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  1. Ted


    To clarify, the free gang vehicle skin has been moved to 8+ active members in order to qualify. You will have the vehicle skin for 28 days from the point at which it's implemented. Your gang will have the option to renew after the 28 days is over. Please, PLEASE read the post which explains it here, as you'll go through the same process just without payment: 


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    2. Gill


      @TedWe discussed last month about getting my company a skin, which for obvious reasons has not been a big priority. But is it possible to resume the discussion?


      Thanks Ted, great move forward for all of us.

    3. Ted


      @Gill Whack in the google form and I'll sort you. Noticed your support and positivity throughout this time!

    4. Gill


      @TedThanks man, we will get through this!

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