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  1. Time Submitted: 12:54:54 PM | 05/29/18 Submitted By: FowynPrime (3755) Full Character Name: Arisha Del Rotto Date of Birth 12/26/89 Age 28 Character RP Story: My characters name is Arisha Del Rotto, she is 28 years old. Arisha hasn't had the best of childhoods, to say the least. When she was 13 she was celebrating her birthday, and her parents decided to take her to a trip to the Zoo. Although Arisha's parents weren't very financially well-off, they saved up for months to make her birthday a very special day for her. When they were driving to the Zoo, they pulled over into a gas station to refuel, when two rebels approached the back of the car. Arisha's mother and father were both very defenseless, petrified with fear, Arisha hid in the back seat. There was lots of shouting and crying, that's the most distinguishable memory of the event for her. A few minutes passed and she heard two gunshots. Arisha had never heard gunshots before, but she knew that she was in some serious trouble. Suddenly, the scene was very quiet. She felt a cold shiver run up her spine as she continued to hide in the back seat. Shortly after the LSPD rolled up, and softly broke the news to the young girl. Her mother and father had died. After then, she was sent to an orphanage where she would have different parents week in and week out. The truth was, nobody wanted to adopt her because she was clearly quite troubled. A little time passed and Arisha soon indulged her self into the wrong crowd. She started dabbling around in drugs because, at the time, it was the only thing that took her away from her cruel reality. She starting snorting cocaine at the young age of 18, along with smoking Cannabis and Heroin. Amongst all of the drugs, she had tried, her worst demon was by far Prit Sticks. Since her addiction, she had resulted into only ever using PVA glue, in the fear that her previous addiction may take the better of her once more. At the age of 27, she decided enough was enough. She wanted to end her life. She approached Liberty City's bridge to commit to her fate. Just minutes before she was about to jump, a man approached her. His name was Jamie Preknei. He was a Senior Police officer. She always remembered his badge number, 9014. She always remembered this, as he was the man that in effect, saved her life. Arisha explained why she wanted to end her life, and how much of a monster she felt. The officer told her that everything was going to be okay, and the best way to move on from the horrible event would be to spread happiness rather than negativity in the world. The way Jamie made Arisha feel, was overwhelmingly positive. She wanted more than anything to seek redemption, but not for revenge, but to stop the tragic event happening to any other victims. A year later, here she is, 28 years of age. Applying for the Police force, with the hopes and dreams of working alongside the members of the enforcement that keep our streets safe. Why do you want to join LSPD?: Both my father and grandfather served on the police force, and I have always found it to be a meaningful and honorable profession. I grew up in a poor neighborhood where police were often feared, and I want to work to change that perception. I have always been interested in the investigative side of police work, in puzzling together clues and evidence, so joining the force seemed like a natural line of work for me to pursue. I have a military background, and since my discharge, I decided police work was the best way to continue that degree of service I found to be so valuable. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: Honestly, I almost feel like the job description was written with me in mind,
  2. FowynPrime

    Mechanic Application - Corzaaa7 (05/14/18)

    I promised to give you a answer today, and sorry to say but CBS Team is full at this moment, like i said i am working things out with my mechanics so don't give up hope But in main time go onto the server get to know some people and we will talk in-game for sure, if you see Chris on the server that's me.
  3. FowynPrime

    Mechanic Application - Hermann (05/22/18)

    @Hermann i did talk to you in-game and i have to say i can't hire more people at this moment, i need more time to fix things up. kind regards the CBS Team!
  4. FowynPrime

    Mechanic Application - Corzaaa7 (05/14/18)

    @Corzaaa7 Unfortunately Chris's Bodyshop has to many mechanics already, i am going to work out who i will fire and who i will keep, i will be talking to those guys tonight see what they think and want, don't worry there is still a chance, i will reply back tomorrow with a answer for you and the CBS team (Chris's BodyShop)
  5. FowynPrime

    PhoenixRP Stream Team

  6. FowynPrime

    Mechanic Application - Hasson (05/09/18)

