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  1. Ted


    Best of luck to everyone getting their A-Level (etc.) grades. Hope Boris recognises the work you’ve put in.



      Shame meth runs aren't transferable as a life skill. 

    2. ᵉᵐᵇᵉʳˢ


      worst days of my life, actually got fucked in the arse by a fucking algorithm

  2. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - Oil

    Sounds interesting. Do want to see a little variation in the runs but the oil rig is incredibly buggy, so I'm hesitant.
  3. Ted

    Does anyone know what this is?

    Rumour has it CSAT have been transporting weapons with these boats between Altis and Stratis... It looks like they're stock piling for a big shipment soon to help them seize the means of production from the illegitimate Altis Government...
  4. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - Huron crate

    Think they're pretty powerful as it is considering you can store anything you want in them and keep them locked away in your garage... Denied.
  5. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - Conflict

    We want to do original ideas and we have some interesting things in the works. Denied.
  6. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - CSAT Proffesions

    Just another chance to progress. You're playing a different character so wouldn't really make sense. Sorry. Denied.
  7. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - Factions & Gang wars

    Starting this Friday we will be trialling limiting factions to 10 members only who can attend red zone. If it doesn't go well then we can try other ways to get factions involved but not to the point where it ruins some smaller gangs experiences. Implemented.
  8. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - type 50. cal mags

    You can craft them and they're pretty good for event rewards since they're pretty powerful. Denied.
  9. Ted


    Ahhh why does the weather in the UK have to get so shocking this week...




    get it

  10. Ted

    Any Roleplay events?

    Yeah I felt the brain power was needed with the new faction with something that was somewhat dead in the water. We can give it another go for sure.
  11. Ted

    Ban Appeal - MAJED - 08/09/20 - TeamSpeak

    Alright I'll take it that you hold the same view as me at the moment @Majood. You were a decent chap once, and I got on with you. I don't know what's changed in your character in the last year but go back to that and we can talk about this Teamspeak ban again. Drop me a discord message. However, you're still battleye banned and sources are telling me you're still infistar banned, and there's not too much we can do for you there. Denied.
  12. Ted

    Ban Appeal - MAJED - 08/09/20 - TeamSpeak

    The reason you were originally banned (and then evaded) was because you were incredibly toxic towards former Management member Stephen back in November 2019. Your attitude there was shit, your attitude on the forums has been shit, so why on earth should @Nizwald and his staff team believe that your shit attitude isn't going to come back to support and have to deal with your abuse?
  13. Ted


    It's been one hell of a week, and I'd like to thank everyone for their efforts. From staff to faction leads, you're doing an incredible job and we're looking to the future now to see what we can do to keep Phoenix looking and feeling fresh.

    1. Gill


      loved it, would be great to have events more often now we all seem back into the swing of things.


      Thank you to you and your team, i choose this server because it has great potentional 


      Sarcastic Thumbs Up GIFs | Tenor

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