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  1. CHRIS'S BODYSHOP Chris's Bodyshop offers a complete service for virtually all car brands. If You have several cars of a different brand in your family, Chris's bodyshop will take care of them all The parts and products fitted in the Chris's Bodyshop network are carefully selected by national and international teams so that top quality can be guaranteed. The parts are produced by leading manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to the national and international purchasing power of their CB Wholesalers, Chris's Bodyshop are able to offer competitive prices to their customers. In order to keep up with the ever increasing amount of technology and electronics in modern cars Chris's Bodyshop mechanics are trained on a regular basis. Thanks to the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment they can diagnose problems on virtually all car brands. As a customer of Chris's Bodyshop You benefit from additional services such as: · Mobility warranty · Courtesy vehicles · Payment services Chris's BodyShop (CBS Team) Owner Chris (Rank 4) Lead Mechanic Lupus (Rank 3) Custom body/performance work Lupus (Rank 3) Mobile repairs and support all over Los Santos Lupus (Rank 3) NickOnTheTwitch (Rank 1) Talk to Chris in-game to setup a meeting.