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  1. im going to tell your nan you watch her sex tapes
  2. Are you right in the head?
  3. A player decline like this has never happened before on phoenix, we had player declines to like 40 people at peak hours but 15 people at peak? Thats sad... One of the reasons the player has low pop like this is cuz HAVOC got removed. If they would bring back HAVOC they need to make sure the transition to the new faction runs smoothly. But i dont think using havoc as a temporarily solution will keep people playing for long
  4. I like everything in this suggestion, especially the HQ and being able to control areas
  5. Sad to see you go, good luck with whatever it is you will be doing next!
  6. Nathan Fish

    HERO cop saves the day!

  7. Conner should have been cbd long ago
  8. A nice picture with everyone on the server
  9. Everything is good except for the visibility thing. First of all, why value your life? Second, this makes Phoenix a even more combat based server as you have nothing to fear when you are initiating. There is no risk in initiating if you add that rule... The most dangerous thing you can do is not initiating.
  10. @Michael you reading this?
  11. I love how the friendship cirlce is commenting on each others comments to make themselves feel more powerfull on the internet. Probably sitting in ts and talking about what they should comment. Police has always been the shittest faction... Lets hope that MBS can fix it instead of these Retaaa ohno i cant type it cuz ill get banned. @Tom Pea @Michael @Will Wicks @Job Seeker Sano Server wipe would fix all of this... But will they have the balls to do it? Naah
  12. A mass unban wouldnt hurt
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