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  1. The orca also gets damaged when spawned
  2. They are instantly damaged when you spawn them in at Kavala Hospital.
  3. Theodore

    bye x

    come back darling I miss you unless you can send me that cash dollar
  4. Thanks for the tag @Cobra★. I spoke about this in my first community representative post. I think it's a great idea and I would love to see them at least once every month or so. I'll see what I can organise, thank you for the suggestion @Jambo
  5. Best of luck starting up again! Good to see you back.
  6. Theodore

    fix loadouts.

    On reborn "hands up or die" is valid initiation with no prior roleplay required. We are a different community entirely. To say that "X community does this, therefore we should do Y" is not a sound argument. Furthermore, runs have been buffed and a MK1 loadout costs between 450-550k. I'll be looking more next week as to how gang life can be improved and provide more enjoyable ways to make money.
  7. Can you set me up with mr farage i need to have a word with good ol’ nigel

    1. Theodore


      Sadly he’s an A-list celebrity now’days so no can do!! 🤣

  8. New statement out, have a read. 


  9. Intro So as promised this is just going to be a quick statement from myself in regards to what I look to do within my role as the Community Representative and how the community can best utilise myself as a mouthpiece in getting their ideas to the board. I hope to release statements such as this every two weeks to provide people with a glass door into what we, as Phoenix board, look to fix and improve on as well as celebrating progress made. Past 2 weeks After taking up the role around a week ago a lot of very passionate people have come to me with their problems along with possible solutions which I have found very encouraging and positive when investigating ongoing issues. I can guarantee that if you send me a message which is constructive that I will add it to my reading list and break down the issue, bring it to the board and give you an update as to what is being done. This week has been incredibly busy for both myself and a lot of other people in the community, as exams are nearly over and it's crunch time. With this being said, I have taken time to speak to the heads of both Police and HAVOC, hearing their concerns and plans for the future of their factions. I have also organised meetings with other members within the factions to get more of a broad perspective and have begun doing so. Getting views from a broad array of members is hugely helpful. As a side note, I would also just like to thank those for their support in me taking the role; I am glad I have your trust in representing you and hope to do so to the best of my ability. The weeks ahead Next week, once exams are done, I can dive straight into investigating prominent issues in the community namingly: Toxicity Rebel Life Faction Life Standard of Roleplay Clarity of rules I hope to grapple with as many of these issues as possible through many different ways, and provide my insight to the rest of the Phoenix board. This does not mean that these will be fixed in the next week by any means, but I will try and make the best progress possible before the 23rd June. Holiday for a week to celebrate end of exams... I will be working closely alongside @Badger to tackle said issues, and taking on feedback from the rest of the community. Therefore, if you wish to give me your insight as to how the above issues can be tackled, please send me a message on the forums or discord and we will be sure to consider it. This summer My overarching plan for this summer is to ensure that the identity of PhoenixRP is maintained as a tight-knit community which is based on merit and changing to conserve. Not losing sight of what this community was founded upon is going to be fundamental to this role, but also taking on board what has given it injections of life throughout the years. Therefore, this summer, I would hope to develop on: Gang Wars Live - my livestreaming event putting gangs head-to-head (Yes I'll even wear the tuxedo) More unique events within the server - working closely with the events team Community meetings - Q&A with management and addressing community hot-topics Utilising the new tools of the contact DLC- New weapons and vehicles and seeing how they will fit into the serve. Providing new features for gangs to engage with- working closely with the development team and gangs to see how we can find the best balance between roleplay and combat aspects of the server Maybe some community auctions too... Conclusion So, TL;DR - there's a lot of work to be done but there is a plan to address as many of the concerns as possible. During this time, the community needs cohesion and an aim towards the common goal of developing the best PhoenixRP that is achievable. Although no promises can be made on certain features, I can promise to do the best possible job of representing the community. Therefore, if you have an issue please contact me. I am actively trying to help and bridge the gap between management and community. I look forward to engaging with all members of the community and I will speak to you again in July!
  10. 1 more exam left on Monday then I’m a free man!... until uni

    1. Alexander


      Honestly, prepare for hell.

    2. Roy


      so when uni starts you are gone again? >_<

    3. Theodore


      @Roy Nah first year uni is calm

  11. Theodore

    Bye, again.

    @Sean didn't even get a "Thank your for your service"... smh
  12. Theodore

    Bye, again.

    Big thank you for all the work you put into the police force and staff team, been an absolute pleasure. Best of luck in the future! Hope to see you soon.
  13. I like the idea of veteran rewards, most definitely. I also think you have a big brain for thinking of this, but I think it should only exist whilst we look to boost player numbers to max over the next couple of months. Overall +1
  14. Oh dear... Good luck!
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