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  1. @Blitz I rate the song and decent tage, oh and @HooD Stfu all you do is talk but can never back it up. Ego is through the roof. Just pipe down for once and not make yourself an embarrassment.
  2. @Jack Knight SO RUDE, no mention for me? Disgraceful, I gave you the song for the tage, help you edit it. That a -1 rep from me
  3. Wowee seem like some not nice people. stealing is a bad
  4. wow man, what a meane. Thats a -1 rep to him. Not so epic
  5. Thanks Gamers! Who would want to break bread
  6. Alfred

    7.62 Suppressor

    400 is a bit under the previous bid of 351k 😂 smh
  7. @Lester good frags, good montage, epic gamer!
  8. I didn't care because my pride was damaged i cared because it was unnecessary and my goal was never going to be to a player report as i said when i asked for an apology. Having you shoot me from behind in a video game does not effect my pride as i do not put my pride into video games. Also about the apology i never stated that i asked for a private apology because i know fully that i asked for a public apology to me and to anyone that was offended as i know that some people were. I must of worded it wrong in the player report. As i said in the support case an apology would be nice directed towards me and members of my gang, and i believe it was one of my mates who said it be a good idea for it to be on our gang post so that they can see it. Lastly when you say "I only meant to wind him up because i shot him from behind" why not call me a bot or bad instead of trying to wind me up by bringing sexuality up, it just over the top! People should not be winding others player up by giving them a sexuality. This is going to be the last i'm going to discuss it with you @Sneakymallard because i tried in the support case but you simply had too much attitude to try talk with. If any admins want to ask anything i'm more than happy to discuss but i don't want to waste any more time trying to discuss it with you.
  9. Time Submitted: 12:52:58 AM | 08/09/19 Submitted By: Alfred (3720) Your In-Game Name: Derfla Who are you reporting?: Sneakymallard Time/Date of event: around 12-1 am 09/08/2019 Rule's Broken: 1.4, 1.5, 1.14 Explain what happened: It started at a little of combat at advanced rebel and Sneaky shot me from behind and then executed me. Once he had done this he then proceeded to go to the side channel and decide to call me a "rentboy". Once he called me this i had to search what it meant and once i found a result i thought it was very unnecessary and offensive. After this i took him to support where i was aiming to talk to him peacefully and try to resolve our issue by me explaining that i found it offensive and unnecessary and also a bit toxic. Once he came to support he didn't take it serious and thought it was funny. He then was saying how it was a complement and didn't pay much attention to mine and my mates side. Once the support member gave me a few options i could take i simply asked if i could get an apology and even better an apology to my gang as there was certain members that took offence. His reply was that he wasn't going to apologies but that he was going to blackmail me into not reporting him as he said he would report my friend for one of his opinions on discrimination when we discussed it. So i decided that i would have to take it to a report as he was being unreasonable and his behaviour throughout the support case was unnecessary as all the people on my side including me were being civil about it. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Proof - https://gyazo.com/862c4d04a6b2958717d345edcf94254a meaning of "rentboy" if needed - https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Rentboy Support case number - 17417 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Nizwald
  10. That Ben kid definitely isn't a better boyden
  11. Alfred

    MAR-10 + LRPS

    So i won the auction???
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