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  1. Hey buddy, just to let you know cocaine value has massively dropped i think by mistake since i believe it was meant to have been raised in value. Previously i got about 9.9K for a piece at Zaros drug dealer its now almost 1/3 less in value. If it is meant to go up in value then awesome, look forward to it. 


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    2. Tim


      Because when you used to do it, the server had an extra 50% for donation goal being met. This has now been removed untill next month.

    3. Conner Merlin

      Conner Merlin

      Removed until the start of next month if we reach our donation goal. 

    4. LSC


      understood now, cheers :)


  2. Changelog - Altis Life

    17/09/2017 | 16:00 Added: Some new Laws of War clothes to the clothing stores. Changed: Prison has been moved much closer to Zaros. Changed: Lots of runs have been moved round to change things up a little. Changed: Prices of some legal runs have been buffed. Changed: When logging in as Havoc you can only spawn at Havoc locations. Fixed: Fire and Rescue no longer get speeding tickets. Fixed: Generals now get a decent paycheck. Fixed: Major backend changes to improve the FPS on the server during peak times. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
  3. You're completely disregarding the fact that they started shooting without any initiation because he took cover near the only thing close to him as they start to RDM? Looks like favoritism to me given the manner in which you replied in and not looking at the accused players conduct at all. So you're basically saying that we're free to shoot at any car driving by now?

    1. Tim


      This isn't the correct place to express your frustration at a report, you can PM Conenr, this way he can go into more detail with you.


  4. Player Report - [TITAN]FUTURE, [TITAN]CONNOR - 09/13/17

    Something to just point out from your video, whether they broke a rule or not. Your ran into a Greenzone them continued to shoot at them? 8.1 Green Zone - No players are allowed to engage in combat, initiate, rob including taking vehicles, lock picking vehicles or kidnap anyone located in a green zone. This is considered to be a safe-zone. Exceptions to this rule are as follows: If a player attempts to RDM you inside a green zone you are allowed to return fire to defend yourself. If a situation which took place outside of the green zone carries on within the green zone, the situation still stands and combat is permitted however those attempting to run into a green zone during combat will be banned/warned. Police may use non-lethal force (taser & rubber bullets) if people are breaking the law. Did you break a rule yourself?
  5. Player Report - [CSAT] BRANDON - 09/13/17

    Points to be made from this report: 1. In no way shape or form did he try and VDM you. He was not close to the car at all so this will now be taken out the report. 2. Why have not attempted to resolve the situation @Yippi . Now going on from point two, if you had attempted to resolve this in a Support room any support member would have told you this is not RDM. You told him to get out and started shooting, any sane person would try and fight back. There's no need to report someone for this as you didn't lose anything. Now I understand @Yippi if someone attempts to break rules but doesn't do it (For example RDMing but you killing them before they kill you) Staff need to know, but in this case, it seems a little pointless. This report will be closed and no action will be taken.
  6. Ban Appeal - Peter. - 09/15/17

    Well @Peter I have unbanned you for your final chance now, any other bans will now either be a T2 or T3. Please do not take things into your own hands next time.
  7. Ban Appeal - Victors #1 Son - 09/14/17

    Literally, the definition of being toxic, what about the people who may have issues and be called "Retards" on a daily basis. How do you think this would make them feel seeing you joking around.
  8. Ban Appeal - Cleetus - 09/14/17

    So in your words, you were testing our community to see how much of a "Cunt" you could be. Seems to be a terrible reason really but at least you have been honest about it. Why should we spend time having to deal with people like you?
  9. Ban Appeal - Peter. - 09/15/17

    But just running someone over is not the right way to deal with a situation. You have the ability to message Staff if you feel like someone is trolling.
  10. Ban Appeal - Bourg - 09/04/17

    Speaking your mind and being rude and disrespectful to a staff member are two totally different things. You understand that surely?
  11. Ban Appeal - Dylan - 09/14/17

    @Tim Has this person really said sorry to you?
  12. Ban Appeal - ping-pong - 09/12/17

    Either way, if you were RDM'ed you do not take things into your own hands and combat log because things like this happen. Next time you need to either come into teamspeak and talk to a staff member or respawn and resolve the issue through a report a player. Do you understand this?
  13. Ban Appeal - Peter. - 09/15/17

    @Peter So you ask people to move and they didnt so you ran them over? Could you not have gone a different way round?
  14. Exterior Prison Walls

    Will be sorted.
  15. constant stuttering

    We have made some back end changes to help improve this issue.