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  1. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

    Approval on Videos and screenshots

  2. I'm becoming so edgy these days im gonna dye my hair. You pick the colour and I will do it next week at some point.
    Pink: https://www.boots.com/schwarzkopf-live-ultra-brights-093-shocking-pink-hair-dye-10155055
    Sea Mermaid: https://www.boots.com/live-ult-bright-097-sea-mermaid-10225763
    Silver: https://www.boots.com/live-ult-bright-098-steel-silver-10225764
    Purple: https://www.boots.com/schwarzkopf-live-ultra-brights-094-purple-punk-hair-dye-10155059
    Vote: https://www.strawpoll.me/17769792

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    2. Greasy


      You need to grow some hair before you have anything to dye

    3. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

      vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

      i’ve got hair dick head

    4. Greasy


      A hairy thumb? Something must be wrong...

  3. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

    Brexit Means Brexit: Badger's Out

    we tried to give him warning before joining.
  4. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

    Standard advertisement on PhoenixRP

    I think your getting my ads.
  5. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«


  6. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

    Flash Bangs

    ok so the results are clear, they will be added to the black market.... ohh wait, we removed that a long time ago. so ill just remove flash bangs from the server instead, #trolled #blame zyn #sigs ginger
  7. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

    Flash Bangs

    Very simply rly...
  8. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

    Justice For Jakob

    Jakob is a good lad and I'm sure he understands for himself why its happened.
  9. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

    Linking Teamspeak Account

    We request that you link your accounts so that donations can be authorised and processed on-the-fly by our bots. This simple two-step guide will instruct you on completing the task. https://gyazo.com/40937fe439db5233942c5460aa8edaca - Finding your unique ID https://gyazo.com/3c6d2d814c212241cb4cce5578c1ab0d - Linking your unique ID to the forums Once this is done your teamspeak account will automatically be assigned a "Member" tag. If this has not worked for you please speak to a member of the Support team. On behalf of the PhoenixRP Community Board: Your favourite Thumb - @Conner Merlin | PhoenixRP Altis Project Lead
  10. vxd.icu πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«

    Donation Scheme

    Donation Scheme We have decided to rework the current donation scheme to allow us to give back more to the people who do decide to donate. Running this place is not cheap at all and we do everything we can do limit costs. We completely rely on people donating their own money to fund the different servers etc and appreciate every single donation we get. To allow us to give back we have introduced the following ranks: You can find out what the above ranks give you on the donate page here. Current Lifetime Donator's Nothing will change for you guys/girls, you teamspeak channels will stay and your ingame perks will remain the same. However, you are now the "OG's" of the community. No one else will be able to purchase this rank now so feel special . On top of this, the patron role is available to existing lifetime donators for Β£150, please speak to a member of the Community Board before hand. On behalf of the PhoenixRP Community Board: Your favourite Thumb - @Conner Merlin | PhoenixRP Altis Project Lead
  11. happy birthday to me bitches

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    2. Theo Wright

      Theo Wright

      Happy Birthday :)

    3. spodre


      happy birthday gamer

    4. dandy


      change your name weirdo

  12. change my name thumb