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  1. FowynPrime

    Server wide events

    A server event or a event in general is something fun to participate. Why events ? I believe events bring people together to do a event, a event where everyone wins something. Gang War: is a gang take over all over LS we have to stop it before they rule our streets. Race events like the gumball race. Happy Hunting: a random group of four will be selected to run or stand and fight with bags of drugs in the vehicle who ever takes it down, wins. The Purge: the server has no rules for 24 hours. (Besides hacking) Extra info the purge: npc cars and peds is off = no npc cars or peds walking the street, baseball/pistol free Hide N Seek: four people hide with eatch one Phoenix Feather. Smash the Admin: a event where the admin is a living pinata every hit drops a Phoenix Feather. House Hunting: admins come online to help people out buying or renting a house. Tik Tak BoooooM!: is a event where eatch participent have 100.000k in cash, eatch hitting a car once (the same car) if the car explodes on that person, that person is out. These are just some of them i can keep going on and on. The key point here is to bring the fivem community as a group to a event, make new friends to rp with and do other activities with after the events. I got so much more ideas for events. P.S: i hope we can add a item on the server named The Phoenix Feather which will sell for 100.000, those feathers will be dropt randomly as a event takes place.
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  3. FowynPrime

    Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG

    Hello! i am so sorry if this is the wrong location to do car requests but here i go 😛 I was browsing ingame for a nice car and the server offers really nice vehicles but as a owner of a merc cla 45 myself i feel like i want to drive it ingame aswell, i've always been super happy with it and the sound it makes the crackles is just amazing. Full name of the vehicle: Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Coupe 2017 or 2018 Video of a real CLA 45 AMG so you can match the exhaust sound if possible. Some specs that make the car fun to drive. 0-100 km/h 4.2s 381 HP 4 cylinder Also known as the fastest 2 liter car on the marked