    Let's have a meeting at Chris's Body Shop, and have a little chat, but for now i am willing to give you a two weeks trial like everyone i hire. So for now... Welcome to the CBS Team.
  7. FowynPrime

    Mechanic Application - Lupus (05/08/18)

    Welcome to the CBS Team!
  8. FowynPrime

    Mechanic Application - VikRambo (05/05/18)

    Good evening/morning Vik Adam, i am looking for people who are prepared to hit the road and help our customers, please read up our shops information CLICK HERE Please note that you will be starting from the bottom and slowly making your way up to the top, if you can handle that, i am willing to give you a try for a week or two. Hit me up on the phone when i am in the city 72666, i am Chris in Los Santos.
  9. FowynPrime

    Mechanic Application - Lupus (05/08/18)

    I love it! i would like to give you a try as a mechanic in Chris's Bodyshop, hit me up on the phone 72666. Welcome! if you want, i am willing to give you a chance! let me know if you want the job.
  10. FowynPrime

    Mechanic Application - Troz (05/07/18)

    Contact me on 72666 we will have a chat and see if you can keeps the road laws in check. Good luck with the job, and welcome to Chris's Bodyshop!
  11. CHRIS'S BODYSHOP Chris's Bodyshop offers a complete service for virtually all car brands. If You have several cars of a different brand in your family, Chris's bodyshop will take care of them all The parts and products fitted in the Chris's Bodyshop network are carefully selected by national and international teams so that top quality can be guaranteed. The parts are produced by leading manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to the national and international purchasing power of their CB Wholesalers, Chris's Bodyshop are able to offer competitive prices to their customers. In order to keep up with the ever increasing amount of technology and electronics in modern cars Chris's Bodyshop mechanics are trained on a regular basis. Thanks to the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment they can diagnose problems on virtually all car brands. As a customer of Chris's Bodyshop You benefit from additional services such as: · Mobility warranty · Courtesy vehicles · Payment services Chris's BodyShop (CBS Team) Owner Chris (Rank 4) Lead Mechanic Lupus (Rank 3) Custom body/performance work Lupus (Rank 3) Mobile repairs and support all over Los Santos Lupus (Rank 3) NickOnTheTwitch (Rank 1) Talk to Chris in-game to setup a meeting.
  12. Time Submitted: 09:09:36 PM | 04/25/18 Submitted By: FowynPrime (3755) Full Character Name: Chris del rotto Date of Birth 12/26/89 Age 28 Character RP Story: Chris was in training to join up with the Belgium police force back in his home town, the only reason why he wants to join the LSPD is because of his father, he respected his father like it was his biggest idol, the father was also a police officer but got shot at point blank, Chris stood up and promised his mother (I will not let this happen to anyone else) that is why he moved to Los Santos to learn from the best, and take that experience back to his home land one day to reinforce the officers over seas. Why do you want to join LSPD?: I find it relaxing cruising around LS city and Blaine County, so why not lend my strength to bring order back to the streets of LS and Blaine County. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: I am willing to learn, and do long shifts.
  13. Time Submitted: 01:28:30 PM | 04/02/18 Submitted By: FowynPrime (3755) In-Game Name: Chris Steam ID: 76561198039585894 Age / DoB: 28 12/26/1989 In your own words, what is the meaning of RP: Having fun, but stay in character at all times. Character RP Story: Chris moved from Belgium to Los Santos for the American dream, but found out quickly it's not the paradise he had hoped for, instead he would like to do what he does best, fixing cars. Why would you like to be a mechanic: Since the age of 6 i was crazy about cars, i wanted to know everything about them, because every engine is not just a locomotion machine, nooooo..... it's actual art made by men, at the age of 17 i started my very first amateur sponsorship for my Rally Team named Ludo NV won a few races but nothing big, at the age of 28, i still love cars, and have nice collection of cars myself, counting all these years, i would have about 14 years of experience on car mechanics. How much time are you willing to put into being a Mechanic: I play about 3 to 5 hours a day, so i would like to spend as much as i can towards it. Do you have any experience with cars/being a mechanic: Yes i do for about 14 years give or take.