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  1. And how can you complain about life and talk about being bored?
    If you just sit at Pete's house playing video games,
    Doing sniff that you can't afford....

  2. just pay havoc or apc command Β£5, compared to a year ago thats a cheap price lmfao
  3. Meeting up was too funny, didn’t expect your cock to be so long. I expect you to be better at rolling next time. xx

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    2. Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr
    3. fisher


      strange how thin it is too! ✏️✏️

    4. swamp tramp

      swamp tramp

      I'm clearly not the first person to see it then

  4. yeah ill setup a payment plan and have it paid off before you die
  5. Well, this is not so much a departure post as I will still be around its more of a stepping down post. Its time for me to relinquish my position of Management and focus more of my personal life. I have a very additive personality, i'm sure most people know what I mean by this, so me keeping this Management role only means I cant fully allow myself to really enjoy my personal life without thinking of things going on here. I have managed to take a step away from the community in recent weeks and to be quite honest the last 3 weeks have been the most enjoyable in over 4-5 years of my life. I have been fully dedicated to Phoenix for close to 3 years and think its right for me now to move on and actually do things that im having fun doing. Forcing myself to like a game for the sake of the community is not healthy. I will always be thankful to everyone I have met over the last 3 years and had a good time with. @Kevin The man, the myth, the legend. We dont always agree, but I consider you a true friend. I couldn't count the amount of times I've wanted to murder you, but im sure the feeling is mutual. You've trusted me a lot and so have I. I have a lot of respect for you and would do it all over again ❀️ As for everyone else, you all know how much you mean to me. I cant be bothered to try and tag everyone so if I have missed anyone ask @Zyn to edit this post and he can add people to the below: @Matt @Cryant @fisher @FoxHound @Kayle Ravelle @Quinn @Theodore @Mikey Kearns @Kyle @Badger @Zyn @Scarso @Spud @Sig @SKY As I mentioned already, ill still be on teamspeak/discord/in game so I dont feel like you cant come chat to me. I wish everyone the best of luck with everything they are doing. All the people that put work into the community, from academy work to the admin team, you all make PhoenixRP what it is. Peace out - #RPEverything - #ILoveGear - #KevinsGonnaKillMe - #ItsTimeToRebel If you have any funny videos, voice clips or quotes of me, I invite you all to add them to this post!
  6. Its been a pleasure working with you and you've made a huge difference in this community in such a short time.
  7. Beta testing has now been opened to Sponsors as well.
  8. Youd be pinging the wrong place...
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