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  1. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - Initiation

    I get the premise of this and we've implemented the rule to say that a gang/group needs to be within 1.5k of the place of the initial initiation to open fire. This is naturally subject to vehicle chase rules. So, kinda implemented?
  2. Ted

    Rule Suggestions - Cartel Zones Rule

    Surely this will end in a great amount of confusion + support cases no? I agree with the premise of this rule, but we just need some more suggestions as to how it can be clearly explained in the rules.
  3. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - faction redzone nlr

    Topic will be revisited in the future, right now I don't think it's great to have people with free gear destroying rebels at redzones as it will be a bit tedious for the small number of people we actually have on the server. Denied.
  4. Ted

    Rule Suggestions - Sling-loading

    I think this is a non-issue realistically speaking. Faction rules prevent this and will be dealt with through that medium, however slingloading an offroad 50 cal. isn't exactly OP. We can revisit this if necessary. Denied.
  5. Ted

    Rule Suggestions - Value of life

    All rules naturally follow what roleplay standard and common sense are, so I don't think this requires to be written in the rules. Naturally if a report such as someone not valuing their life to save others specifically came up and someone was given a moral dilemma (essentially similar to the trolley problem) then this should be taken into consideration. Denied.
  6. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - Execution

    This is essentially already in the rules via the necessity to have a "high roleplay standard" when taking a hostage. Denied.
  7. Ted

    Altis Life Suggestions - Medic Improvements

    Implemented last rulechange (if I'm understanding this suggestion correctly)
  8. Ted

    Enjoy me buying 100 quad bikes.. yay watch ;)

  9. Ted

    HERO cop saves the day!

    Love it hahaha
  10. Ted

    Jenson | PHX #3

    Really can't tell whether i've been rick-rolled inadvertently or not.
  11. Ted

    Altis Life Economy

    Don't mention it. Thanks for your continued support.
  12. Ted

    Altis Life Economy

    We most certainly have a gameplan and we are in the process of rolling it out. However, the problem with releasing all plans publicly is that it may be misconstrued or create false hope, so we'll release the solutions in detail as they are ready (as you have seen with the most recent announcement post, of which there are more to come) but I appreciate it may look as if we're doing things sporadically.
  13. Ted

    Altis Life Economy

    Guess you're retracting the statement. Cool. I'll continue providing evidence of all the people I engage with critically on a day-to-day basis, and you continue to slander me. How I got my position? You mean asking the community if they would want me back as community representative? Gotcha, what corruption!
  14. Ted

    Altis Life Economy

    This is just completely false. @Luke Butler @Hunt3r @J4K can all attest to this and are people who I have disagreed with recently on the forums, and have had a productive discussion with and then continued on Discord voice. Disagreement is not disrespect and I think you're getting confused. Please site me multiple times in which I have been rude or arrogant in suggestion threads as project lead, or retract the statement. Please and thank you. EDIT: The bugs bunny "no" thing was a meme before you try and cite that.
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