free gear. dont cry when you die or get shot at in a REDZONE.
  6. TBh would help if there where actualy rebels as being in a faction is the way to go. you get roleplay and you get combat dont see why you are all crying about factions getting cartells. factions go there to stop the ilegal activity that happens in them no need to cry
  7. thats probably beacuse there are no big gangs or gangs now the server is has a population of HBOS HSF And TFU fight there so they have something to do. gangs never go there in the first place
  8. *Salty

    Im ganna go

    leaving because its a bit boring now and the server is doing got like 1.6k hours on Phonix was a fun time but i got to go. Shoutouts @Catnip Free^ @HappyHourFree^ @CroX Come play farming Sim get 100k @Aleksej i won the flex off. @Simmo Sparrow Get a house @Ethan Frey Thx for HSOS dep was fun. @SKY @Obsidian @Maximilian Frey Thanks for letting me stay in havoc for a while but some people in the faction need to grow the fuck up. love you all tho @Adam Sparrow SSF @Bagg Just slap tom for us @spodre Im crash us all into a wall with my hatchback sport @TAZ My dad will be for ever missed @Jack B. Knight ❤️ MAJOR RAT if i missed anyone just leave a comment Il still be on TS
  9. *Salty


  10. Time Submitted: 09:35:55 PM | 03/29/19 Submitted By: *Salty (3837) In-Game Name: Salty Steam / Player ID: RcdfE7SQ0bsRD8yLZHyw8B+l4zY= Administrator who issued ban: Hecter Date of ban: 03/29/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: for haveing the name [Maj.] TBA. haveing a joke with some mates in High command and command. What reason was given for your ban? You are banned temporarily. Reason: "[TB] Trolling in wrong channel | Hector | Appeal at PhoenixRP.co.uk" Why should you be unbanned? well i wasent trolling i was haveing a laugh with mates of mine in havoc. as they all know its somewhere il never get. +hecter never talked to me at all i showed him proof of me timeing out as he attempted too got a vido of me timeing out off everything. also this says hes ganna sort it out for me. https://gyazo.com/a74b9a5a58799b722e97d8a4e96a997e this is just a BS ban. wasent trolling anyone at all What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  11. love being banned for having a joke with some mates.

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    2. *Salty
    3. Cyber Freak

      Cyber Freak

      Oh cool 😛

    4. Matt


      Imagine the ban being upgraded 🤔

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