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  1. Goodbye Rasta! Was fun playing with you gl irl
  2. We initiate on hobos with no gear to execute them? Dont think so there is a difference between a gunfight which actually is fun and this. But ok Mr. Spud
  3. @Alexander thank you for this ohh so funny comment. But i think you are missing the point here? Its not one situation here this is what happens on the server daily basis weekly? idk But i know 1 thing this shouldnt be happening on a rp server (i dont need to be staff lead to know that). The reason i didnt take this any further is bcuz phoenix isnt a rp server anymore for a very long time.
  4. Dw.. this might be more usefull then a support case so people can see the issue
  5. Most fun i had in yrs playing with you mate! Thank you. I expected a more gay touch when you were writing about me and weebs tho. Community is losing a great member. Soon when i have applied as Admin to replace @Kiran you just write a ban appeal. ill give you an example There is 1 difference this one will be accepted cuz of enough effort. Get your ass on cs go now PS ill kill your dog
  6. @Kiran i can upload the full footage if you want to prove i was actually alt-tabbed but dont see the point. CBA wasting my time in editing a video to turn it into my favor for what? Get comp for that t-shirt i had? To ban the player? It did cross my mind cuz i was rly pissed at the time but no i havent reported anyone in a very long time. I try to resolve it no matter how pissed i am. You think i want to ban a player? Cuz i think that is what the community needs at this point? It doesnt. If i try to ban him 1-2-3 or maybe 5 of his friends will stop playing. Is that what i want? No
  7. i was in ts at that time heard someone initiate and alt-tabbed. As i said im not going to do anything with this. Didnt even know it would be put here. Maybe this can be a sign and something good can come out of this
  8. Time Submitted: 06:29:19 PM | 09/04/19 Submitted By: Nathan Fish (3775) In-Game Name: Nathan Fish Steam / Player ID: 76561198080314203 Date of Event: 09/04/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSww8SJxSs4 Details of Event: Nikos initiated suddenly server started lagging and i died cuz of it. Wasnt client side server crashed with alot of people Compensation Amount: MX SW loadout 350k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. Well i dont rly agree with this since the risk is also high for using it since driver and gunner are vulnerable. Its a high risk high reward vehicle. I wouldnt make it over 2 mil tbh
  10. ApplicationName : Nathan Fish Steam ID : 76561198080314203Hours On Arma : 1600hrs 1400 on phx Previous Gangs : TBF, TCA, RP, MBS, OOGA... Some smaller gangs
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