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  1. fuck i need glasses 😂
  2. check the air impound lot for them.
  3. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    haha it's true though xD just frustrating to have to choose from either full night vision or a face mask even if the price was abit high it would be a nice addition for rebels.
  4. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    i mean last thing i knew it was but yeah. either way hiding my name is something i always do thats why 90% of rebels use masks just like if some one does a robbery irl you cover your face. so having night visions built into a mask would be something nice to have.
  5. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    changed my response
  6. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    the only reason i like hiding my name is so people can't identify me straight away unless they do break rules and key chain ect
  7. Yozza

    Night vis mask

    +1 as wearing the full night vision goggles and not been able to wear a mask to hide your name is something i don't like.
  8. Yozza


    -1 you're -1
  9. Yozza


    @Zyn Great staff member he is a real credit to the community always there to help when you need it.
  10. so when you donate £10 or more you get access to black weapons? for these to show are they at advanced rebel? as i am whitelisted for it in game but dont see any black weapons at advanced rebel.k
  11. +1 great support member and a credit to the community.
  12. Yozza

    Battle eye kick off

    Happens to me also nothing you can do about it really just got to cope with it.
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