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  1. good thing we're gonna get an alien DLC tomorrow then, it's almost as if Bohemia read our minds!
  2. There is some very intellectual beef in this thread and it's kinda hot.
  3. Been a great four months in the community, enjoyed every second of it. I will be back in 3 months or so once exams are finished. Catch you all soon xox
  4. Depends on what the neighbourhood is like.
  5. Shame the Minecraft server isn't happening 😕
  6. Yeah it goes into the mountain, but I agree the paths should lead more places
  7. At no point did I say, nor imply that we wanted anything to be released quickly. I just wanted to know if it would be possible to consider a serious Minecraft server that people play on related to Phoenix or not. Sure, I haven't been here for long enough to comment but it is clear that this is no longer the case. I'm not sure if you've read the post but many would beg to differ. There are people who will find genuine enjoyment out of it and aren't here for the profit. There are 40+ people here willing to give it a go, and plenty of other smaller towny servers are able to find ways to fund despite the EULA.
  8. didn't know u was on here :)

    1. Theodore


      Indeed Sir, nice to see you :D 


  9. I’m not trying to be that guy, but the FiveM server lasted less than 2 weeks and it’s still up to this day. This is a unique idea and I think it’s worth a try, that’s all.
  10. Sure, completely understand. If there are any developments on the decision then it would be great to hear I'm always free to speak about the logistics of this.
  11. @Kevin Can we get a conclusion on whether this is possible? I know you've said "probably not" but perhaps the probability is different after seeing the support?
  12. So that we have a Minecraft server which is established. For a unique idea like this to be pushed we need the publicity and community to be close knitted and behind it with a trusted domain endorsing the server. Even if it just meant a sub-topic on the forums for the server to be spoken about discussing ideas etc. it would mean a whole world of difference and allow Phoenix to be more of a network. It is clear that there are at least 28 people (as of writing this) who want to see something like this be developed and take shape and I have spoken to people who are interested in developing it. I hope that this is given a chance by @Kevin due to the demand and how unique the idea is, with a discussion as to the logistics of this.
  13. Sure and like I said it's just kind of a draught of my own ideas, maybe cities or something similar. If there was a platform made to have a discussion of what would be good then that would be a start, and if the people like it then I think it would be worth a shot.
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