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  1. Still got that 100% passed record when it comes to interviews for new jobs. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kevin


      I don't work @Harry

      I put my 100% commitment towards my studies Cappa 

    3. Zinner


      @Kevin that warms a teachers heart :D

    4. Matt
  2. Bluefor Problem: PhoenixRP server

    Thanks for raising this with good details tho. I will look into why this is happening when you crash.
  3. banned

    Whats your player ID big man, Ill check our ban lists.
  4. Ban Appeal - Slave - 01/08/18

    Just to add Slave. The reason you got banned for killing me was because I was mid way through putty my hands up. Not cause it was a few seconds to soon, but because you wanted to kill me so bad you couldn’t wait any longer....
  5. Player Report - [SMG] Gang - 01/11/18

    Ok i’ve heard enough now. I’m locking this report for the time being. If you wish to add more please forum message me. I will make my decision before the end of the day.
  6. It will be tonight!

    1. Zyn


      about time

    2. Alex King

      Alex King

      @Dex @Charlie Knight Get ur game ready!!!!!!!

    3. Charlie Knight

      Charlie Knight

      @Alex King I haven't even gone off XD 

  7. Who wants a new update today?

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    2. Tiger



      Edited by Tiger
    3. Sam Tatoe
    4. Magicz


      Been trolled lads, fake


  8. Frag Videos

    Recently we have had a influx of people posting "Frag" videos. Now we all understand this is a Roleplay server and we always preach using your words over bullets, however everyone has fun in different ways. We have no intention of "Banning" these videos from being shared with the community. However going forward, all posts in this section will have to be approved by a Staff Member +. All you need to do is create a post and Staff Members will be made aware. If your video contains any rule break, please ensure to leave a comment saying if it was resolved so Staff are aware. We hope that this is a good step forward for the community and hope everyone understand why we are doing this. If you are clearly breaking rules in your video, Staff Members will reach out to you either via TeamSpeak or Forum message. So long as a situation was resolved we will not remove the post, however if it was not resolved action against you will be taken. *DISCLAIMER* We are not here to censer this side of the community, we just want to make sure the right types of videos are being shared on this platform.
  9. Changelog - Rules

    09/01/2018 | 11:00am Changed: 5.13 Attacking HAVOC - The HAVOC checkpoint cannot be attacked when there are less than 8 HAVOC members online. You can also not initiate on a HAVOC member at the Checkpoint when there are less than 8 HAVOC members online. This does not mean you can "Camp" the checkpoint and wait, however if a HAVOC member initiates on you, you can defend yourself when there are less than 8 HAVOC members online. The HAVOC Embassy located in Kavala cannot be attacked with the intention of taking it over unless there are more than 10 HAVOC members online. 5.14 Rebel Activity - Police Offices are not permitted to play as a rebel whilst in the Police Force. Police Command & Staff Members can catch you doing this outside of Roleplay however Police Command will decide the punishment. This includes but is not limited to: Taking Hostages, Taking part in Drug Runs, Robbing people and Stealing Cars. The only exception to the rule is when a member of the Police Force is on a Police Holiday. However they must change their name to something different during the time.
  10. Become an Approved Gang

    Just wanting to let all gangs know we are actively look for some big gangs to become approved. Please all apply and we will get back to you asap!

    From what I have been seeing in game, these are so OP its ridiculous.
  12. We hope you enjoy the new branding - @Tim has done a great job!

  13. PhoenixRP Wiki?

    Sounds like a good idea.
  14. Its been a blast since day 1

    <3 Much love to ya big man, your always welcome here!

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