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  1. Read about how google documents work before considering deleting anything... Its honestly a 2 second job to bring them all back, and you only make youself look back :D @Bradley Green

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    2. Conner Merlin
    3. Jord


      Kinda felt the salt from his today already when I told him @Kazz was DCC.

    4. Kazz



  2. Fixed in next update.
  3. Zaros simply replaced kavala because we were bored of the same old stuff. Kavala is used by everyone and we want to be different. There still some changes to come to Zaros to hopefully improve it for everyone. Including the random spawn locations.
  4. Fixed for next update.
  5. Approved.
  6. Will look into this.
  7. Fixed.
  8. Fixed.
  9. Is everyone liking the new update?

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    2. Thanos


      I ll give u feedback tomorrow. I m away

    3. Sheepy


      Kinda 50/50 at the moment. Maybe it's just because I'm not familiar with it.

    4. Thanos


      My first impression, was not the best. I believe Kavala is still better option and if the main purpose was to avoid mass vdms on central road, the main market of Kavala could be moved at the football field as you made it in Zaros... 

      On the other hand is too early to say ... however since there was such a huge update/upgrade / you could put the Athira Hospital and a hospital or extra medic outpost south of Pyrgos, next to the river west of Meth building

  10. I love your profile background.

  11. I must say. Being arrested is a fun experience. 

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    2. EnJuuso


      What have you done while being drunk, Conner?

    3. Wolf


      To much fun at pinks ay?

    4. Jay Brean

      Jay Brean

      Dam the APC caught up with you UNLUCKY!!!!

  12. This is being looked into to see if we can change it.
  13. This is not a bug...