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    Those were the good times
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    Police seizing weapons

    This so needs to be fixed I took someone's pistol then they pulled out a combat pistol later and when I took cover to shoot back I only had a tazer which won't reach the suspect. Then I died because of that
  3. Time Submitted: 04:51:46 PM | 09/07/18 Submitted By: AleksG (3834) Full Character Name: Aleks Galadyk Date of Birth 12/27/02 Age 15 Character RP Story: Aleks was born in Poland he was a normal child but at the age of a half his father left him and left Aleks with only his mother but Aleks's mother found anouther man soon after which replaced Aleks's father.Aleks's new father took very well care of him as if it was his own child.At the age of two and a half Aleks and his mother and new father went to England to live , Aleks found a school but didn't really like meeting new people so he didn't have much friends at the frist 2 years at school he was also bullied because he had a growth disorder.At the begining of when Aleks's family was at England his mother and father argued a lot which made Aleks very sad and he really didn't feel like lerning because he couldn't focus on work because he kept on thinking about if his mother and father are doing well.After the frist 3 years at England everything started to turn around and went all well Aleks very shortly after catched up in lerning and was very good at maths , english and PE (Sports) . From a very young age Aleks liked fighting sports like MMA and boxing so he joined some MAA classes.After Aleks got out of school he always wanted to help people who can't help defend them self so he joined the British army and served for 4 years after the 4th year he couldn't handle the times he saw his brothers in arms get shoot dead so he joined the SAS at this time Aleks was only 23 years old after his frist year he moved away from England with his girlfirend to Los Santos where he wanted to live for his live becuase of how nice it was and he already had a friend there from school.Aleks was in the SAS untill 25 years old when he came back he found out his best friend was shoot dead by a gang attack which was targeting a gang member but they killed the gang member and 3 other civilians because they were in the way , one of which was Aleks's friend.When he herd of that he wanted to join the LSPD to help stop stuff like this happening again.So here he is now trying to join the LSPD. Why do you want to join LSPD?: I want to join the LSPD to help people be safe and feel like they can lookup to the LSPD and see that they are the heros stoping the gangs,crimes and all the other stuff.I also want to join the LSPD because I was already a SGT before it shutdown and I saw how good it was so I want to come back and do the same thing. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: You should choose me over other candidates because i have been playing on RP servers for a very long time because of that i have a lot of experience with roleplaying,I am also a good leader,I was also in the LSPD before as a SGT and i was very active on and the people of the city knew me and liked me people a officer.
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    HAVOC Licences

    Wrong server
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