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  1. Yozza

    Need loan if someone can.

    poor af
  2. Yozza

    Rebel Organisation [OPEN]

    Suck Me Nut
  3. Yozza

    BIA | Recruiting [Disbanded]

    Disbanded /lock
  4. Yozza

    BIA | Recruiting [Disbanded]

    congratulations @Josh Kray you have been Accepted when you can join the BIA open room in TS and message either Yozza , JoJo so they can do your interview.
  5. Yozza

    Gang house

    big +1 to this would make a huge difference.
  6. Yozza

    BIA | Recruiting [Disbanded]

    We have two spots open for BIA get your applications in now!
  7. Yozza

    Open Sea Broadcast.

    big +1
  8. Time Submitted: 11:02:19 PM | 06/03/18 Submitted By: Yozza (3750) Your In-Game Name: BIA | Yozza Who are you reporting?: leo lapin Time/Date of event: 23:30 03/06/2018 Rule's Broken: 1.1 1.12 Explain what happened: I WAS DRIVING THROUGH HAVOC CHECKPOINT AND HE CLOSED THE BARRIER ON ME HE THEN GOT INTO MY TRUCK AND PROCEEDED TO VDM ME HE THEN DROVE OFF I WALKED TOWARDS THE HELI TO MY OTHER GANG MEMBERS AND THE GUY COME AROUND THE CORNER AND DROVE INTO THE HELI WITH MY TRUCK WHICH THEN KILLED US ALL WE THEN TOLD HIM COME TO SUPPORT MULTIPLE TIMES AND YOZZA SENT HIM A DISPUTE WHICH THE GUY IGNORED HE DID NOT END UP COMMING TO SUPPORT AND HE DISCONNECTED FROM THE SERVER. i am putting this report up on behalf of BIA | Crack. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5b146d1a722dad4bd9/- Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Stephen @Stephen
  9. Yozza

    BIA | Recruiting [Disbanded]

    congratulations @cooploot the scoot noot you have been Accepted when you can join the BIA open room in TS and message either Crack , JoJo so they can do your interview.
  10. Yozza

    BIA | Recruiting [Disbanded]

    | BIA Currently Has 1 slot open for some one to join | | Feel free to apply and fill out the application properly |
  11. Happy birthday bro

  12. Yozza

    Shift+1 | Action Menu

  13. Yozza

    Car despawns after certain amount of time at garages.

    most of the time when this happens is when the server is full and that is when the admins are busy with more important things which is understandable and same goes for police. it's just a idea rly.
  14. Yozza

    Roleplay megathread

    Nice photo lads 🤣