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  1. AleksG

    CLASSIFIED | Recruiting

    IGN [In game Name]:AleksG Age:16 Bank Balance [Must Have Screenshot] https://prnt.sc/n8ei6y Hours [Must Have Screenshot] http://prnt.sc/n8ehj1 Previous Gangs: Easten Arms What Can You Bring To The Gang: I can bring and nice calm friendly person, I am great at teamwork, am a good pilot, am also good at combat. I can also bring some nice licenses.
  2. @Proxy Smoxy The player report was Accepted just a heads up. He got a 7day ban.
  3. @David B sorry for the long time I kinda had too much fun on altis and forgot anyway here’s the 3 minute longer one https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mnczsldghSg
  4. AleksG

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

    In Game Name: AleksG Age: 16 Steam ID (E.g. 76561197960287930) : 76561197960287930 How many hours do you have in Arma: 300Hours Why would you like to join The Spartans : Because today (30/03/2019) I was with you guys helping you I was in Eastern Arms but they're not active. All the robberies we did I like how many active members you have and how professional and I like the members I meet so far. Have you got any other commitments on the server (The Police, Havoc, AMS Or No Other Commitments): No
  5. Ok I will get a longer video and I texted to speak with them but they say they did initiation but the video proofs differently
  6. Ok, a report has been sent in thank you for his name.
  7. Time Submitted: 08:52:09 AM | 03/30/19 Submitted By: AleksG (3834) Your In-Game Name: AleksG Who are you reporting?: Yak (steam64 is "76561198087108728") Time/Date of event: 29/03/2019 around 8 pm (can't remember the time) Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM 3.1 Player Initiation Explain what happened: I sold some uranium I go back to my chopper to take off then next thing I know am being shot by some guys from a car without initiation just shot me down I don't know if they wanted to rob me or what but I only after I died I heard something about a shotgun as you can see in the video of proof. Sorry for the late report but only today I got well one of there names. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): proof of death - https://youtu.be/mP7QDgbVb-Q Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: None at the moment
  8. Let me add I can’t report them I got no idea what there names
  9. Time Submitted: 08:12:49 PM | 03/29/19 Submitted By: AleksG (3834) In-Game Name: AleksG Steam / Player ID: STEAM_0:0:11101 Date of Event: 03/29/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): proof of equipment- https://youtu.be/K3a0p2rRSa4 , proof of death - https://youtu.be/mP7QDgbVb-Q Details of Event: I sold some uranium I go back to my chopper and next thing I know is that I was being shot at by like 3 guys without initiation I try to get away but I die and lose everything. I don't know who they were or what they wanted only after I died I heard them say something but it wasn't clear if it was a good initiation then I wouldn't die and land.All i heard them say is something about a shotgun as you can tell in the video Compensation Amount: 350K for equipment and 240K for the sale I lost. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  10. AleksG

    HAVOC Licences

    Wrong server
  11. AleksG

    I recommend AleksG - FiveM

    Thanks man do really appreciate it.