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  1. @Nathan Fish dunno if you fixed it already but This might fix it https://www.mgtrolls.eu/mobile/forum/viewthread/m/12045571/id/31675231-fix-mission-terminated-because-dlc-content-required
  2. Well restarting arma and pc is the first thing you’d do so thought that was useless to post anyways😂
  3. solja

    fix loadouts.

    Well if you’re only earning 2 mil in 2 hours you’re doing something wrong😂 + mk1 loadouts are like 500k each. -1, don’t make the mk1 loadouts 300k.
  4. True dat! Hope that at least his family likes him😂
  5. Well he's a professional shitposter so....
  6. There are, but just let them do their things.
  7. Haha true dat!😂
  8. +1 that’s a great idea!
  9. Yeah totally agree! Some people get triggered way to fast and feel way to good. Some people are just way to salty in this game...
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