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    Thanks man do really appreciate it.
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    LSPD Police Application - connor brown (04/19/18)

    Dude if you do want to join the LSPD I recommend that you add a lot more of information as i saw people not get accepted for lack of information.I am no admin but it's just a suggestion.
  4. Time Submitted: 04:21:32 PM | 04/13/18 Submitted By: AleksG (3834) Full Character Name: Aleks Galadyk Date of Birth 12/27/02 Age 15 Character RP Story: Aleks Galadyk was born in Poland.His parents got divorced soon after he was born after his mother found a new man and decided to move to England with him and Aleks , Aleks at the time was only 2 and a half years old.His step dad loved him from the second he met hi.After a short time in England Aleks's mum heard that the was a school near by from the children screaming at break and lunch times.His mother went to see if it is a school and found it was and when Aleks was three he went to that school.In secondary school Aleks started to get in trouble a lot and didn't really pay attention.When Aleks got out of school he joined the British military even in boot camp he was the best shoot there.After beening deployed multiple times he got sent on a suicide mission with his squad they got ambushed his squad got under heavy fire and they all split up Aleks got saved by a rescue team he found out his team didn't make the mission.Aleks after this mission left the army and went home.When he got home he found out that his best friend died from drug overdose and because of this Aleks decided to join the LSPD to help get rid of the drugs and criminals of the streats. Why do you want to join LSPD?: I want to join the LSPD to help protect the civilians from the criminals of Los Santos and help make Los Santos more safe for everyone.I always wanted to be a office of a serious RP server like Phoenix Rp , what more makes me want to be a officer of this server is that it's a British theme server which altho I am Polish I have lived nearly all my live in England.Also i do belive i can make a change if I join the LSPD because I do play on this server everyday from when i found out this server exists. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: You should choose me over other candidates because i have been playing on RP servers for a very long time because of that i have a lot of experience with Role-Playing scenarios.And also a lot of experience as being a cop/officer as i been playing as a officer on other servers and also I been playing as a officer on LSPDFR which is all about being a officer.Also I am happy to spend a lot of my time on the server as a officer.