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  1. Nick Icekovich

    Happy Ramadan

    Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!
  2. Nick Icekovich

    Share house.

    +1 on the ability to buy a warehouse, 👍
  3. Nick Icekovich

    Increase on the legal traders

    Thank you, Sir for your reply. However I don't see myself as a Hobo. As CEO of the Barbaric Mining Cooperation, I'm just expressing the voice in my head and my fellow co-workers. Violence is not the solution but without any increase of legal shops/traders it wil be our final resort. If we can break it, we can mine it... but if it bleeds, we can kill it!
  4. Nick Icekovich

    Increase on the legal traders

    I'm not shure if this gets much animo but I like to stand out for all the newbies, hobos and honest workers on the island. Today our country is hardend with terorisme, violance and hate towards the good people of Altis. Those whom just landed on the Island usually try to earn a few pounds without getting robbed. However, looking at the crime rate we have, the "not-so-friendy" guys, camp out at either copper-processing (wich I found a noob move) or at Kore's Iron / Copper trader. Today, our government can't controle all the drug related area's with the rates our Island have. This gives a free passage-way to all of those drugsdealers. We need to act, we need to send out a message to our kids... the legal way, is the only way to get out or stay out of trouble. I therefore ask our government to increase our LEGAL (copper/iron) Trader shops/stors, so honest people have a higher chance of getting there job done, after a hard day of mining. [BMC] ICE ceo Barbaric Mining Cooperation
  5. Nick Icekovich

    Suggestion - Highways Agency

  6. Nick Icekovich

    Price of pickaxe

    Darn, and I thought I would get the difference in price back ... :)))
  7. Nick Icekovich

    Price of pickaxe

    Hi guys, I wanted to buy a pickaxe today but in-game the price is 750 but I had to pay 1.125 instead. Before getting it. Small bug/fix nothing special. Cheers