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  1. are we still gonna have all of our moneys and levels with phv2 ?

    1. LΜ·eΜ·wΜ·iΜ·sΜ·.


      You'll find out when it comes out πŸ˜‰

    2. Ninj


      If its gonna bring a wipe with it then alot of players are gonna leave

    3. Stefan♦


      ye its gonna be a wipe. otherwise lewis wouldnt keep it a secret....

  2. Air drops happen more when more people play. Also when cartels are captured etc. We have no intentions of changing this as it is balanced already and if we spawn more with less people on it just makes it easier for them...
  3. When the new DLC releases we will look into all the options we have.
  4. Updates going forward are only ever on a Friday 8pm (Unless we need to fix a game breaking bug). All updates are tested before being pushed. If there is nothing to push we wont push a change.
  5. Prestige is money you have spent. Thats not your money any more...
  6. New framework is changing how perks will be handled. This feature will be implemented along with it. Declined for now, but will be made in the future.
  7. A new group system is being added to allow this sort of roleplaying aspect to the game.
  8. This wont be changed with a suggestion. When we have a community meeting we can discuss there as it was voted out in the last community meeting. IMO I hate snipers.
  9. The point of these skins is for you to be able to show off that you own a base. Changing this makes owning a base lose value as well. Declined. More skins for gangs are being added as well.
  10. A system like this is being worked on for the new framework we are developing. Declined for now but will be in the new framework. SoonTM
  11. A war system that gangs can declare on each other sounds cool, then the gang with the most kills at the end of the day wins something. But I have no intention of changing the gang base system.
  12. The money in the account as Zyn mentioned is more for a pension fund if anything. Over time we will add some things you can spend this money on however the way it is now is how it will be for a while.
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