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  1. Theo Wright


    This would be great for roleplay and there are multiple events that can be done with a mayor! Furthermore, in terms of practical use, the mayor should be used to represent the voice of the people and can bring general island concerns (perhaps about lack of policing in certain areas, or high prices of particular things etc.) to a staff representative who can give this information to whom it may concern. This wouldn’t necessarily mean a change will come, however it can help give a perspective on what the citizens want. The voting should be done through the same way the Mayor of London elections are done (SV system) and candidates should have manifestos and do rally’s over the course of a month or just under which I think would create some really cool interactions. Would love to see something like this implemented.
  2. Theo Wright

    YouTube Thing

    Maybe in the same way there are featured streams on the front page there could be featured YouTube videos? So if somebody has made a good video on the server it could be there until a stream goes live perhaps. Would definitely be a way for the server to branch out over more platforms and can give people a taste of what Phoenix is like in a short video rather than a long stream when they come to the front page. +1
  3. Big shoutout to the development team. Working super hard on all the assets as well as the FPS. Appreciate you all ❤️ 

  4. Theo Wright

    Change the wanted list

    Please revert the wanted list to how it was xxx
  5. Theo Wright

    Wanted list

    I think with the new tablet UI you can't add people to the wanted list manually.
  6. Theo Wright

    Player Report - Lesan - 12/31/18 - Altis Life

    Quite early in the morning, didn't see anybody on to help - perhaps I was wrong! @Kiran
  7. Time Submitted: 10:07:28 AM | 12/31/18 Submitted By: Theo Wright (373) Your In-Game Name: Theo Wright Who are you reporting?: Lesan Time/Date of event: 31/12/2018 @ 10:00 AM Rule's Broken: combat logging Explain what happened: Chasing this guy for about 5 minutes from Kavala, he runs out of his car and logs out right in front of me as you can see in the video. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  8. Thank you to all the teams for coming out to play! Special congrats to Sinity for winning and Shovel Gang for runners up - if the team representative for Shovel Gang messages me I will be able to give you the $5.000.000 in game cash!

  9. Theo Wright

    Gang Wars Live

    Could the team leaders please message me now on phoenix teamspeak!
  10. Theo Wright

    Gang Wars Live

    As I mentioned previously, yes - it is too late. I was fairly generous with how much time I gave. See here: However, if a team drops out then you are more than welcome to come
  11. Theo Wright

    Gang Wars Live

    Sorry it is a little late, information for tomorrow is as follows: Schedule (all times in GMT): 16:00 Team 1 @LUKER @L 1 A M @F I E R C E @F u r y @Josh. @Lucanova @Alex Gavin @Ryan Bifta Reserves @Peter @Jamesky VS Team 2 TEAM: Jimmy, Drop, Madhead, Kyle, Armz, creep, tekashi, JoshDF Reserves thor, Crawfy ~17:00 Team 3 @Aspect, @Kaane, @Sammy, @Casiey , Absence, @Enzrah, @Zico , @poults Reserves Aaron, ALI VS Team 4 Slater, Dandy, Nomadox, Callum, Jaconite, RikuQ, Armz, AJ. Reserves Crazed, James WINNERS OF THE GAMES WILL FACE OFF AT ~18:00 Prizes: WINNER: $10.000.000 Cash in game to share between the team + Teamspeak tag Runner up: $5.000.000 Cash in game to share between the team Rules can be found here; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KDfPYgxbQ_o6uf7qukuN7E1CTBkWbSz2su9m8zh-Ww8/edit?usp=sharing ALL TEAM LEADERS WILL NEED TO BE ON TEAMSPEAK AT 16:00. The entire event will be streamed here so make sure to follow to be notified:
  12. Theo Wright

    Gang Wars Live

    So I am yet to hear from staff as to whether a prize is possible. I've spoken to @Badger and he said definitely but he is yet to respond to my forum message. With this being said, it does not change how I will run the event so please have your teams ready to play for tomorrow 16:00 GMT onwards - a schedule should be released for tonight as to the teams playing. If I get contacted by staff about a prize pool I will let you all know. Thank you to all the teams being submitted, the deadline to put forward your team will be tonight at 18:00 GMT - teams will play on a first come first serve basis. (if your team was submitted later than others then it may not be possible to get you in a game). Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! EDIT!: I have now heard from staff and the prize has been confirmed information post coming @ 18:00 GMT tonight. Some nice prizes
  13. Theo Wright

    Gang Wars Live

    @Jaconite Waiting to hear from @Badger at the moment
  14. Theo Wright

    Gang Wars Live

    First match should be at around 16:00 GMT - subject to change.