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  1. Conner Merlin

    Comrade Merlin's Adventures

    The day I approach @fleur for help is the day I hand over my rank to Ninj
  2. Conner Merlin

    Drop the player slots

    Hi, I understand its very annoying for people and i'm working endlessly changing network configs and ect however clearly not had any luck with this. For the people saying to get a better server, the below are the current specs we are running: Intel Core i7-8700k @4.2, 32GB Ram, and 256GB NVMe M.2 drive. Buying a new server will not help. We are running with some of the best specs our provider offers. Im working to try and come up with a fix, however, can not snap my fingers and figure one out. Only thing we can ask is you all sit tight and accept that it is being looked into.
  3. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - Christos - 06/06/18 - TeamSpeak

    Denied. You attitude just on this appeal is not acceptable and not welcome here.
  4. Conner Merlin


    Better RP with police = Smaller jail time. Simple really 😀
  5. Conner Merlin

    Cant leave old gang bug

    Leave the gang, then leave the server. Join the server then you should be in no gang. If it doesnt keep trying. The gang system is being reworked right now.
  6. Conner Merlin

    Ban Appeal - PC. silas16 - 06/01/18 - Altis Life

    Accepted, Spoke to on Teamspeak.
  7. will be fixed
  8. I'm Interested in buying the gang package but i would like more information before moving forward if you can respond that would be great. 

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    2. Supreme1137


      No i know what i get i would like to see about designs and clothing options before buying 

      designs for cars

    3. fisher


      message him then 😉



      lmao you make it urself and send it to him


  9. Conner Merlin

    Changelog - Altis Life

    13/05/2018 | 04:00 Changed: Donation goal switched off. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
  10. Conner Merlin

    Idk man, I quite enjoyed the new police skins

    It’s hard to please all and sometimes people don’t speak out until more people are backing them. It’s a learning curve for Police Command to just say something in the future instead of waiting for the majority of the Police to back them. New skins will be coming but we of course need to get them right.
  11. Conner Merlin

    Broken Ban System

    I hear you and will look into this personally. However i’m not going to overrule the decision to decline your appeal, it’s not what i’m here go do. I will however look to make changes and make the system fair for all. Thanks.
  12. Conner Merlin

    Medic Icons

    Ill sort them.
  13. Conner Merlin

    scrambler perk

    Looking into it.
  14. Conner Merlin

    Double death bug

    being looked into.
  15. Conner Merlin

    ORCA Wrong Skin

    hahahah, ill change these through database when I get a minute.