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  1. Christmas Second Chances It's quite apparent that numbers playing on the community have dropped in recent months, and based on feedback we've received we have decided to offer some second chances to people who are currently banned. We aim to be 100% transparent and open with our community so below are some stats for you: Currently Banned Players: 3165 RDM: 1594 VDM: 1255 Hacking: 226 Duping: 367 Trolling: 538 What we are aiming to achieve here is not a mass unban, it would be chaotic and unmanageable. However, what we want is to allow some old faces back on the community for a second chance. Everything will be handled through unban requests on the forums, so if you want to be considered for this chance please fill a form out using the below link: Appeal A Ban If you or a friend is currently Community Banned the same applies. Please email us at [email protected] and a member of the community board will handle your appeal. We hope you all appreciate this gesture and we are looking forward to seeing some of the old faces back enjoying themselves. Thanks for your continued support, PhoenixRP Community Board.
  2. @Bez The Player ID you have provided is incorrect, please respond with the correct one.
  3. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - poults - 12/08/18 - Altis Life

    You account has been wiped. This is your final chance in this community, don't mess it up. Appeal accepted.
  4. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - AHMEDXZ - 12/07/18 - TeamSpeak

    Appeal accepted, although this is your second ban for racism now, this is your final chance in this community.
  5. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - N. F. Mendana - 12/05/18 - Altis Life

    Denied, feel free to appeal next year.
  6. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - Aspect - 12/05/18 - TeamSpeak

    @Sean Could you shed some more light on this ban please?
  7. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - Aspect - 12/05/18 - Altis Life

    @Aspect Your account has been wiped. If you are caught carrying out any other sort of exploit you will be community banned. Appeal accepted.
  8. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - (1877)Jabbie - 11/18/18 - Altis Life

    @Jabbie Your account has been wiped. Please ensure that you report any duplication's to the bug reports section rather than carrying them out yourself. Appeal accepted.
  9. Conner Merlin

    Player Report - Lt.baccy - 11/26/18 - Altis Life

  10. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - Dan | Kazz - 11/15/18 - TeamSpeak

    What is your discord id?
  11. Conner Merlin

    Big Change

    There is a update coming on Friday, gonna be sorting a lot of the issues dont worry
  12. one whole year here big man, doesn't time just fly when your having so much fun :D 

    1. Michael


      Dexter was the sole reason I am where I am, he's pushed me and given me drive to be here today.

      Dexter sends his love, here's to another year :) 



  13. Conner Merlin

    Rule Suggestion

    This is something I'm working with Police Command to sort. Wont be a server rule, it will be a Police faction rule. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Patrick Star for life

    1. Avida


      Weird flex but okay

    2. Ben Watkins

      Ben Watkins

      Patrick is my dad ngl