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  1. Time Submitted: 10:24:27 AM | 10/22/18 Submitted By: HappyHour (3828) In-Game Name: DGN AH Steam / Player ID: 76561198177260169 Administrator who issued ban: Alexander & Foxhound Date of ban: 10/12/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: For exploiting money at the drug dealer. What reason was given for your ban? Money exploiting Why should you be unbanned? after giving myself 10 days to cool down I realise what I did was wrong although at the time I just kept telling myself it was fine because we were all doing it together, I have an addictive personality so once I'd started doing it I didn't stop and I went way to far with it, I would like to come back to this server to play with my mates in cops again, I believe I should be allowed another chance as I've only been banned once before for VDM which was a DSC ban. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  2. You might think it's shit but it's still better than 90% of the montages that get uploaded here. I rate the song as well lol ❤️
  3. In Game Name: HappyHour ◆ Age: 7 ◆ Country of Residence: Syria ◆ Arma 3 hours): ◆ Roughly how long in hours have you played the server for ? : Too many ◆ Previous gang and reason for leaving ?: Adapt, Cypher. Both died out. ◆ Why do you want to join The Gaddafi Ducks ?: For extreme RP ◆ Tell us about yourself ?: I love RP and I only carry rooks because I believe every situation can be roleplayed without lethal force ◆ Why should we recruit you ?: Because I own a pair of gucci sliders ◆ What are your strengths ?: Roleplay, Flying ◆ What are your weaknesses ?: Shooting straight, using combat stance ◆ How often are you available to play ?: Only weekends, during the week I go down to the turkish border to fight the IS ◆ Give an example of a good RP event you’ve been apart of: a HAVOC CP fight ◆Can Anyone in the gang give a recommendation for you?: yes
  4. HappyHour

    Huron Tactics

    Clearing out shit from SSD found this, enjoy @Moh Lester @Harley @Fox_Eagle @Lucanova
  5. Going To A place Gonna pretend to be a cop again 😛
  6. I've been on this server 6 months and I'd like to say I've experienced every side of this server, I have had quite a lot of fun while I've been here and made some genuinely decent friends and some people who I thought who were genuinely decent friends. Would just like to thank a few people quickly @KLW For giving me my start on this server @Maximilian Frey @Mr Havoc For getting me my start in HAVOC @Sean For getting me my start in Cops @Kr4ken for being with me everywhere I went now for a mass thank you to people who have been friends and good sports on the server @L 1 A M @kyle_ @Moh Lester @Lucanova @Fox_Eagle @Cobra The OG @Harley @-Pingu- @CroX @Catnip @Simmo (n) @Woodzy @Fr1ght @c h e e t a h @dandy @LUKER @Ryan Wilson @LPz @Lewis Jones Honestly a bit depressing that I put so much time into so many different gangs, factions and their units and it's all been for nothing, just to have it all stripped away but I guess this is just one of those lessons, like they say, "Just because someone cant make a server work properly, doesn't mean you have to take advantage of it". Or something like that. If anyone ever wanna chat - https://steamcommunity.com/id/h4ppyh0ur/ Also sorry to anyone I forgot but you know if you've been a good mate or a snakey rat. ❤️
  7. HappyHour


    ❤️ see you later
  8. love you baby ❤️
  9. Looks like this is my last montage lads.
  10. Last one, song turned out to be pretty fitting for the circumstances, Enjoy ❤️
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