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  1. I understand that you feel like that, but I was just making a joke All good
  2. https://gyazo.com/1d4c6973caadec57c8b4693abc2fcd0e dont take offence please
  3. Wonderful! We are looking forward to your activity and innovation. @Cobra★ will be in contact with you through private messages on the forums.
  4. No, events are now happening because of the hard work of @Cobra★, myself and the rest of the events team. Your post was helpful in helping me recognise that maybe we should do them more frequently, but @Cobra★ (who is the events team lead) was on holiday which is why the amount of events dropped. @Hunt3r If you would like to make as much an effort as we are then I implore you to join the events team. Please accept this invitation (which I have consulted Cobra about) to join the events team without application. I will be looking forward to your response.
  5. I explained this. We're in the predicament we are in now because we rush rule changes, and we don't want to fall down there again. I appreciate the concern, and I am actively organising further meetings to ensure that the changes being made are the best possible. Assessing the risk is one thing, but understanding that the possibility of a long-standing better outcome is another. Yes, I concur. what a cutie
  6. because the problem we had before is that we just change rules here and there, making them incoherent and nonconcurrent with one another. Therefore, it's better that we take the time to read through all of the rules to ensure that there are no currently conflicting / confusing ones, AND that the new ones we add won't conflict or confuse. It's easy to be outraged Michael, I'm sure Dexter can comfort you in these times of distress.
  7. Sorry, spoiler alert 😮😉
  8. Rules are being clarified in V2, in one big update. There has literally been an event every week for the last month except last weekend, the new event post has been up for 7 hours which is happening this weekend. Please think before you post unsusbstantianted comments, cheers.
  9. Best of luck to all those receiving their GCSE results today.

  10. Come on now Stefan. Fixing a few lines of code is a slightly ignorant viewpoint and I am sure you were fully aware of that when you made that comment. The reason that V2 is necessary is to stop the crashes. People don’t want to play the server when they get their truck full of processed drugs and the server dies. It’s demoralising. There are further issues, of course there are but no Altis Life community has their shortcoming of problems. We need the groundwork in place in order to develop and balance faction life with rebel life. It’s not going to happen over night - especially if nobody is offering valuable solutions other than complaining that XYZ is shit. I agree with you, however, that we don’t have a proactive Altis Life management team. Community board are incredibly productive when we all can agree a time to put our heads together, but this rarely happens because it’s difficult to guarantee a time we are all available.
  11. Theodore


    Things like RDMtages get off the forums in a matter of 10-20 minutes, so that’s not an issue. That’s not really what the acceptance thing is for, because like you said you would just put it in memes. The argument to say that we keep the necessary approval for frag montages is that if you’re making a compilation of you killing people in a roleplay server then we need to see if the kills are valid or not. Otherwise, we get frag montages on the forums of people killing without initiation or after a VDM towards the end of their compilation, thinking it’s hilarious. It’s difficult to see the validity of this argument from your POV, but as someone who has taken the time to watch these videos carefully to see if there are any possible rule breaks we find issues with the videos more often than not. The wait time right now for people is unnacceptably long in some cases, but come this weekend we are looking to extend the permissions to admins to approve videos. However, this does not / will not change the rules. If you message an admin or bump the post asking for it to be accepted it will likely just be given a cooldown of 48 hours+. We will of course keep an open mind on this topic, and in the future may consider taking off the verification - but for now we will change to conserve the current system.
  12. I would say more like 90%, and I'm still going strong! Best of luck with the gang, hope that it all goes well.
  13. Very nice video sir! 4K as well
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