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  1. solja

    feel free to roast 2

    sit bot xD nice video once again ^-^
  2. Yeah , I’ll make a new auction post when I’m back from vacation and will send you the needed screen.👍
  3. Ow yeah, would be great. I can’t sell the house yet since i can’t play for like 8 more days.
  4. Problem is that I’m on vacation right now and I can’t find the screenshot on my phone. I’ll make a new auction as soon as I’m back home and will send you the screen👍
  5. Item Name: Stone house(small, white) Screenshot: will send after the auction is over. Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 2mil Minimum Increment: 100K End Date: 6th of july 2019
  6. solja

    foute party!

    Hell yea😂😂 of course we do haha😂
  7. @Nathan Fish dunno if you fixed it already but This might fix it https://www.mgtrolls.eu/mobile/forum/viewthread/m/12045571/id/31675231-fix-mission-terminated-because-dlc-content-required
  8. Well restarting arma and pc is the first thing you’d do so thought that was useless to post anyways😂
  9. solja

    fix loadouts.

    True dat! +1
  10. That’s F’ed up😏
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