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    In vacation i mostly play video games or go out with friends. I work during the weekends and during some vacations.

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  1. Nathan Fish

    Five | Recruitment Page

    Good luck guys!
  2. Nathan Fish

    Lucid | Open

    Good luck!
  3. Nathan Fish

    [HAVOC] Nikos

    20 mil of non of your business 😂 (jk)
  4. Nathan Fish

    [HAVOC] Nikos

    Good player with an awesome personality. And He has a lovely voice 😍
  5. Nathan Fish

    Genesis | Recruiting |

    Good luck! :)
  6. Nathan Fish

    Desire | Open

    Looks like a cool gang! Good luck boys
  7. Nathan Fish

    O | Outlaws | OPEN

    Outlaws has grown quite a bit since i took a break. Nice work and good luck! 😁
  8. Nathan Fish

    Injustice | Open

    Good luck!
  9. Nathan Fish

    Server issues..

    I like fighting and Rp on this server but people take it way to serious when you kill them. Winning a gunfight used to feel so rewarding... these days all there is is toxic people on both sides and i mean alot. If you incapacitate cops, rebels or havoc first thing what happens is The direct comms chat opens up in it? Well they start to accuse you of rule break while 8/10 you did nothing wrong. After a while you even feel bad bout killing them. Also if you shot havoc or police and other factions and you are trying to Rp with them they never talk back, result, few really exciting moments with people you shot, It would be fun if they could take them hostage and shit but instead.. There just lying there and as soon as they can, they bleed out. This is not against rules or anything but imagine how many fun situations you could have. if 50 percent of the people stopped doing this it will change. I mean its fun taking hostages and its fun being hostages so this is in my opinion one of the reasons phoenix is dying, The peoples mindset. If we can change it will be a good server once more. Everyone just needs to change a little bit. If there was some kind of rule against bleeding out i mean if they stabilized you and are rping with you you cant just bleed out. I mean this is my opinion. This is what i think of it, Like i sad its an opinion.
  10. Nathan Fish

    Delete Please

    Good luck!
  11. Nathan Fish

    Delete plz

    Goodluck guys!
  12. Nathan Fish

    Tom Slice

    Tom Slice is the most friendly cop on the server. He is the best at Rp. each time i talk to him its like talking to a friend. This man prefers diplomacy over just tasing and shooting and it works most of the time. When i stand face to face to this man i can never shoot him for some reason. I can shoot most cops without feeling bad about it. But i will feel bad when i will shoot him once on accident. He is to nice. Anyway best cop in my opinion please give this man a reward. Nathan Fish
  13. Time Submitted: 03:04:36 PM | 09/14/18 Submitted By: indyn (3775) In-Game Name: [TCA] Nathan Fish Steam / Player ID: 76561198080314203 Date of Event: 09/13/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkPwB4f_r7Q Details of Event: So we robbed a guy. I was about to chop his heli. He puls out an orca and vdmed me at the chop chop. The guy that did this has been banned since he didnt try to resolve i with me. Compensation Amount: Ghillie 85k mk vest 90k You dont see it that clear but i see it when im in first person in the heli. Type 115 Not sure about the price of the 115 i think its 225 Erco scope 15k Bipod 15k Carryal backpack 7.5k mags 10k Total amount 447500 [Tell me if im wrong] Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  14. Time Submitted: 12:43:58 AM | 09/13/18 Submitted By: indyn (3775) Your In-Game Name: [TCA] Nathan Fish Who are you reporting?: magnu Time/Date of event: 01;55 13/09/2018 Brussels Rule's Broken: Vdm Explain what happened: We robbed a guy took his heli he took out his orca and vdmed me when i wanted to chop it. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/gkPwB4f_r7Q Player left or lost connection after the incident. Didnt reconnect after... Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: Foxhound
  15. Nathan Fish

    Compensation Request - [TCA] Nathan Fish - 06/27/18

    Well the problem is i dont keep inventory or some sort... i didnt even know this could happen. So yeah i have no prove of the crates either. I can try to get 300k then for the crates but yeah there is no proof i actually had 2 big crates. Its up to you.