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  1. Conner Merlin

    Teamspeak icons ranks

    Whats stopping people from putting the ranks in your names. If you want them so bad just do that...
  2. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - [APC] Liam Bifta - 10/14/18 - Altis Life

    Player account wiped. Do not make a mistake like this again. Accepted.
  3. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - * Yes! - 10/14/18 - Altis Life

    This is not the first time you have been banned for a form of exploit. You clearly can not be trusted so I will not be accepting this appeal. Take some more time to think about what you have done, the issues its caused for the community and the people you have effected. You can appeal again in a few weeks/months. FYI Your player account will be wiped and you will start from fresh. Denied.
  4. Conner Merlin

    Teamspeak Issues

    Fixed this. Thanks for taking the time to test it
  5. Conner Merlin


    This has now been 100% fixed. Sorry about the wait.
  6. If you want a gang package DO NOT MESSAGE ME. Email us at [email protected] with the subject of the email Gang Package | Gang Name. ❤️ 

  7. Conner Merlin

    Welcome back Zyn!

    Oi, come do work for me again. I offer a great pay package and weekly bonuses
  8. Conner Merlin

    Welcome back Zyn!

  9. Conner Merlin

    Can't open controls page

    I have spoken with Infistar and can confirm this page can be used as a injection method to hack on servers.
  10. Conner Merlin

    Cigarette exporter bug

  11. Conner Merlin

    small checkpoint gates

    Not a bug.
  12. Conner Merlin

    Gate not opening sometimes when you press P

    Whoops, was missing the variable on the gate. Fixed for next update.
  13. Conner Merlin

    Bounty for killing people

  14. Conner Merlin

    Can't open controls page

    Looking into this with infistar