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  1. Yozza

    BIA | Brothers In Arms (OPEN)

  2. Yozza

    Missing vehicles

    fuck i need glasses 😂
  3. Yozza

    Missing vehicles

    check the air impound lot for them.
  4. Yozza


  5. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    haha it's true though xD just frustrating to have to choose from either full night vision or a face mask even if the price was abit high it would be a nice addition for rebels.
  6. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    i mean last thing i knew it was but yeah. either way hiding my name is something i always do thats why 90% of rebels use masks just like if some one does a robbery irl you cover your face. so having night visions built into a mask would be something nice to have.
  7. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    changed my response
  8. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    the only reason i like hiding my name is so people can't identify me straight away unless they do break rules and key chain ect
  9. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    +1 as wearing the full night vision goggles and not been able to wear a mask to hide your name is something i don't like.
  10. Yozza


    -1 you're -1
  11. Yozza


    @Zyn Great staff member he is a real credit to the community always there to help when you need it.
  12. Yozza

    Donate black weapons.

    so when you donate £10 or more you get access to black weapons? for these to show are they at advanced rebel? as i am whitelisted for it in game but dont see any black weapons at advanced rebel.k
  13. Yozza

    Jedi Cobra

    +1 great support member and a credit to the community.
  14. Yozza

    BIA | Brothers In Arms (OPEN)

    Limited Slots left
  15. Yozza

    Battle eye kick off

    Happens to me also nothing you can do about it really just got to cope with it.