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  1. Changelog - Altis Life

    18/11/2017 | 00:00 Removed: Nexus RR Gang Base. Changed: NPAS Helicopter Levels. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
  2. Names

    Couldn’t you then just walk up to someone and set the nickname the meta game their location?
  3. Changelog - Altis Life

    14/11/2017 | 20:00 Added: Altis Repo Skins @Wasted Changed: Police Command Beret move down to CSI. Changed: Max Message Send changed to 256 to hopefully improve desync. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
  4. Off duty cop rule

    The Police have Holidays they can issue to allow members to take a break and play rebel. The rule was put in place by management, not Police Command and is not going to change. As @Kevin said, we've been there and done this and it's not something we are going to revisit.
  5. Implement Premium/Reserve Slots

    To clear things up, we have the ability to put up a second server. However, with the current state of the Police Force and other factions, this second server would just be used for drug runs. Until we have a stable amount of Police and other factions playing we will not open a second server.
  6. Havoc Lands

  7. Compensation Request - Jelle - 11/09/17

    Already has the tiger skin hummingbird. @Raymond Reddington
  8. Compensation Request - Jord - 11/09/17

    Changed the Blueline helicopter to the Tiger skin. @Raymond Reddington
  9. Medic forum tags

    All fixed.
  10. Ban Appeal - Joseph Browwny - 11/11/17

    Appeal accepted. This is your last chance any sort of toxic behavior like before will get your permanently banned.
  11. Ban Appeal - Yorkie - 11/09/17

    Player has been wiped and un ban appeal has been accepted.
  12. Ban Appeal - Yorkie - 11/09/17

    @DotZip it’s a shame to see this but i’m willing to give you a second and last chance. You will be unbanned however a full wipe will be placed on your account. Do you understand?
  13. Ban Appeal - Adam Briggs - 11/11/17

    Denied. Appeal again in a few months time.
  14. Ban Appeal - [39th RR] WeBackBitches - 11/11/17

    Not happening. Denied
  15. Is this how the police should be portrayed?

    It's not a IPCC, the citizens of Altis want answers so I see no reason to stop them from raising their points. I'd say this is one of the biggest discussion points ever made on here... imo

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