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  1. AleksG

    I miss you old FiveM

    Those were the good times
  2. AleksG

    Police seizing weapons

    This so needs to be fixed I took someone's pistol then they pulled out a combat pistol later and when I took cover to shoot back I only had a tazer which won't reach the suspect. Then I died because of that
  3. I agree when I saw the leveling system I thought to my self its just like that transport server now. Too many people focus on grinding and because of that, there's no roleplay happening.
  4. AleksG

    Ability to kneel

    a big plus one
  5. AleksG

    Fire script

    +1 it would be nice and cool for rp but then that means we will need to have a fire deparment or just make so EMS also have fire training?
  6. AleksG

    Multiple suggestions

    +1 let us move the chat its a big issue for police am not sure for EMS but for the police we can't remember where all the things are in the menu.
  7. AleksG

    More ATM's

    FWY before I start I haven't been on since before the updata so if you added some ATM's sorry for posting but in the changelog doesn't say. So as far as I seen theres only 3 ATM's around the map two in city (one at legion and one near vinewood) and one in sandy which means theres not a single ATM at Paleto Bay which is just not all right I know not a lot of people are over there but still if someone needs to withdraw money they need to go to sandy to do that.Also with out that theres just not enough ATM's , there should be one at nealy every gas station becuase inside the gas stations there acculty are atm's there in which you could set up a atm point . Am not saying go to every single gas station or every single atm you can find in the game but at least add one or two in Paleto Bay one more in Sandy , one on Great ocean Hwy , one on Palomino Fwy ( theres a gas station there with a atm i belive) , anouther one on Great Ocean Hwy (at the gas station near Paleto Bay) and like 4 more spreaded out in city. There you go I even played it all out for you.
  8. AleksG

    Higher XP for cops

  9. AleksG

    HAVOC Licences

    Wrong server
  10. AleksG

    Server wide events

    All these are nice ideas but some of them will need to happen like once a mouth like the purge
  11. AleksG

    An Idea - VIP / president

    I think these would just be good for events like a VIP has a convoy and it gets attacked , or a assassintion on a VIP
  12. AleksG

    Police armoury

    I think in the PD next to the armoury circle the should be anouther one where you put things in like a bin or a evidence locker , it will the same as the armoury but takes stuff from your inventory.This would be great as when I take things from people like drugs or guns I just have it in my inventory taken up space and i need to wait 5minutes to drop it somewhere , its just a pain to carry so much uneed stuff on you also it can act like a place where to return your guns as a officer when your going off duty insteed of going to anouther police officer and giving it to them. Let me know what you think.
  13. AleksG

    Remove ELS

    is the anyway to fix the fps lost.So that you dont lose the fps anymore?
  14. AleksG

    I recommend AleksG - FiveM

    Thanks man do really appreciate it.
  15. AleksG

    Police vehicle

    its funny but i would not want anouther officer to drive one